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Extracts from The Marion Star , 1883
by Gloria Calhoun Buckle, © 2003. All rights reserved.

January 3, 1883

Mrs. Amanda ROGERS, wife of Mr. R. R. ROGERS, died Dec. 24.

Married on December 13, Miss Appie C. BREEDEN and Faulk J. FLOYD, Esq., Sheriff of Robeson County, NC.

January 10, 1883

On the 5th and the 12th respectively, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. PERRITT died.

Ex-Sheriff CARMICHAEL died last Sunday.

A Telegram from Belfield, Virginia which was dated January 7, announced the death of Mrs. R. B. MOODY, formerly of this county.

Mr. Orom WRIGHT died last Tuesday

January 17, 1883

Mrs. E. H. GASQUE died on January 9. She leaves a husband and many childre; the baby only being one month old.

William T. LAUGHLIN died in Savannah, Georgia on the 11th ins., at the age of 21 years, 5 months and 25 days. He was the oldest child of our fellow citizen, Peter LAUGHLIN.

January 24, 1883

Mrs. Elizabeth N. GRANT died in Statesville on January 5. She was the daughter of Rev. Elisha MITCHELL.

Married January 4, Mr. Melton ROGERS and Miss Florence PAGE, the granddaughter of the late Rev. John L. SMITH.

Married January 4, Mr. Chas. W. GORDON, formerly of Guilford, NC, and Miss Florence Julia JOHNSON, the granddaughter of Mr. Carey JOHNSON.

Married January 4, Mr. Ivey JOHNSON and Miss Fannie MILLER.

January 31, 1883

Miss Jennie McKINLEY died last Monday week. She was the maiden sister of Mr. D. C. McKINLEY.

Married December 20, 1882, Mr. John M. LANE and Miss Cynthia BROWN.

Married December 21, 1882,Mr. Willis DEW and Miss Lily MOODY.

Married December 28, 1882, Mr. Mitchell MARTIN and Miss Eugenia BROWN.

Died January 22, Susan Elizabeth, the only daughter of Chapman C. and Susan A. THOMPSON, age 1 month and 6 days.

February 7, 1883

Mr. John W. Power to marry today, Miss Lillie McEACHERN, the eldest daughter of the later Peter McEACHERN of North Carolina.

Married January 1st, Mr. G. W. ATKINSON and Miss Lou BERRY.

Married 1st inst., Mr. Daniel JAMES and Miss COLLINS.

Married 2nd inst., Mr. Henry SMITH and Miss Laura DOZIER.

Married 25th ult., Mr. Julius F. McWHITE and Miss Mollie BOSTIC.

Married January 17, Mr. Ervin BAILEY and Miss Emma TUCKER, the daughter of Rev. W. W. TUCKER.

Died at the residence of her son, Mr. G. W. CUSACK on January 12, Mrs. Ann CUSACK, aged 81.

Died on 1st inst., Mrs. Martha LAMBERT, consort of the late Robert LAMBERT.

February 14, 1883

Samuel WALL died at his brotherís, William A. WALLS, in Marion last week.

In Columbia, S.C. on Feb. 7, John Magruder POWER of Marion married Miss Lillie Taylor McEACHERN, eldest daughter of the late Peter A. McEACHERN of N.C. and granddaughter of late Gen. William EVANS of Marion. Rev. W. C. POWER is the step-father of the bride. [lengthy article]

LaSalle, Ill, Feb. 7 - Rev. George S. BRONSON died yesterday.

February 21, 1883

Married at Carolina Church on the 14th, James N. MARTIN of Marion to Miss Laura McQUEEN.

Married on 14th, Archie CARMICHAEL to Miss Mary J. FORE.

Joe WRIGHT, colored, died last Wednesday.

February 28, 1883

Married Feb. 11, Davie ATKINSON to Miss Emma WALLER, daughter of

Mrs. Jane WALLER. All of Marion.

Married at Mullins, SC on Feb. 21, John WILCOX, Jr. to Miss Leela I., eldest daughter of late J. Albert SMITH.

Married Feb. 21, Willie L. HEWITT to Miss P. Lola JONES. Both of Marion.

March 7, 1883

James WILSON, cook at Planters Hotel, died last Saturday.

John Henry, son of Theophilus and H.E. CAMPBELL died last Thursday. The Campbells lost another little boy last Dec. 4.

Louis E. LeCONTE, formerly of Columbia, S.C., died in California on Feb. 26, aged 34.

March 14, 1883

Mrs. Dr. C. T. FORD died at Mullins this morning. She was the daughter of Rev. J. B. PLATT.

James A. BARRINGTON from Edgefield, died in Columbia last Saturday.

J. B. HUSBANDS married Miss Johnie T. GIBBS, Marion, on Feb. 19.

March 21, 1883

A son was born on the 14th to James STACKHOUSE.

Mrs. Hugh WALL, relict of the late Hugh WALL, died March 20.

Married Feb. 27 near Greenville, Leroy F. BEATY to Miss Susie R. PENNAL of Charleston, S.C.

March 28, 1883

Wm. Wallace McINTYRE died last Thursday of apoplexy.

Thos. R. GRIER, of Williamsburg Co., died last Saturday.

A tombstone, 6-mile east of town - Hugh GODBOLD, born 7th May 1796, Died 30th Sept. 1859.

Married Feb. 28, Mr. A. H. HINDS to Miss Fannie L. SUMMERFORD. Both of Marion.

April 4, 1883

From Mobile, AL - Mr. J. B. BRADDY, formerly of Marion Co., now of Lower Peach Tree, AL., fell from a scaffold and was killed.

Died March 18th of pneumonia, Elvin Shaw BETHEA, only child of R. L. and Anna E. BETHEA, aged 3 months and 11 days.

Married March 15, Mr. F. C. ROGERS to Miss Francis MOODY.

Married March 25, McEthan ARNET to Miss Jane HORNE.

April 11, 1883

Charles Woods, infant son of Dr. & Mrs. J. C. MULLINS was baptized in the Church of the Advent last Sunday. Godmother - Mrs. F. D. YOUNG; Godfather - Dr. D. S. PRICE.

James G. DICKSON, aged 27 years 9 months, died last Thursday. Buried in Methodist churchyard.

New York - Peter COOPER died April 4. Born in NY Feb. 12, 1791.

Mr. Ulysses RICE of Colleton Co. died last Wednesday.

Michael FOLEY, formerly of Sumter, drowned at Pee Dee Landing on March 13.

April 18, 1883

Died at 9th inst., Mrs. Fannie ROGERS, relict of Robin ROGERS.

April 25, 1883

Married April 12, Mr. J. D. MURCHISON of Bennettsville, SC, to Miss Hattie LAMKIN of NY.

Married April 12, John D. HAYS to Miss Fannie PRICE.

April 25, 1883

Married April 15, Isaac SPIVEY Jr. to Miss Magnolia BULLOCK.

Died 19th inst., daughter of J. E. and Hattie A. JOHNSON, aged 5 months and 26 days.

May 2, 1883

Died April 26 in Brittons Neck Twp., Mrs. Washington WOODBERRY.

Died April 28, George MILLER.

May 9, 1883

Died May 2, Joseph WILLIAMSON, aged 82 years.

May 16, 1883

Died May 3, Mrs. Elizabeth SHAFFER of Marion, relict of the late Frederick SHAFFER, in her 83rd year. Buried in Charleston.

A son was born last Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. William M. Monroe.

Dr. J. S. MILLER of York Co., died April 29.

Frank DICKSON, colored, of Darlington Co., drowned last week.

Married May 13, James TURBEVILLE to Miss Mollie COLLINS.

Died May 12, youngest child of J. P. and Beady COLEMAN, aged 15 months and 3 days.

May 23, 1883

Relict of the late Col. J. R. BETHEA died Monday. She was 68 years old.

Mrs. Sarah MULLINS, mother of Dr. J.C. MULLINS, died last Saturday, aged 83 years.

May 30, 1883

Hon. T. B. JETER died in Union on Sunday. He was Ex-Gov. of S.C.

A son was born on May 27 to Maj. J. B. WHITE.

A second daughter was recently born to Mr. and Mrs. H. CRONHEIM.

Duncan A. CALHOUN - Petit Juror - June Term 1883

Capt. John W. ELLIS, prominent lawyer of Whiteville, died May 17.

June 6, 1883

Dr. J. Dickson BRUNS, native of S.C., died in NY on May 20, aged 48 years.

Ex-Sheriff THOMPSON of Spartanburg died May 21.

Married May 30, Rev. A.W. PRICE to Miss Pauline C. WATSON, daughter of William WATSON. All of Marion.

June 13, 1883

Married June 7, Mr. C. D. CRAWFORD, formerly of Marion, S.C., to Miss Nannie L. MOBLEY of Evergreen, GA. Bride is the sister of Mr. J. A. MOBLEY.

June 20, 1883

Conway, Horry Co., June 15 - Solomon HEWITT and William HARDEE died today. Both were hung.

June 27, 1883

Daniel HARLLEE, colored, aged 19, drowned June 17.

July 11, 1883

Mr. E. H. GASQUE to marry Miss Sallie FOXWORTH next Wednesday.

Rev. James F. GILBERT died at his home in Lebanon, Abbeville Co., last week, aged 76 years.

July 18, 1883

Charles Heywood STRATTON, better known as Gen. Tom THUMB, died July 15.

Mrs. John LEASE of Midway, Barnwell Co., died Saturday.

Married May 24, George W. HARDEE of Horry Co., to Miss Della A. GOODYEAR of Marion.

Married July 12, Dr. D. S. PRICE to Miss Ida A., daughter of W. J. DICKSON of Marion.

July 25, 1883

Nashville, July 15 - Elijah J. HAYES of Paris, TN died today.

August 1, 1883

Sen. FISHBURNE of Colleton Co. died Saturday.

Howard, 18-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. McINTYRE of Bennettsville, died on Friday.

Mr. D. J. COX of Georgetown Co. died last Friday.

August 22, 1883

Mrs. Adelaide MARTIN (nee WILSON) died last Thursday.

August 29, 1883

Chancellor James P. CARROLL of Columbia died August 24.

Died at Tabernacle, SC, August 23, Mary Eva, youngest daughter of Arnie M. and Mary C. GASQUE, aged 3 years 11 months & 17 days.

September 12, 1883

Mrs. J.B. CAMPBELL, nee RICHARDSON, is sick in Newberry.

Josie IRBY, colored, died in Spartanburg last week, aged 99 years.

Rev. S. L. FOSTER, colored, formerly of Greenville, has died in Arkansas.

Mr. J. T. MOODY died September 7.

September 19, 1883

Farish C. FURMAN, native of SC, died Sept. 15 at his home in Milledgeville, GA.

Mr. Thomas E. MOODY died Sept. 14, 26 years old. Leaves wife, parents, brothers and sisters.

Married Sept. 12, Jackson ROGERS to Miss Fannie ELSIPH. Both of Marion.

Died Sept. 11, Clanda, infant child of R. B. and S. E. McLEAN, aged 1 year 1 month and 1 day.

September 26, 1883

Little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas McINTYRE died last week from diptheria.

Six-day old twins of Mr. and Mrs. F. D. BRYANT were buried last Sunday.

Married Sept. 13, Mr. W. H. BETHEA to Miss Ella SHERWOOD.

October 3, 1883

64-year old George EDWARDS of Marion became a new father of twins last week, 10# each.

October 10, 1883

Mr. Alex PAGE of Hillsboro Twp. died Sunday. His wife died about a year ago.

October 17, 1883

Nathan J. EVANS, son of Nathan EVANS of Marion, died at Brooksville, Florida on Oct. 12. Body returned to Marion for interment.

October 24, 1883

George, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. McINTYRE, aged 9 years, died Friday in Bennettsville.

Mr. Ebby COOK died Oct. 19.

Married Oct. 10, Dr. C. T. Ford of Mullins, S.C. to Miss Sallie WILLIAMS OF Robeson Co., N.C.

October 31, 1883

Married Oct. 18, Miss Margaret McINTYRE of Marion Co., S.C. to Alexander McKENZIE of Robeson Co., NC.

Married Oct. 18, Mr. J. M. McPHERSON to Miss Adella E. McWHITE. Both of Marion County.

Died Saturday, Oct. 26, Mr. Wilson WISE.

Died Sunday, Oct. 27, Mr. C. J. COOK.

November 7, 1883

John E. GRIER of Charleston has died. He was a native of County Autrine, Ireland.

Mrs. David MOSES, weighing 517 pounds, died in Baltimore Oct. 26. She had been married only a few weeks.

[corres. of News & Courier] Hon. Armistead BURT was born on Turkey Creek in Edgefield Co. on Nov. 16, 1802. In 1828, he married Martha CALHOUN, daughter of William CALHOUN of this County [not the Pee Dee Calhouns], who was a nephew of John C. CALHOUN. They had no children, and Mrs. BURT died a few years ago. Mr. A. BURT died last Sunday.

Hon. W. D. CLANCY of Charleston Co. died last Thursday. He was born in Charleston in 1830.

November 14, 1883

Hon. Jas. B. CAMPBELL of Charleston died in Washington on the 8th.

November 21, 1883

Three sisters married at one ceremony in Chattanooga, TN last Thursday - Mr. C. Lee PYRON and Miss Annie McCLURE, Mr. R. T. SAUNDERS and Miss Isabella McCLURE, and Mr. Baker SMITH and Miss Mary McCLURE. The brides are the daughters of James McCLURE.

Rev. D. J. B. McFERRIN died in Nashville, TN on Weds.

November 28, 1883

Fielding Lewis McLEAN died in Charleston, SC on Nov. 24. He was 24 years old and the son of Jesse R. McLEAN of Marion.

Neil McKINLEY, of Marion, died November 14. Born in 1815 in Kentyre, Scotland. He was brought by his parents to Marion Co., S.C. in 1820.

December 26, 1883

Married 19th, Guy LOVEJOY to Miss Ula BERRY, daughter of James BERRY.

Married 20th, Hon. T.C. MOODY to Miss Eliza ELLERBEE, daughter of Capt. W. S. ELLERBEE.

Married 20th, Charles ROGERS to Miss Ida ELLERBEE, daughter of Capt. W. S. ELLERBEE.

Married 20th, Miss Angie NAPIER to James McBRIDE.

Married on the 19th, Miss Dora ROGERS to Mr. SMITH of Georgia.

Married on the 21st, James D. ROGERS to Miss IVY.

Married on the 8th, James H. STUART of N.C. to Miss S. J. BUTLER of S.C.

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