War of 1812
Gasque's Battalion SC Militia
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Gasque's Battalion SC Militia

** Captain Elisha Bethea's Company, 1812 identified by Victoria Proctor from photocopies of payrolls

** Captain Elisha Bethea's Company, 1814 identified by Victoria Proctor from photocopies of payrolls

Aaron, Elliott, Private
** Addams, Elias, Private
Adkinson, Jesse, Private
Alford, John, Private
Allen, Enoch, Private
* Allen, Shadrack, Private
Altman, James, Private
Altman, Shade, Private
Aulkman, Thomas, Private
Avant, Ira, Private
** Avant, John, Private
Axinn, William, Private
Axuns, William, Private
Ayers, John, Private
Bagnel, Ebenezer, Private
Bailey, Benjamin, Private
Baker, John, Private
Ballard, Robert, Private
Barefield, Robert, Private
Barker, Elisha, Private
** Barnes, David, Private
Barnes, Gadi, Private
Barnhill, James, Private
** Bartell, William, Corporal
** Bartley, Edward, Private
Bartley, Peter, Private
** Bass, Brian, Private
Baxley, Barney, Private
Baxley, John, Private
Baxley, Joshua, Private
Bearfoal, William, Private
Beasley, Peter, Private
** Beckworth, Handsell, Private
Benton, Moses, Private
** Berry, John, Private
** Bethea, Cade, Private
* ** Bethea, Elisha, Captain
** Bethea, Phillip, Private
** Bird,Arthur, Private
Bird, Moses, Private
Blackman, John, Private
Blake, Jesse, Private
** Blunt, Dumpsey, Private
Boatright, John, Private
Bond, Jamie, Private
Boyd, Simon, Private
Bradley, John, Private
Bradley, Robert, Private
Bradshaw, Daniel, Private
Bradshaw, David, Private
Braswell, Richard, Private
Brooks, Edmund, Private
Brooks, Edward, Private
Brooks, Evan, Private
Brooks, William, Private
Brown, Asa, Private
Brown, John, Private
Brown, Richard, Private
Brown, William, Private
Bryant, James, Private
Buffingking, Benjamin, Private
Buffingking, John, Private
**Bufkin, Benjamin, Private
**Bufkin, John, Private
** Bullard, Robert, Private
** Burd, Arthur, Private
** Burd, Moses, Private
Burgess, John, Private
Butler, Elias, Private
Cade, Robert, Private
Calcott, John, Private
** Camp, Archibald, Private
Campbell, Cadi, Private
Campbell, Dempsey, Private
Campbell, Gadi, Private
** Campbell, William, Private
Carrell, Charles, Private
Carter, Obed, Private
Carter, Obediah, Private
Causeway, David, Private
Cerly, George, Corporal
Certon, Daniel, Private
Chambers, John, Private
Chimes, John, Private
Chinnons, John, Private
Cockfield, Josiah, Private
Cockfield, William, Private
** Cole, Hosea, Private
Cook, Reuben, Private
Cook, William, Private
Cooper, Cornelius, Private
Cooper, John, Corporal
Cooper, Joseph, Private
Cooper, William, Ensign
Corders, F., Private
Council, T.W., Private
* Coward, Lewis, Private
Craft, Benjamin, Private
** Creal, James, Private
Cribb, John, Private
Cribb, Thomas, Private
Crosby, John, Private
** Davis, Daniel, Private
Davis, Henry, Corporal
Davis, Henry M., Private
Dawsey, Thomas, Private
Deracan, Hiram, Ensign
Devers, Reuben, Private
** Dew, John, Private
** Dew, Wilson, Private
Dewitt, James, Sergeant
Dicks, Henry, Private
** Dillen, Daniel, Private
Dorman, John, Private
Dosar, Thomas L., Private
Dowsey, Thomas L, Private
Drew, Willis, Private
Durant, Joseph, Private
Eddy, John, Private
Edge, William, Private
Edy, John, Private
Eles, Aron, Private
Elis, Aron, Private
Elvin, George, Corporal
Exom, William, Private
Fitchpatrick, James, Private
** Finklea, Charles, Private
Finklea, Samuel, Private
Flowers, Adobell, Private
Floyd, Francis, Lieut.
Floyd, George, Private
Floyd, James, Corporal
Floyd, Lewis, Sergeant
Floyd, Pugh, Ensign
Floyd, Theophilus, Captain
Foley, Needham, Private
Foley, Needom, Private
** Fores, Joel, Private
Fous, Joel, Private
** Foxworth, Abel, Private
** Foxworth, Henry, Private
** Foxwoth, Job, Private
Gainney, Annanius, Private
Gamble, James, Private
Gamble, William, Private
** Garrett, John, Private
Garrett, Joseph, Private
Gasque, Loveless, Major
Gates,Thomas, Private
Glenn, James, Private
Glenn, Nathan, Private
Glenn, Nathaniel, Private
** Godfrey, Thomas P., Sergeant
Gordon, John, Private
Goodman, D. Private
Graham, James, Private
Graham, William, Corporal
Graves, John L., Private
** Graves, Thomas, Private
Grissett, George R., Private
Guerery, Benjamin, Private
Gunter, John, Private
** Hamilton, William, Private
Hanna, John, Private
Hanna, Richard, Private
Hanna, William, Private
Hardee, Andrew, Lieut.
Hardee, Calvin, Private
Hardee, John, Private
Hardee, Robert, Sergeant
Hardick, John, Private
Hardick, Lewis, Private
Hardy, Calvin, Private
Hardy, John, Sergeant
Hardy, Robert, Private
Hargrave, John, Private
** Hargrove, John, Private
** Harrell, Benjamin, Private
Harrell, Jesse, Private
Harrell, Levi, Private
Harrelson, Jesse, Private
Harrington, David, Private
Harris, John, Private
Harris, Robert, Private
Haslinetin, James, Private
Hatchell, John, Private
Hawthorn, George B., Private
** Henderson, Alexander, Private
Henningway, Thomas, Private
Herron, David, Private
Herrin, Arthur, Private
Herring, David, Ensign
Herrington, David, Private
Herron, Arthur, Private
Holder, Daniel, Private
Holt, Egbert, Private
Hooks, Patrick, Private
Hoole, Thomas, Musician
Horton, Joseph, Private
Housen, Anson, Private
Howard, William, Private
Hunter, Allen, Private
Hutson, Richard, Sergeant
Ion, John, Musician
** Jackson, Laban, Private
Jacobs, Josiah L, Private
Jarrell, Henry, Private
Jarrell, John, Private
Jayror, Peter, Private
Johnson, Allen, Private
* Johnson, Benjamin, Private
Johnson, Enoch, Private
Johnson, James, Private
Johnson, Joshua, Private
Johnson, Meshack, Private
Johnson, William, Private
** Johnson, William, Corporal
Johnson, Willis, Private
Johnston, Joshua, Private
Johnston, Meshack, Private
Johnston, Willis, Private
Jones, Allen, Private
Jones, Enoch I., Private
Jones, Jacob, Private
Jones, James, Private
Jones, James B., Private
Jones, Vincent, Private
Jordan, John, Sergeant
Jordan, Solomon, Private
Keels, Isaac, Private
Kelly, James, Private
Kerby, George, Corporal
Kerton, Daniel, Private
Kerton, Henry, Private
Kerton, William, Private
Kinder, John, Sergeant
Kirten, Henry, Private
Kirten, Thomas, Private
Kitty, James, Private
Kunder, John, Sergeant
* Lee, John, Private
Lester, Bammister, Private
Lewis, Hardy, Private
Lewis, John W., Corporal
Lewis, Johnathan, Private
Lewis, Joseph, Private
Lewis, Samuel, Private
Liddell, John, Private
Lock, Leon D., Private
Lock, William, Private
Locuss, James, Private
Lucas, Harrison, Private
Lucus, Clemond, Private
Manning, William, Private
Marlow, Vardium, Private
Martin, James, Private
* ** Martin, John, Private
* Martin, Moses, Private
Martin, Stephen, Private
Matherson, John, Private
Matthews, Alexander, Private
Matthews, William, Private
** Matthewson, John, Private
McAllister, Charles, Private
McAllister, William, Private
McCallister, Charles, Private
McCallister, William, Private
McClaney, John, Private
McClarey, John B., Sergeant
McClerey, John, Private
McCollough, Alexander, Private
McConnel, William P., Sergeant
McCornel, William C., Sergeant
McCottery, John, Corporal
McCoy, John, Sergeant
McCoy, John, Sergeant
McCrainey, John, Private
McCullough, Alexander, Sergeant
McElroy, James, Private
McElroy, William, Private
McFadden, James, Private
McFadden, William, Private
McFatter, William, Private
McGile, John, Private
McIlroy, William, Private
** McInnis, Angus, Private
McKahn, Duncan, Private
McLain, Brian, Private
** McLauren, John, Private
McLoid, James, Private
McLoud, James, Private
McNeill, Hector, Private
McPherson, Nathan, Sergeant
McQueen, William, Private
McQuinn, William, Private
Medlin, Isaac, Private
Medling, Isaac, Private
Meshoe, Isaac, Private
Michau, Isaac, Private
** Middleton, Hogue, Private
Midling, Isaac, Private
Milekin, John, Private
Miller, John, Private
Miller, Thomas, Private
Miller, William, Private
Millican, John, Private
** Mob, Jesse, Private
Mobb, Nathaniel, Private
Moid, Robert, Private
Moody, James, Private
Moody, Jesse, Private
* ** Moody, Robert, Private
Moody, Theophes, Private
Morrale, John, Quarter Master
Morris, John, Private
Morris, Richard, Private
Morse, Elias, Private
Morten, Allen, Private
Morton, Burrell, Private
Morton, Miles, Private
Moss, Elias, Private
Moud, Robert, Private
Munn, Neil, Private
Myers, James B., Private
Nelson, Isaac, Captain
Norton, Allen, Private
Norton, Burrel, Private
Norton, James, Private
Norton, Miles, Private
Oltman, James, Private
Oltman, Shade, Private
** Owens, John, Private
** Page, David, Private
Parker, Isaac, Private
Parker, James, Private
Parker, Simon, Private
Parker, Willby, Private
Parrett, David, Private
Parsons, Solomon, Private
** Paul, Stephen, Private
** Perritt, Joseph, Private
Philips, John D., Corporal
Phillips, John D., Private
Phillips, William L. Private
Pipkin, James, Private
Pittman, Edward, Private
Pittman, Eli, Private
Pope, James, Private
Pope, Richard, Private
** Posten, Eli, Private
** Posten, Fras, Private
** Posten, Hugh, Private
** Posten, Thomas, Private
Poston, Eli, Private
Poston, Francis, Private
Poston, William, Private
Powell, Felix, Sergeant
Powell, Cornelius, Private
Powell, Richard, Private
** Price, Edmond, Sergeant
Prince, Nic II, Private
Prosser, Joseph, Private
Rabon, William, Private
Rabourn, William, Private
Reays, John, Private
Reeves, John, Private
Rhodes, Benjamin, Private
Rice, Henry, Private
Rice, William, Private
Richards, Hopkins, Corporal
Richardson, Hopkins, Corporal
Rodgers, Dew, Lieut.
** Rodgers, Ethelred, Private
Rodgers, Samuel, Corporal
Rodgers, Silas, Private
Rodus, Benjamin, Private
Rogers, Dew, Lieut.
Rogers, Ethelands, Private
Rogers, Silas, Private
Rogers, William, Private
* Rowell, David, Private
Russ, John, Private
Scott, Charles H., Private
** Scott, Pharaoh, Private
Sears, William, Private
Seshions, John, Private
Seshions, William Jr., Private
Seshions, William Sr., Private
Sessions, John, Private
Sessions, William Jr., Private
Sessions, William Sr., Private
** Shackelford, John, Lieut.
Shaddock, Jonathan, Private
Shadrac, Jonathan, Private
Shelley, Stephen, Private
* ** Shoemaker, Shelly, Private
Singleberry, Samuel, Private
Singletary, John, Private
Singletary, Samuel, Private
Skipper, Barnabas, Private
Skipper, Benjamin, Private
Skipper, John, Private
Skipper, Peter, Private
Smart, Thomas, Private
Smith, Abner, Private
Smith, George, Private
Smith, George B., Private
Smith, James, Private
* Smith, John, Private
Smith, Thomas, Private
Smith, William, Private
Smith, William A., Corporal
Spears, William, Private
Stagers, Martin, Corporal
Stagers, William, Private
Stevens, Jacob, Private
Stone, Philip, Private
Strickland, Matthew, Sergeant
Strickland, Solomon, Private
Stroud, John, Private
Sutton, Legrand, Private
** Sweat, Silas, Private
** Tanner, Nathan, Private
Terry, Champ, Private
Tharp, John, Private
Thomas, James, Private
Thompkins, William, Private
Thompson, Alred, Private
** Thompson, John, Private
Townsend, William, Private
Tindal, John Jr., Private
Todd, Solomon, Private
Todd, Thomas Jr., Private
Todd, Thomas Sr., Private
Todd, William, Private
Tompkins, William, Private
Townsend, William, Private
** Turbeville, Stephen, Private
Turner, Midling, Private
Tyler, Elias, Private
Wallis, Thomas, Private
Walters, Jacob, Private
Walters, James, Private
Warters, Dawson, Corporal
Warters, James, Private
Warters, William, Private
Waters, Dawson, Corporal
** Waters, James, Private
Waters, John, Private
** Waters, William, Private
Welch, Richard I., Private
Welch, Samuel, Private
** West, Brian, Private
West, Cornl, Private
West, Robert, Private
** White, William, Sergeant
Whitehead, Thomas, Private
Williams, Abmberech, Private
Willson, John, Private
Wilson, John, Private
Wise, John, Private
Witherspoon, Robert S., Private
Woodward, James, Sergeant
Woodward, John, Captain

List of men compiled by Roxsanne Wells-Layton. Thanks, Roxsanne!

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