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Marion County men are known to have served in the South Carolina First Regiment Infantry (Hagood's) in Company "I", known as "Stafford's Company" (Captain James H. Stafford).

First Regiment Infantry (Hagood's Regiment)

Brigadier Gen. Johnson Hagood
Brigadier Gen. Johnson Hagood

Hagood's First Regiment was reorganized in April 12, 1862, with four new companies added, including Company "I", led by Captain J. H. Stafford.

The following muster rolls for Company "I" are available: December 31, 1862; April 30, June 30, August 31, and December 31, 1863; June 30, August 31, October 31, and December 31, 1864, and February 28, 1865.

The muster roll of June 30, 1864, contains the following comment:
"Two months pay was paid on the pay Rolls from 31 Dcr 63 to 30th April 64 making the payment up to 29th Feby 64, the other two months (March & April) remaining unpaid at the date of this muster
      J. H. Stafford, Capt. Co. "I" 1st S. C. vols"

Battles fought by Hagood's First Regiment (reorganized):

Secessionville (June 16, 1862)
Second Manassas, Chinn House (Aug 1862) Boonsboro (Sept 14, 1862)
Sharpsburg / Antietam, Burnside Bridge (Sept 17, 1862)
Fredericksburg, Mayre Heights (Dec 13, 1862)

Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863)
Wauhatchie (Oct 28-29, 1863)

The Wilderness (May 5-7, 1864)
Spotsylvania (May 8-20, 1864)
Drewry’s Bluff (May 16, 1864)
North Anna (May 23-26, 1864)
Cold Harbor (June 3, 1864)
Petersburg (June 1864-April 1865)
Ft. Harrison/New Market Road (Sept 28-30, 1864)
Darbytown (Oct 7, 1864)
Williamsburg Rd. (Oct 27, 1864)
Knoxville (Nov-Dec 1864)

Appomattox Court House (April 9, 1865)

The following men of Company "I" were present at the Appomattox surrender:


McInnis, D. B. 4th Serg't.
McCormick, J. H. 5th Serg't.


Bundy, J. A.
Butler, H. W.
Butler, E. T.
Baily, C.
Campbell, D.
Conard, A. [sic] [probably Abner COWARD--vp]
Dilorn, W. [sic] [probably William DILLON--vp]
Grey, H.
Herring, E.
Herring, S.
Herring, D. M.
Hyatt, J. D.
Turner, J. C.
Turner, Joel
Walter, P. D.

The Appomattox Roster. R. A. Brock.
(The Southern Historical Society, 1887).

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