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The McCormick family and history of Little Rock will next be noticed, and is from the pen of Captain A. T. Harlee: John McCormick, better known to every one in his day as "Little Mack', was another old settler of the upper section of the township, on Shoe Heel creek and the North Carolina State line, and lived in the immediate section of the Blues, Bakers, McKellars and McArthurs; he was a jolly old Scotchman and everybody admired him; he married a daughter of Duncan McEachern, on Wilkinson Swamp, in North Carolina, and raised family of five sons, but no daughters. His two eldest sons, Neill and Allen, married in Anson County, N. D. and moved there and have lived there ever since, raising large families. His sons, Malcolm and Archie, died when young men. Duncan E. McCormick was the youngest of his sons; he married and lived all his life in Marion County.

Another family of McCormicks, will next be noticed. Neill McCormick, known as Squire Neill, was the elder brother of 'Little Mack', and lived in the fork of Hays and Persimmon Swamps, adjoining the McKellars and the McArthurs; his old homestead is now owned by D. J. McKay; he married Katie McDonald, a direct descendant of Flora McDonald, of Revolutionary fame, and her granddaughter, Bettie McCormick married another descendant of the same heroine, Hugh A. McDonald, who now lives at Dillon, S.C. Squire Neill had eight sons and one daughter. His elder sons, Daniel, Joe and John went West. Randal and Wylie died soon after reaching manhood, and the three others, James, Thomas and Frank were all killed in the battle in Virginia.

--A History of Marion County, W.W. Sellers (1902)
Excerpt transcribed and contributed by Helen Moody, March 2000.

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