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OWENS Family

OWENS - Hillsboro

The writer knows but little of the Owens family, in Hillsboro. Reddin Owens, who died two years ago, at the advanced age of ninety-four, was a son of old Shadrack Owens, of the Fork community; he had another son, named Lot Owens; he was in Hillsboro for the last sixty years or more, and raised a considerable family.
--A History of Marion County, W.W. Sellers (1902)


Rev. David Owens, first of the name known in the county, was the founder of Tyrrel's Bay and Gapway Baptist Churches - perhaps the two oldest Baptist Churches in the county. He was married twice - first, to Mary Palmer, by whom he had David, Nancy, Martha and Elizabeth; and his second wife was the Widow Martha Williamson, nee Jenkins, and by her he had one son Solomon.

There are other Owens in the county, about whom the writer knows little; but he has gathered some facts, as herein presented. Shadrack Owens, an old many years ago, perhaps seventy-five or a hundred, had three sons, Elisha, Elijah and "Shiver Bill." ...

There are some other Owens in upper Marion, and some of them may have already been noticed incidentally - I allude to the late David R. Owens, father of the late S. G. Owns, and Leonard R Owens, late Postmaster at Marion. David R. Owens had a brother, Newett Owns, on the most industrious and hard-working men I ever knew...

--A History of Marion County, W.W. Sellers (1902)



  1. 1786 Tax List, Prince George Parish
    • Captain Haraldson's Company
      OWENS, Zedekiah, 150 acres, 0 slaves
  2. 1790 Federal Census
    • Prince Frederick Parish, Georgetown District, South Carolina:
      James Owens
      Lewis Owens
      James Owens
      Zachariah Owens
      Peter Owens
    • Prince George Parish, Georgetown District, South Carolina:
      Elijah Owens
      Zedekiah Owens
      David Owens
      Edward Owens
      Walter Owen
      Elisha Owens
  3. 1794 Petition, Liberty County, SC
    • Elishua Owens
      Eligh Owens


  • 7 Sept 1799 Will of Edward Owens, blacksmith
    Wife: Ann
    Children: Mary Swemake (Shoemake?), Nancy Clak, Sarah Delany, Elisabeth Delany, Macariner Crawford, William, John
  • 1804 Will of David Owens
    Wife: Ruth
    [Note: Ken Owens identifies Ruth Griggs as the Rev. David Owens' third wife.]

    Children: Eldest daughter Ann Phillips, Eldest son William Owens, Rebeckah Dawsey, Martha Williamson, Elizabeth Edwards, second and youngest son Solomon Owens, grandson David Owens the son of William Owens


  • Owens, Daniel K.
    Descendants of the Rev. David OWENS
    Circleville, Ohio: by author. 1982

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    A History of Marion County, South Carolina.
    (Columbia: R.L. Bryan Co. 1902, reprinted)

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