Volunteers in the Confederate Army from Marion County, SC
Surnames "Cr - Cu"
SC Confederate Flag

Compiled by Victoria Proctor 1995 to present

* = Company of Militia last called into service

CRAWFORD, A.B.Private E23rd Regiment Infantry --
/ Victoria Proctor
CRAWFORD, G. G.2nd Cpl. E23rd Regiment Infantry Promoted from ranks.
/ Victoria Proctor
CRAWFORD, Hardy B.Private IEighth Regiment Infantry Transferred to Cavalry.
/ Victoria Proctor
CRAWFORD, Henry L.Private EGregg's 1st RegimentKilled Aug. 29, 1862.
/ Victoria Proctor
CRAWFORD, James D.PrivateI 1st Reg. Inf. (Hagood's) enlisted on James's Island, July 8, 1862; reported on muster roll of December 31, 1862, as detailed, November 8, 1862, to guard baggage at Culpeper, Va., reported on muster roll of April 30, 1863, as present; promoted to 1st Corporal between April 30, and June 30, 1863; reduced from 1st Corporal between December 31, 1863, and June 30, 1864; reported on muster rolls of June 30, August 31, and October 31, 1864, as sick, at hospital, since April 24, 1864; reported on muster roll of December 31, 1864, as present; on muster roll of February 28, 1865, as present. / Victoria Proctor
CRAWFORD, Thomas C.Private EGregg's 1st Regiment Wounded at Petersburg; carried to Point Lookout Prison.
/ Victoria Proctor
CRAWFORD, W. H. 2nd Lt.E23rd Regiment Infantry Dead (by 1902)
/ Victoria Proctor
CRAWFORD, William H.Captain D7th Battalion, SC Reserves--
CREEL, John J.Private DGregg's Battery, Manigault's Battalion Artillery --
/ Victoria Proctor
CREEL, Marion W.-- ---- --
/ Per Nevin Todd Creel, June 2005: Marion W. Creal is listed in the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors database, survived the war, and was brother to John J., Nathaniel B., and Samuel E. Creel, all soldiers of the Confederacy.
CREEL, N. B.Private I10th Regiment Infantry Died in Mississippi.
/ Victoria Proctor, May 2005 (Sellers)
/ Per Nevin Todd Creel, June 2005: Nathaniel Brown Creel died of disease in Corinth, MS 1862, lived in Johnsonville, SC, and was brother to John J., Marion W., and Samuel E. Creel, all soldiers of the Confederacy.
CREEL, Samuel E. Mc.Private DGregg's Battery, Manigault's Battalion Artillery Wounded Davis Farm, August 20, 1864.
/ Victoria Proctor
CRIBB, DempseyPrivate EGregg's 1st Regiment Killed Aug. 29, 1862.
/ Victoria Proctor
CRIBB, Geo. TalleyPrivate EGregg's 1st Regiment Lost leg at Fredericksburg, VA.
Oct 27, 1919 Seneath Cribb of Nichols, Marion County applied for pension for George T. Cribb's service in Co. E, First Infantry Regt., S.C. Volunteers

/ Victoria Proctor
CRIBB, JosephPrivate *Militia--
CRIBB, LeviPrivate IEighth Regiment Infantry --
CRIBB, ThomasPrivate D7th Battalion, SC Reserves --
CRIBB, W. ThomasPrivate EGregg's 1st Regiment Wounded several times. Surrendered April 9, 1865.
/ Victoria Proctor
CRIDDLE, James R.Private L21st Regiment Infantry Discharged July 1862.
/ Victoria Proctor
CROKER, H.Private L10th Regiment Infantry Died at hospital.
/ Victoria Proctor
CROSBY, Thomas EliPrivate F10th Regiment Infantry Contributed by Bobby Merritt.
CROWLEY, William C.Private LEighth Regiment Infantry Transferred 23rd Infantry.
/ Victoria Proctor
CUDDLE, James R.Private D7th Battalion, SC Reserves --
CULPEPPER, George2nd Lt. HEighth Regiment Infantry Promoted from ranks 1862. Resigned Dec 1862.
/ Victoria Proctor
CUISACK, J. H.Sgt. C26th Regiment Infantry Discharged Mount Pleasant.
/ Victoria Proctor
CURRY, G. W.Private F10th Regiment Infantry Captured Missionary Ridge.
/ Victoria Proctor, 2005
CUSACK, George W.2nd Lt. IEighth Regiment Infantry Wounded at Cold Harbor. Lost a leg. Surrendered at Greensboro.
Dec 15, 1919 - Julia R. Cusack of Florence, Florence County applied for pension for service of George W. Cusack in Co. H, Eighth Regt, S.C. Volunteers.

/ Victoria Proctor, Jan 2005
CUSACK, SamuelPrivate I6th Regiment Cavalry --
CUSACK, Samuel C.3rd Cpl. IEighth Regiment Infantry Wounded Sharpsburg. Surrendered Greensboro.
/ Victoria Proctor
CUSAIK, JosephPrivate HOrr's Regiment of Rifles--

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