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Marion County men are known to have served in the South Carolina Eighth Regiment Infantry - Companies "H", "I" and "L".
Company "H" was known as McIntyre's Company (Captain Duncan McIntyre)
Company "I" was known as Harllee's Company (Captain A.T. Harllee)
Company "L" was known as Stackhouse's Company (Captain E. Thomas Stackhouse).

South Carolina Eighth Regiment Infantry

The 8th Infantry Regiment was organized at Marion, South Carolina early in the year 1861, but the companies were not called together until the 14th day of April, arriving in Charleston in the afternoon of that day, just after the fall of Fort Sumter. Near the end of May the 8th was ordered to Virginia and fought at First Manassas (Bull Run) under General Bonham before being assigned to General Kershaw's, Kennedy's, and Conner's Brigade.

It was composed of ten companies, as follows: Three from Chesterfield, two from Marion, two from Marlborough, and three from Darlington. Its first commander was Ellerbee B.C. CASH (Colonel), with Lt. Col. John W. Henegan; Major, Thomas E. Lucas; Adjutant, C.B. Weatherly.
Companies first taken to Virginia:

A - A.I. Hoole, Darlington
B - M.I. Hough, Chesterfield
C - Wm H. Coit, Chesterfield
D - John S. Miller, Chesterfield
E - W.E. Jay, Darlington
F - W.H. Evans, Darlington
G - John W. Harrington, Marlboro
H - R.L. Singletary, Marion
I - T. E. Stackhouse, Marion
K - D. McD. McLeod, Marlboro

The Eighth was reorganized for the war on May 14, 1862. It was at the battle of Fredericksburg that the regiment lost so many officers, especially Captains, that caused the greatest changes. The Eighth was reorganized by creating two new companies (L and M) and by electing: Colonel - Jno. W. Henagan, Marlboro; Lieut. Col. - A.J. Hoole, Darlington; Major - McD. McLeod, Marlboro; Adjutant - C.M. Weatherly, Darlington; Surgeon - Dr. Pearce; Asst Surgeon - Dr. Maxy;

A - John H. Muldrow, Darlington
B - Richard T. Powell, Chesterfield
C - Thomas E. Powe, Chesterfield
D - Robt. P. Miller, Chesterfield
E - M.E. Keith, Darlington
F - T.E. Howle, Darlington
G - C. P. Townsend, Marlboro
H - Duncan McIntyre, Marion
I - A.T. Harllee, Marion
K - Frank Manning, Marlboro
L - Thomas E. Stackhouse, Marion
M - Thomas E. Howle, Darlington

The 8th was engaged in many conflicts from the Seven Days' Battles to Gettysburg, moved to Georgia with Longstreet, and was active at Chickamauga and Knoxville. Returning to Virginia, it participated in the battles at The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, and Cold Harbor, then saw action in the Shenandoah Valley with Early. Later it was involved in the North Carolina Campaign.

Battles the SC 8th fought were:

Fort Sumter (April 12-14)
1st Bull Run (July 21) - reported 5 killed and 23 wounded

1862: in April 1862, totalled 276 men
Yorktown Siege (April-May)
Williamsburg (skirmish) (May 4, 1862)
Secessionville (June 16)
Seven Days Battles (June 25-July 1)
Savage's Station (June 29)
Malvern Hill (July 1) - lost 7 killed, 36 wounded, and 9 missing at Malvern Hill
Harper's Ferry (September 12-15)
South Mountain (September 14)
Antietam (September 17) - 1 killed, 17 wounded, and 4 missing of the 71 at Sharpsburg
Fredericksburg/Marye's Heights (December 13) - 2 killed and 29 wounded at Fredericksburg

Chancellorsville (May 1-4)
Gettysburg (July 1-3) - Of the 300 engaged at Gettysburg, thirty-three percent were disabled
Chickamauga (September 19-20)
Chattanooga Siege (September-November)
Campbell's Station (November 16)
Knoxville Siege (November-December)
Fort Sanders (November 29)
Bean's Station (December 15)

1864: the 8th in Virginia
The Wilderness (May 5-6)
Spotsylvania Court House (May 8-21)
North Anna (May 23-26)
Cold Harbor (June 1-3)
Petersburg Siege (June 1864-April 1865)
Berryville (August 1864)
near Port Republic (October 7)
near Strasburg (October 14)
Cedar Creek (October 19)

Carolinas Campaign (February-April 1865)
Averasboro (March 16)
Bentonville (March 19-21).

On March 23, 1865, there were only 52 present for duty. At the time of surrender in North Carolina, April 1865, the 8th had been combined with others units and designated as the 3rd Infantry Regiment Consolidated. The unit surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.

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