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One Tomb:
Annie Gleasson Rowell
1862 - 1899
"She was the sunshine of our home"
Julius D. Rowell
1857 - 1912
"Meet me in Heaven"
Transcribed from Photo contributed by David E. Boatwright, Jan 2004

Travis J. ROWELL, Aug. 10, 1854 - May 25, 1909
Effie Ruth ROWELL July 15, 1891 - Dec. 15, 1900, dau of TH & SF Rowell

Travis J. ROWELL, Dec. 23, 1906 - April 26, 1969
James C. ROWELL, Oct 19, 1931 - March 5, 1955, SC A2C 3205 PD Maint Sq, AF Korea

D. J. ROWELL, May 28, 1876 - Jan. 7, 1929
Sina C. ROWELL, May 27, 1883 - Jan 1, 1939, wife of DJ Rowell

Ella E. Beloved wife of
J. Frank Jones
Born July 4, 1881
Died Dec. 24, 1916
Transcribed from Photo contributed by Betty Hill, Jan 2003

Copyright Lamar Thompson, 1999

Surname, Given NameDOB DODNOTES
Altman, Elly H. ??/?6/1880broken stoneIn memory of---son of SW and H. E? Altman
Altman, HDA   Infant/initials
Altman, RLA   Grave Identification Marker/initials, Roberta
Altman, WMA   Grave Identification Marker/initials
Altman, ???? 05/13/194502/02/1943 
Altman, Annie M. 06/16/186010/10/1929 
Altman, Charles Dwain 10/25/193904/23/1971Dear Son of Lucelle E. and Corben Altman
Altman, Corben 06/21/190108/09/1968 
Altman, Cynthia Ann 1960 1981 
Altman, D. C. 1897 1970 
Altman, Don C. ? 01/26/186201/26/1928 
Altman, Emily H. 10/04/189306/26/1915Wife of F. H. Brown
Altman, Fannie W. 03/26/186502/13/1886Wife of W. W. Altman
Altman, Francis M. 04/12/185002/08/1933Wife of Jas. D. Altman
Altman, I. Almena 09/28/188508/30/1908Dau. Of S.W. & Henrietta Altman
Altman, Infant son No Dates  
Altman, Jamie Walker Thompson06/17/188802/02/1949 
Altman, Jas. D. 09/6/189008/31/1908To my husband; Son of J.D. and F. M. Altman
Altman, Jas. D. 11/17/184708/25/1908Asleep in Jesus
Altman, Julian Clyatt 12/10/191907/13/1930Son of Mr. & Mrs. S. O. Altman
Altman, Lizzie 09/27/182601/09/1910Wife of William Altman
Altman, Lonnie L. 10/22/187904/14/1946 
Altman, Lucille E. 10/18/190804/08/1977Love is Eternal
Altman, Nettie A. ??/06/188807/21/1898In memory of Daughter of JD and FM Altman
Altman, Retha 1900 1958 
Altman, Rilla Hannah 08/11/1884 06/18/1941 
Altman, S. Walter 09/30/186105/13/1945 
Altman, Stuart Oscar 06/16/188212/21/1935 
Altman, Tommy Lester 03/20/194005/06/1970 
Altman, Tommy Jr. 1963 1970 
Altman, W. W. 12/28/185808/20/1897 
Altman, Waitus Morgan 12/09/190902/14/1910Infant son of SO Altman
Altman, Walter Franklin 07/01/192302/19/1990MM3 US Navy WWII
Altman, William Samuel 11/25/1879 04/14/1934 
Altman, Jessie Ruth 09/03/1929 Marker
Atkinson, Forrest G., Sr10/26/189408/02/1972 
Atkinson, Wendel Lamar 04/01/193502/01/1950Beloved son and brother
Bennett, Jewell Naomi Thompson04/04/191802/18/1977 
Bennett, Norris Archibald02/09/1917 Marker only
Brown, Julius F. 09/14/187306/07/1908 
Brown, Paul James 06/06/1921 Marker
Brown, Robert R. 12/02/186802/13/1910 
Brown, Robert R., Jr. 09/04/190511/01/1906 
Brown, Julie F. 01/23/187302/12/1910 
Brown, Jessie Ruth Altman009/03/1929 Wife of Paul James Brown
Capps, Jim C. 20/05/187812/30/1954 
Capps, Queen Altman 09/13/188211/25/1976 
Capps, Andrew Leroy 12/21/190806/29/1963Single stone for Andrew and Lorrie
Capps, Lorrie Brown 10/16/191812/08/1981 
Capps, Joseph A. 01/25/194712/24/1997 
Cox, Eddie Eldridge 03/30/191111/18/1993 
Cox, Katie Joe Brown 12/02/1917 Married 09/15/1934
Cox, Eddie Wyman 10/03/194111/07/1974 
Cox, Ollie (Libby) Evans07/21/194009/18/1992 
Cox, Hallie Jones 07/25/190901/24/1995Single stone for Hallie and Cornelius
Cox, Cornelius G. 05/28/190007/30/1964 
Cox, Witt Eldridge 06/26/187103/10/1934Single stone for Witt and Nora
Cox, Nora Richardson 07/02/187311/09/1960 
Cox, Joseph Rupert 10/26/191305/06/1978Single Stone for Joseph & Sadie
Cox, Sadie Virginia Brown08/25/1920 Marker only
Craven, Annie Wall 09/26/187012/01/1952Dau of Huger Wall & Sara Watson Wall
Craven, Leland Aubry 09/06/189908/31/1900Son of W.H. Craven & Annie J. Wall
Craven, William Julius 02/12/187006/08/1941Son of W.H. Craven & Melvina Richardson
Craven, Leon Boyd 10/13/190307/18/1912Son of AD & MW Craven
Davis, Dora   Marker only; wife of J. B. Davis Jr.
Davis, Emma Thompson 03/30/189210/21/1975 
Davis, Joseph Brady 02/06/189107/11/1948 
Davis, Joseph Brady, Jr.01/19/192905/18/1979US Army WWII; 8th Inf. Div., 43 Field Art.
Dozier, J. F. 10/23/183104/18/1903Husband of F. E. Dozier
Dozier, E. A. 10/18/184109/25/1888Sacred to the memory of Ö..??
Dubose, George E. 08/07/188602/16/1910George and Mary buried with the Jonesís.
Dubose, Mary Whaley 07/02/189103/07/1917 
Edwards, Andrew B. 1869 1938 Sgt. Co. A, 1 SC Inf., Sp. Am, War
Edwards, Vivian W. 1891 1988 One stone
Edwards, George William E.10/17/192011/11/1978Son of Vivian & Andrew,Major, SC Natíl Grd.
Edwards, Andrew Bell 04/21/1916 09/21/1943Lt. Air Corp, WWII. Originally buried Rockwood Cm, Au
Edwards, Katherine Bell 11/23/1920 5/23/1989Sorrow is not forever but love is.
Edwards, Thomas Perrin 9/17/19187/11/1985Married to Katherine Bell Altman on 11/13/1938.
Edwards. Fritz Kaline 08/13/195604/20/1985Airman 1C, US Air Force; son of Katherine & Thomas
Harrelson, A.D. 04/22/183608/26/1918 
Harrelson, Bertha Mae 09/05/189307/02/1978Wife of C. A. Harrelson
Harrelson, Carson A. 12/11/188801/05/1954 
Harrelson, Estell 09/19/188501/26/1920Wife of C. T. Whaley
Harrelson, J. D., Jr. 04/02/189801/03/1928 
Harrelson, Mannette D. 01/17/187207/26/1928Wife of Rev. J.D. Harrelson
Harrelson. J. Ira 1903 1972 
Harrelson, Allen D. 08/22/183608/26/1918 
Haseldon, Thelma C. 01/07/191505/17/1994 
Hubbard, Henry Fielder 05/08/1916 Marker; all single headstone
Hubbard, Stalline Altman11/25/1916 Marker
Hubbard, Wilson Altman 10/04/1952 Marker
Jerman, John Robert 09/27/184009/16/1915Cpl, Co K, 26th Reg., NC Inf. CSA
Jones, Britt 06/07/192303/31/1989 
Jones, Ella E.07/04/188112/24/1914 Beloved wife of J. Frank Jones (1st wife)
Jones, Foye Harrelson 07/02/189511/07/19812nd wife
Jones, Gilber Luther 08/28/191610/05/1941He was a friend to his fellow man
Jones, Hasford B. (Rev) 08/12/187708/19/1860Active Minister for 63 years
Jones, J. Frank 09/30/188707/13/1964 
Jones, Malcolm 09/22/193708/01/1956 
Jones, Sue Whaley 02/26/187710/11/1971Wife of Rev. Hasford B. Jones
Jones, Olin McLeod 04/27/191411/13/1984Son of J. Frank Jones
Jones, James H. Carlisle06/01/191904/10/1989 
Marian Tania 05/23/1964 Infant dau. Of Stan and Gayle (Dau of Carlisle)
Lawrimore, Grover C. 01/01/189404/20/1987Single Stone; Grover and Essie
Lawrimore, Essie Swintz 07/04/189512/25/1989 
Mathews, Louise Parrat 03/20/191312/14/1986A Loving Mother: buried with Altmans
Romesburg, Francis David04/01/197503/04/1992My beloved Son
Miller, Kenneth M. 1904 1987 
Miller, Zelliem Spivey 1908 1994 
Miller, Cora L. 02/09/1947  
Miller, Luther Jr. 06/03/193906/13/1998 
Pace, Joseph Edward 1868 1934 Father
Pace, Mattie Dozier 1869 1928 Mother
Pace, Gary W. 10/10/189308/08/1954The faithful are certain of their reward.
Poston, R. J. (Ted) 09/09/191001/23/1979 
Poston, Julie Mae 07/18/1925  
Poston, Mark Steven 1962 1962 Son of Donald D. and Margaree H. Poston
Reason, Lenora 10/02/190205/21/1980Wayne Reasons Grandmother.
Reason, Robert 04/15/188603/07/1948 
Reason, Franklin 19371946 Son of Robert and Lenora
Reason, Odell Oplar 08/31/193512/03/1992 
Reason, Om Chom 01/14/1936 Wife of Odell: Korean
Rogers, Brunson 07/16/190810/09/1964 
Rogers, Leila B. 05/18/1911 Marker only
Richardson, Willie Altman07/05/189112/07/1967 
Richardson. Rufus Anthony12/04/189112/27/1972 
Richardson, Burton Altman10/22/192405/05/1979Son of Rufus and Willie
Shaw, S. P. 04/29/185409/17/1908 
Shaw, Dora L. 06/01/186412/29/1936 
Shaw, Susan J. 05/14/190109/30/1906In Memory of ; Daughter of S. P. and Dora
Swintz, Floria R. 09/18/189107/10/1970 
Swintz, Major H. 07/16/188709/23/1973Brother of William Harmon Swintz, Sr.
Swintz, John 02/29/182111/20/1900 
Swintz. Willie Harmon 02/11/188003/20/1972 
Swintz, Edith R. Thompson12/05/188907/25/1968Sister of Jessie W. Thompson
Thompson, Anna Elizabeth05/19/188108/28/1941 
Thompson, Armon Lamar05/22/190402/19/1933 
Thompson, Betty Whaley10/02/187412/29/1954 
Thompson, Claire Oliver 08/06/1911 20/09/1972Bronze marker;Buried Natíl Cemetery, San Antonio, TX
Thompson, Corrie R. 03/08/188809/01/1972 
Thompson, Emma Audry 01/18/191509/02/1915 
Thompson, Evander Hearl 07/15/1908 05/29/1994Lt. Col., US Air Force WII Korean War
Thompson, Kathleen 11/04/191110/06/1915 
Thompson, Lizzie 01/26/186402/12/1895Wife of W. H. Thompson (First Wife)
Thompson, Lizzie 02/12/189504/01/1905Daughter of W. H. & Lizzie
Thompson, Morgan L. 09/19/188308/19/1908Son of W. H. & E. J. Thompson
Thompson, Richard Franklin10/05/192211/12/1923Son of J.M. and Claudia Thompson
Thompson, Stewart Walter 11/19/188003/03/1963 
Thompson, Susan A. 10/12/18551/20/1935Mother of William Jesse Thompson
Thompson, Sylvia Claire 11/08/1950 Daughter of Hearl and Claire; Headstone only
Thompson, unnamed  1917Infant daughter of Waitus and Corrie
Thompson, Waitus M. 12/24/188607/26/1961 
Thompson, William Howard12/04/186402/06/1943 
Thompson, William J. 07/27/187810/18/1955 
Thompson, Willie 11/11/188609/15/1887Son of W. H. & Lizzie
Thompson, John McRoy 01/16/191707/04/1937 
Thompson, Claudia E. 18941964 
Thompson, J. Mack 18921936 
Thompson, Earnest W. 19151972 
Thompson, Waitus Leroy 06/09/191201/03/1970 
Thompson, Alva Moody 06/20/1919 Wife of Roy
Moody, Lanty C. 18881948Father of Alva
Tempie L. 18951955Mother of Alva
Wall, Bonnie Thompson 03/27/190110/06/1984Beloved Wife and Mother
Wall, James I. 09/04/189505/30/1974Pvt. U.S. Army
Whaley, Charles T. 18861955 

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