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Fork Chapel A.M.E. Church Cemetery
Marion County, S.C.

Contributed by Shirley-Cribb Matlock, 1 June 2002



Directions from Marion, North on Hwy 501 .From Marion City Limits go 3.1 miles past 501 Business & Bypass Merge point, Take 1st right (Temperance Hill Rd) 1.1 miles to Greater Fork Chapel A.M.E. Church on left, just pass church make left onto dirt road ( Kirton PL) 0.2 miles on left directly across road in front of house Old Church Cemetery begin.

Recorded by Buddy Harrelson, Jo Church Dickerson and Shirley Cribb-Matlock
February 16, 2002

ROW along Kirton PL

Emaline McBride
Mar. 1900
Nov. 24, 1950
Gone but not forgotten       foot marker   [E.Mc.]

Josie  Son of 
W & M  Purvis
Oct. 4, 1904
Mar. 9, 1905
Safe in the arms of Jesus

Mary E Miles
Born July 4, 1902
Died July 28, 1904
Sleep on sweet babe
and take thy rest
God called thee home
He thought it Best       foot marker     [MDM]

Hattie Birch
Died May 2nd, 1965
Age 56 yrs, 11mo, 14 days

Note; Henry L. Jackson Funeral Home Marker

Lucy Smith
Sept.15, 1895
Dec.16, 1957

Alford Smith
Dec. 25, 1891
Mar.12, 1971

R. Saphronia
Jan. 2, 1914
Oct. 8, 1933
Gone But Not Forgotten

Mrs. Peal A. Green
Died May 5, 1972
Age 54 Years

Note: Funeral Home Marker. Larry Smith, Mullins, SC

Mrs Jancie B. Bethea
Died Sept. !st 1964
Age 90yrs, 2mo, 28 days

Note; Grave has cement and brick slab, Henry L. Jackson Funeral Home Marker

Hanner Philips
June 12, 1868
Nov. 4, 1904

Lee Avant
Birth Unknown
Died July 7, 1949
Erected to His Memory
By,  S.J. Wall 

Chloe  Bethea                         Jock  Bethea
 Died Sept. 9, 1910                 Died Feb. 6, 1910
AT REST                                 AT REST
MOTHER                                  FATHER

Note; Separate stones but graves have a 
wrought iron fence around them.

son of
James & Anna
June 22, 1921
July 22, 1921

Lou Abrams
Died 1960
Age 70 Years

Baby Girl Grice
Note; Jackson McGill Funeral home Marker

Janie L. Bethea
Note; Jackson McGill Funeral Home Marker

Ervin A. Reaves
Apr.10, 1962
Mar. 21, 1965

Roxiann Tart
(no month)31st 1966
32yrs, 11mo,  27 days

Lillie Ruth Miss Tart
Oct.17, 1960
Feb. 2, 1961

 1st ROW  just below cross road

Mrs. Minnie Crawford died July 30, 1937 (no age or birth date given) (This is a small child's stone, with a lamb on top.) Henry Munlan died Nov. 9, 1903 Age 63 years & 5 days Roseter wife of A. Jones born 1849 died Sept. 1909 Not my will but Thine be done. Rosa Jane Gibson Davis daughter of Ida Reves & Jasper Gibson Jan. 14, 1895 Apr. 18, 1957 Small stone, no inscription Eddie son of Henry & Decy Munlyn Nov. 29, 1900 July 5, 1915 A little time on earth he spent Till God for His angel sent. Aubrey son of Henry & Decy Munlyn died Sept. 4, 1910 Age 13 yrs. We can savely leave our boy, Our darling in Thy trust. PHILLIPS double stone Decon Leon W. (wife's side has no inscription) Sept. 22, 1912 Nov. 24, 1965 He was the sunshine of our home. He was loved by God and man. We miss him so much. wife Dora Phillips. Note: by Shirley Cribb-Matlock, I knew this couple personally.( Dora Phillips died and was buried in Trenton, NJ) Levi Graves 1943-1973 (FHM: Jackson & Daughters Marion, S. C.) Three funeral home markers in a row - illegible. Three large concrete slabs in a row: (no dates, FHM illegible) 1. An_____ Johnson 2. Jane Johnson 3. No inscription Chack Johnson June 13, 1965 Age 83 Yrs. (FHM: Henry L. Jackson & Daughters) Boyd Tart "Brother" (large concrete slab) June 7, 1965 In loving memory. The Family. Annie B. Moore Aug 6, 1906 Dec. 28, 1984 (Large concrete slab with crucifix & ornate star.) Charles P. Moore 1908 - 1971 (FHM: Jackson & McGill) Willie Moore 1880 - 1981 (FHM: Shipmans, Latta-Sellers) (Note that Willie Moore lived to over 100. -jcd) Elbert Phillips 1912 - 1989 (FHM: Jackson & McGill) Henry Gregg (Military Marker) South Carolina Pvt. 422 Res Labor BNOMC World War I May 15 1887 February 26 1954 Agness Isrel Apr. 15, 1889 Mar. 24, 1925 Gone but not forgotten. Rev. Daniel Phillips born 1892 died Oct. 1944 At rest. Azalee Kirton died: (illegible but maybe 1970s?) age 16 (FHM: her name has been handwritten across the top of the metal. Most of the marker is illegible.) Jim Gregg June 5, 1916 Jan 25, 1972 (FHM, no funeral home name legible.) William C. Fore (Military Marker) South Carolina Sp4 Co A 503 Inf 173 ABNBDE Vietnam November 15 1946 February 11 1967 BSM-PH & OLC. Thomas Wells 1906 Aug 23, 1963 (FHM: name of home not legible.) Waiters Thomas 1875 - 1969 (FHM: Jacksons, Marion.) Fred Brantley (Military Marker) South Carolina PFC Co F 372 Infantry World War II August 31, 1924 April 7, 1966 Mother Lettie Phillips Died Dec. 5, 1974 (No age or birthdate inscribed.)   Center and Western part of cemetery     Lex Phillips (Military Marker) South Carolina Pvt 156 Depot Brigade World War 1 September 23,1896 February 27,1961   M. Archer Thomas Feb.15,1916 July 8,1963     Sophorina Daug of Sid & Mary Lane July 31,1873 July 24,1874   Funeral Home Marker- partially illegible. FHM Agnes ? Died 19-2 52yrs, 4 months, 2days   Broken at top, Name missing Died Oct.-----Age 32 yrs. Though Thou Are Gone Fond Memr’y Clings To THEE   Row South of wrought Iron plot   Father Cary Wiggins Aug.5,1815 April 14,1929 Gone but not forgotten   Allie Johnson March 15,1905 July 29,1938 At Rest Sam LeRoy McCummings (Military Marker) South Carolina S2C USNR WW11 May 26,1925 May 6,1944   John Wade 1900 1956   Funeral Home Marker illegible   1 ROW up South of wrought iron plot   Funeral Home Marker illegible Mary F. Smith Age 40 Died June 17, 1961 FHM Henry L. Jackson   Martha P. Miller Died Dec.2,1962 40 yrs. old FHM -Shipman Funeral Home illegible 19-7   Ervin A. Reaves April 10, 1962 March 21, 1965 Sandy Gregg (Military Marker) South Carolina Pvt COD A26 RES Labor BN OMC World War 1 March 1, 1895 June 8, 1962

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