Marion County, SC
1880 Reaves Township

Supervisorís District   3   Enumeration District   100
Enumerator   S. E. McMillan   Enumeration Date   30 June 1880
Transcriber   Francine Jones   Proofreader   Not proofread
Sheet Number   322C
Line # Street Name House # Dwelling # Family # Last Name First Name Color, W-white, B-black, I-indian Sex Age Month if Born within year Relationship Single Married Widowed, Divorced Married during year Profession or Trade # of months unemployed Sickness/Disability Blind Deaf or Dumb Idiotic Insane Maimed, crippled or otherwise deformed Attended school within year Cannot read Cannot write Place of birth, US or foreign country Place of birth, Father Place of birth, Mother Transcribers Remarks
1     562 562 Campbell Mary W F 10   Daughter X                       X     SC SC SC  
2     562 562 Campbell John J. W M 8   Son X                             SC SC SC  
3     562 562 Campbell Janie W F 6   Daughter X                             SC SC SC  
4     562 562 Campbell Robt. W M 4   Son X                             SC SC SC  
5     563 563 Roberts Peters B M 40       X     Laborer                     SC SC SC  
6     563 563 Roberts Martha B F 38   Wife   X     Keeping House                     SC SC SC  
7     563 563 Roberts Willie B M 6   Son X                             SC SC SC  

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