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Contributed by Mildred Venitucci, 13 Feb 2000

Note: Some of the grown children stayed in GA, moving from Meriwether Co., to Macon, and 1 moved on to Sumter Co, FLA. To my knowledge, none of Benjamin Jr.'s brothers and sisters left GA, and all were born in SC.

From the ARKANSAS GAZETTE, April 2, l922

Headline--KNEW LITTLE ROCK BEFORE CIVIL WAR--Mrs. Eliza Marguth Migrated From Georgia via Caravan in 1845

"Coming to Arkansas from Georgia in a caravan of three wagons of personal belongings, and a tent wagon and stock bringing up the rear, in the early days when travel was difficult, Mrs. Eliza Bridges Marguth knew Little Rock when grape vines grew along the west side of Louisiana Street and the "town branch" wandered at will through the town.

Mrs. Marguth celebrated her 91st birthday Tuesday with an all-day reception at her home, 1101 Park Avenue. She was born in Reed Co.,GA, moving to Little Rock in the early days with her father. She has lived in Arkansas since 1845. She is the daughter of Dr. Benjamin Bridges and Mary Cival Hennegan (Henagan), who was a daughter of Darby Henagan, and a sister to Barnabas K. Henagan, former governor of South Carolina.

Mrs. Marguth was the seventh child in a family of 13. She tells many interesting incidents of home and family life in the early days. The pilgrimage from Georgia was made very much as other journeys of that day. The caravan moved slowly to the west, always resting on Sunday. A definite halt was made near Montgomery, Ala., also in Mississippi, but Dr. Bridges believed that he owed it to his growing family to give them the opportunities of a new country; therefore, he crossed the Mississippi river in flatboats, and was not satisfied until he was at least as far west as central Arkansas. The family first settled in White County, but before long established near Little Rock. General Robinson was their nearest neighbor, located one mile away on the Memphis highway. It was at his home that Miss Eliza Bridges met Louis A. Marguth, whom she married March 10, 1850....."

NOTE: Eliza's father was the Benjamin Bridges, Jr., who signed along with his brothers and sisters, the land over to Rebecca Stubbs Bridges, which she in turn sold to Thomas Hartlee/Harlee.

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