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MOODY Family

The Moody family will next be noticed. Robert [*Thomas] Moody and Barfield Moody, two brothers, were only known to the writer as one branch of the family. Another branch of the family is headed by the Rev. Tapley Moody, and there is still another branch whose head in this county is not known to the writer; James A. Moody, on Marion, belongs to this branch. The branches are all collaterally related to each other. All collateral relations have a common ancestor somewhere, either proximate or remote.

Robert [*Thomas] Moody married Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Samuel Smith, Sr; he lived and died just below Temperance Hill, on the road to Marion; she was a sister to Samuel, Jr., as he was called back in the twenties who lived and died on Buck Swamp; to this marriage several sons and daughters; the sons were Hugh, Richard, Salathiel and Charles; can't give the names of all the daughters - as remembered, they were Milly, Celia, Smith, Evaline and another one or two - have just learned that one was named Mary.

Barfield Moody, a brother of Thomas and Robert, whether younger or older is not known, was a very prominent man in this county from 1830 t0 1860. He was elected twice as Representative of the county in the Legislature, he was elected Clerk of Court. And was a Magistrate for many years. He was also a good surveyor. He married Miss Sallie Crawford, a sister of James Crawford, who lived at Spring Branch, four miles above Marion - she was only a half-sister; they had and raised five sons and four daughters; the sons were William H., Evander J., Robert B., Thomas C. and Albert C.. The daughters mentioned are: Sarah Ann, Lucy, Julia and Lizzie.

Rev. Tapley Moody, an old man sixty or seventy years ago was the head of another branch of the Moody family in this county. Old "Tap" as he was called, was an excellent man, a Christian gentleman, a local Methodist preacher, and a man of no ordinary ability - if he had been educated, he, doubtless would have been a power. He was a poor man and had and raised a large family of sons and daughters. John H., Stephen, Daniel, Tapley, Wesley and James Ervin; may have been another son of two. Daughters - three or four; don't know who his wife was, but think she was a Miss Herring.

Another branch of the Moody family was represented by three brothers, Josiah, John W. and Joshua T. Moody. There were all related to all the forgoing Moody, but what it is not known. Josiah married the Widow Polly Platt, widow of old Daniel Platt. John W. immigrated to Texas. Joshua married Evaline Moody.

--A History of Marion County, W.W. Sellers (1902)
Excerpt transcribed and contributed by Helen Moody, March 2000.

* Mr. Sellers refers to Robert Moody through out his section on the Moody's. We have documentation that he was incorrect and that this should read Thomas not Robert. So I have substituted Thomas where appropriate. Thomas and Robert were brothers. Both died young. Robert left the county and went to Georgia and Thomas stayed and married Elizabeth Smith. --HBM

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