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Gapway Baptist Church
Marion County, SC

Organized 1776

Membership Roll
contributed by William SNIPES, 1998

The following are names of members which were extracted from LDS microfilm 0984566. The list is incomplete since no actual membership roll was shown on the film; this list represents members mentioned by name for a variety of reasons:

Gapway Baptist Church, Marion, SC (1833 - 1866)

Allen, Joel
Allwood, Macky
Altman, John
Ammons, Martha
Ammons, Mary
Amyet, P.M.
Ayers, Wm.

Baxlee, Barnebas (death reported 5 Sep 1862)
Baxlee, Joseph
Baxlee, Lucy
Beverly, Wm. D.
Beverly, Rachael
Brown, Ebenezer
Brown, Tim
Brown, Thomas
Brown, James
Brown, Jane
Brown, John
Brown, Joshua, Sr., wife & daughter
Brown, Wm., (Deacon)

Capps, Prudence Ikner
Carter, D. (and wife)
Carter, Gordon
Champion, Elizabeth
Coleman, J. D.
Coleman, Leah (Sister)
Collins, Clif (Sister)
Collins, Stephen T.

Drew, Ann
Drew, Blake
Dupree, T. J.

Elsip, Hugh
Elsip, Sarah G.
Evans, Martha

Faulk, Philip
Fowler, James
Fowler, Mary
Foxworth, Mary

Freeman, John

Gerald, L.
Harelson, Elizabeth J.
Harelson, Hugh H.(friend of James Snipes)
Harelson, Mary
Harrelson, Samuel
Hartfield, M.
Henderson, Wm.

Hodges, Eliza
Hodges, Samuel
Hodges, James
Hodges, Rebecca
Holloway, Alcie
Holloway, Olive
Homes, Ann
Huggins, Wm.

Jorden, Alex
Jordan, Sarah A.

Lambert, Wm.
Lambert, H.
Leggette, Rebecca

Lewis, Cady (Sister)
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Gincey
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Patrio
Lewis, Solomon

Lilly, Wm.

(More to come)

Marlow, Hanah
Martin, Bertha
Martin, Elias
Martin, Moses
Martin, N.O.
Miller, Annes
Miller, C.W.
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Hanah
Morris, John

McDaniel, Benj.
McDaniel, Charity
McDaniel, John
McDaniel, Sarah
McDaniel, Penney
Napier, R.
Norton, Wm.

Owens, D. J.
Owens, Elisha
Owens, Hannah
Owens, Nelson
Owens, Wm.

Palmer, David
Pinkney, Pugh Floyd
Potter, W. (Bro)

Reasinover, Jane
Reaves, Charles (23 Jun 1861 - died, age 76 in residence at Marion of
	diabetes. Joined Gapway in Aug 1829, left a wife and 2 sons)
Reaves, Geo. W.

Rogers, Eliza.
Rogers, Mourning
Rogers, Robert
Rogers, Robin
Rogers, Sarah
Rogers, T. J.

Sawyer, Levi
Service, Mary
Service, Molcy (Sister)

Sherley, Alexander
Sherley, Noah
Sherley, Wm. (Died Feb 1841)

Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Hugh G.
Smith, John
Smith, Sarah

Snipes, James
Snipes, Mary
Snipes, ----ie (dismissed to join Reedy Creek, 4 Jan 1861)

Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Morris D.
Thompson, John
Tolar, Alfred (dismissed to join Cape Fear ch, NC, 6 Nov 1858)
Tolar, Thomas
Turner, Bertha

Welch, Charity
Welch, Rachal
Welch, Stephen (death recorded 5 May 1838)
Wiggins, Ann
Williamson, John (cert. death, 1 Jul 1858)
Williamson, Joseph
Williamson, Wm
Williamson, W. D.
Wise, Aaron, and wife

20 Mar 1851 - Letters of Dismission to form a new church at Reedy Creek
	given to the following:

John D. Coleman, Susan Stephens, Mary Sawyer, Milly Sawyer, Mary Snipes,
Elizabeth Carry, Nazer (Nayer?) Ammons, Caroline Ammons, Sarah Ammons,
Evant Owens, James Stephens, Nelly Stephes, Wm. Adkinson, Williamson
Baxley, Mathason Baxley, L. Hill, S. Dozier, John Adkinson

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