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Extracts from The Marion Star , 1884
by Gloria Calhoun Buckle, © 2003. All rights reserved.

January 2, 1884

William WILLIAMSON, Solomon RICHARDSON, and Mr. Colin LOWRIMORE, all of Marion County, departed this life with the year 1883.

Died Sunday, Dec. 23, Mrs. Emily McCLENAGHAN, wife of Rev. H.H. McCLENAGHAN.

January 16, 1884

Little daughter of James SKIPPER died last Friday.

January 30, 1884

Mr. William Pryor WHITE died in Texarkana, Ark., leaving wife and two children.

February 6, 1884

Married at Fair Bluff, N.C. on Jan. 30, Miss Lula J. McGOUGAN, daughter of Dr. J. M. McGOUGAN, to John P. DURHAM. Both of Fair Bluff.

Judson B. RODGERS of Abbeville died Thursday. His wife died in December, leaving 3 children.

Dr. Thomas Arters ELLIOTT of Orangeburg died Jan. 30. He was born in Charleston in 1802.

Joseph F. WEEKS of Florence area, died last Saturday.

February 13, 1884

Mitchell GODBOLD died Thursday.

Lancaster - Wash FORD, colored, died last Saturday.

Vardry McBEE of Greenville, died in Lochbie, FL on 3rd inst., aged 37 years.

Lancaster - John C. COPELAND was killed about 10 days ago.

Ned HAMPTON, colored, aged 111, died in Newberry Co. a few days ago. He was once a slave of the grandfather of Senator Wade HAMPTON.

Clinton - On Saturday, 3-year old daughter of Dr. John PARROTT, died.

February 20, 1884

Nathan EVANS died near Marion on Feb. 12, aged 79 years.

February 27, 1884

Died February 10, 1884, Mrs. Rachel D. BOATWRIGHT, relict of the late Abijah BOATWRIGHT, aged 77 years.

Lamar, TX - Warren DALLAS, alias James W. WALKER, of Newberry, SC, died Feb. 7 in San Antonio, TX, aged 22 years.

March 5, 1884

Ervin GODBOLD, died February 26, aged 64 years.

Harrington HAWKINS of Edgefield Co. died Friday. His wife died Tuesday, from measles - aged couple.

Wife of Rt. Rev. W. B. W. HOWE died Wednesday in Charleston.

Mrs. Edna BLACK of Greenville Co. was killed in August 1878.

Laura KINARD, aged 40 years, single, died the first week of January.

Union - Foster GARVINGTON, colored, died Feb. 7.

Feb. 2, Rev. M. R. SUARES of Barnwell Co. died.

Married Feb. 27, Miss Sallie A. GIBSON to John A. FORE. Both of Marion.

March 12, 1884

Mr. L. T. BRISTOW married in Bennettsville on March 6 to Miss Minnie BOUCHIER.

March 19, 1884

Ernest HARTMANN, young German, died in Aiken last week.

March 26, 1884

[lengthy article] Ca. 1783, Charles MACKEY was taken prisoner; was married to Lydia. Their 9th and youngest child, Mahala MACKEY, was born Sept. 1, 1792.

Married March 13, Mr. D. V. HAMILTON to Miss Walker SMITH.

April 2, 1884

Withheld by solicitor until next court: Noah SWEET, selling personal property under lien & c.

April 9, 1884

John DAVIS, colored, died Friday.

Died Weds., April 2, Mr. J.E. MYERS, son of Col. G. J. MYERS.

Died March 31, Mrs. A. MARTIN, 60 years old.

In 1873, Mssrs. E. L. McCORMAC and Alex JACKSON of Marion Co., S.C., went to Shoe Heel, N.C. and started a merchandising firm. In 1873, W. B. HARKER also came to Shoe Heel and married June 13, 1874 to Mrs. L. M. WISHART. [article on history of Shoe Heel, NC]

April 16, 1884

Mrs. Andrew COTTINGHAM died this past week.

April 23, 1884

Mrs. Priscilla AVANT died last week.

W. M. BRUNS, Esq., of Charleston, died last week.

Mr. B. F. BROWN of Barnwell died last Weds.

Allen HUSKEY, aged 65, residing near Blackís Station, died April 3, leaving wife and 6 children.

May 7, 1884

Daniel Baker FORE, youngest son of Daniel FORE, died May 2.

John T. HARRINGTON of Reaves Twp. died April 26.

Mr. J. W. DAVIS married Miss Walker BRADDY, daughter of the late Hon. W. W. BRADDY, last Thursday.

Wife of Hon. J. J. HEMPHILL of Chester, died last week. He married last November, she was the former Miss AVERY from N.C

[lenghty obit] Mrs. Catherine COTTINGHAM, wife of Andrew COTTINGHAM, was born in the parish of Kelekoman, Island of Islay, Scotland, on Feb. 18, 1819, and emigrated to America in 1820. She died at Little Rock, SC on April 6, 1883. Had 6 sons and 3 daughters.

May 14, 1884

Sidney BACHUS, small colored boy, died last Friday.

A son was born to Mr. E.H. GASQUE yesterday. #12, 13, 14 or 15 of old Series and #1 of new series. [The first Mrs. E. H. Gasque died Jan. 9, 1883. He remarried to Sallie Foxworth in July of 1883.]

May 21, 1884

Malcomb CALDER, aged 32, of Gum Swamp, died a few weeks ago.

Married May 18, daughter of Clayton SMITH, Miss Alice SMITH, to Walter SOLOMON. All of Marion County.

May 28, 1884

Died at Fair Bluff, NC on 23rd, Mrs. L. M. PAGE, relict of Mr. J. S. PAGE. Buried near Temperance Hill, SC in family plot.

June 4, 1884

Sheriff T. J. SESSIONS of Horry died last Saturday in Conway.

Fifteen-month old child of Mr. L. B. RODGERS died last week.

Rachel E. GADDY is the daughter of Mr. J. M. GADDY.

June 11, 1884

Daniel FORE, aged 69, was buried in Methodist churchyard last Saturday. His son, Baker, died about a month ago. Leaves wife 3 daughters and a son.

Capt. Ham WARLEY, of Darlington, drowned last Saturday in the Pee Dee River.

June 18, 1884

Mr. W. M. McNEIL died last Wednesday. His wife died a few months ago. Leaves several children.

June 25, 1884

Gabriel EDWARDS, colored, died last Monday.

Dr. Benjamine RHETT died at Summerville a few days ago.

July 2, 1884

Mrs. John H. HAMER of Little Rock died June 26.

Mr. Archie GASQUE died June 29.

Mrs. Eliza HALE, relict of the late Dr. HALE, died at the residence of her son, Dr. R. W. HALE, in Brownsville on June 29; 89 years old.

Mrs. Carrie E. COVINGTON, wife of Rev. J. E. COVINGTON, died at Yorkville, June 30. Will be buried today at family cemetery near Bennettsville.

July 9, 1884

Died June 17, Mrs. A. M. MARTIN, aged 29 years.

Died June 23, Mr. Elias B. FORD, father of T.C. FORD, Rufus FORD, and Capt. A. H. FORD, and a number of daughters. Miss Mattie FORD, a daughter, was buried at the same time.

[tribute of respect] Samuel J. HILL, deceased.

July 23, 1884

Mr. W. J. DEVANE died at Walthoursville, GA on 16th. Stepson of Mr. A. M. GASQUE of Marion.

Mr. W. L. ROWELL died July 17.

July 30, 1884

Capt. John J. EVANS died in Wilmington last Thursday.

August 6, 1884

Robert WISE died last Sunday.

Mrs. Eliza LOYD, wife of Thomas LOYD, and daughter of Mrs. Hugh ELSIP, died last Friday.

Youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. EVANS was buried last Monday.

August 13, 1884

Thomas CALHOUN of Beech Island, Aiken Co., died Monday.

August 20, 1884

Miss Ella BENJAMEN drowned last week at Sullivanís Island.

Rev. R. L. HARPER died Aug. 17 at Iuka, Mississippi.

August 20, 1884

Mr. Wm. M. FITCH of Charleston died last Friday, 27 years old.

Bessie, aged 10 months, youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McMILLAN, was buried last Monday.

Youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. McMILLAN was buried last Saturday.

August 27, 1884

William T. ALTMAN, aged 40; and Allen DILLIARD, aged 16, have recently died in Gapway Section.

Mrs. Sarah COLLINS, relict of the late Jonah COLLINS, died Aug. 23. She was born Feb. 3, 1796, the same day on which Mike WOODWARD was born.

Hugh R. JOHNSON of Hillsboro Twp. died August 20.

September 3, 1884

Mr. W. P. NORMAN died Sept. 2, aged 59.

September 10, 1884

Bishop PIERCE died in Sparta, GA on Sept. 4.

Hon. Charles James FOLGER, secy. of Treasury, died in Geneva, NY on Sept. 4.

Reaves Twp. - Bascom HARRINGTON married Miss Maggie SMITH on Aug. 26. - Charles HARRINGTON married Miss Lizzie PRICE on Sept. 7.

September 17, 1884

Married - Mr. A. F. LUCAS of Marville, NC to Miss Mamie, daughter of Thomas S. and Mrs. C. R. GAUSE of Wilmington, N.C.

Child of Mr. C. W. ELLIOTT died last Wednesday.

Freddie, 4-year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Dr. E. B. SMITH, died Sept. 10.

October 1, 1884

Died at Adamsville last Tuesday, Mr. Jesse BETHEA, aged 84.

Ervin GODBOLD, died last Sunday.

October 8, 1884

Bias EVANS, colored, died last Wednesday.

Died Oct. 3, Mr. Louis HARRELSON of Buck Swamp.

Defendants in cases nol. prossed. by the Solicitor, Noah SWEAT - selling property under lien.

October 15, 1884

Son of Jesse BUTLER died Oct. 2.

October 22, 1884

George McDUFFIE, colored, died yesterday near Mullins.

Mr. Asa GODBOLD, died Oct. 15.

October 29, 1884

Athalia Lord, youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. McINTYRE, was baptized Oct. 19 in the Episcopal Church.

Died Oct. 27, Mrs. G. N. WILLIAMS, leaving 3 young children.

Rev. Joel ALLEN died Oct. 28.

Hon. J. H. EVINS has died in Spartanburg.

James Furman, 4-year old son of Dr. J. F. and Mrs. L. J. PEARCE of Mars Bluff, SC, died Oct. 9, 1884.

November 12, 1884

Mr. Henry W. HUTAFF married Miss Lucy FOXWORTH last Wednesday.

November 19, 1884

Died Oct. 7, Laurence Emerson, aged 10 months, son of D. F. and S. D. EDWARDS.

Married, Miss M. J. ROGERS (granddaughter of Charles TAYLOR) and Mr. J. V. MITCHELL of N.C.

November 26, 1884

John MUSGROVE, colored, died last Thursday.

Julius REEVES, son of Mr. Joel REAVES of Colleton Co., died last week.

Mrs. Julia M. STEVENSON, wife of J. E. STEVENSON, and daughter of T. F. BROWN, died last Friday.

December 10, 1884

Mr. F. F. COVINGTON to marry Miss Nora AYCOCK in Wedgefield today.

December 17, 1884

Samuel LEE, colored, died last Friday.

Married Dec. 10, Mr. B. F. H. DAVIS of Florida to Miss Viola DAVIS of Marion Co., S.C.

Married Dec. 11, Miss Mamie, youngest daughter of Hon. W. D. JOHNSON, to Mr. S. A. WOODS, Jr. of Darlington, S.C.

Married Dec. 11 at Orangeburg, S.C., Mr. Theophelus F. BARTON to Miss Nellie RAYSOR, daughter of Rev. Thomas RAYSOR.

December 24, 1884

[lengthy obit] J. DeWitt, son of R. P. and Mrs. Sallie HAMER, was born near Little Rock, Marion Co., S.C. on August 10, 1868 and died Oct. 4, 1884.

Richard WOODS of Broad River died Dec. 16, aged 73.

December 31, 1884

Bishop W. F. DICKERSON died in Columbia on Dec. 20, aged 40 years.

Married last Wednesday, Mr. E. B. WHEELER to Miss Effie, daughter of Hon. J. G. BLUE.

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