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THE PEE DEE INDEX ó Published every Tuesday

August 29, 1882

Henry DeBerry MULLINS died 3 days ago. (Also appears in 9/5 issue)

Dr. John REGAN died 18th inst.

Died on the 12th inst. near Florence, Elizabeth McCall, eldest daughter of Thos. H. and M. L. HARLLEE, aged 20 years, 4 months and 13 days.

Died on the 24th inst., Mrs. Laura MILLER, wife of George MILLER.

Mr. James A. JONES died today.

September 5, 1882

Mr. Abraham BAUM, a son of the late Mr. E. BAUM, formerly of this place, died at Hendersonville last week.

Henry DeBerry MULLINS, second son of Dr. Jas. C. MULLINS was born in Marion, S.C. on September 1, 1858 and died in Dillon on August 26, 1882. His mother died when he was about 4 years old. Lived in Bennettsville the last 4 years.

September 19, 1882

Cyrus WILLIAMS died last Thursday.

September 26, 1882

Miss Bettie HARLLEE, youngest daughter of the late Peter HARLLEE and sister of Capt. A. T. HARLLEE, died on the 22d inst. near Little Rock.

Mr. Nathan HUNT, aged father of Mrs. Capt. J. C. FINKLEA died on the 18th inst. at the age 87.

On 22d inst., Minnie, infant daughter of F. D. BRYANT, Esq. Died, aged 40 days.

October 10, 1882

Obadiah NEVILS, about 50, died near Elko, on October 2.

Mrs. Elizabeth JONES died last Friday, over 70 years old.

Mrs. J. K. GIBSON died Friday.

James Kyle, 5 year-old son of Capt. & Mrs. J. C. FINKLEA, died last Sunday.

October 24, 1882

Infant child of Mr. J. DAVIS, aged 7 days, died yesterday.

Mr. John P. Campbell died in Manning Township on October 15, leaves 2 sisters.

Messrs. SUMMERFORD, father and son, both died with fever last week at their home on the West side of the Pee Dee.

October 31, 1882

Infant daughter of C. A. WOODS, Esq., died Monday, 23d inst., aged 4 months and 2 days. Buried beside her mother at churchyard in Union.

Bessie Clyde, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. OWENS, died on the 25th inst., not quite 6 years old.

Married October 15, 1882, Mrs. Candace ELVINGTON of Marion and Mr. Wilson LEWIS of Horry Co.

Married 24th inst., Mr. Hugh McLEAN and Miss Nora McKINLAY, daughter of Mr. D. C. McKINLAY.

Married 19th inst., Mr. Robt. N. ROGERS and Miss Catherine EDWARDS, daughter of Maj. D. W. EDWARDS.

Married on the 26th inst., Mr. C. W. WILSON and Miss Annie P. SAUNDERS, the daughter of Maj. M. R. SAUNDERS.

Married on the 18th inst., Mr. H. H. ALFORD and Mrs. Emily GASQUE.

Mr. A. R. AMMONS died yesterday.

November 14, 1882

Samie, aged 4 years, son of Hugh WALL, died November 9, 1882.

Julia Jeanette, aged 2 years, 7 months and 4 days, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. ATKINSON, died November 12.

Four-year old daughter of Mr. Joseph A. BAKER died Sunday.

November 21, 1882

Married, Wednesday, 15th inst., at Marion, Mr. Evan LIDE of Darlington and Miss Anne REEVES of Marion.

Newton SWEET sold 53 acres to Jas. D. ALTMAN for $375.

Died in Britonís Neck Township on 16th inst., Mrs. Mary F. RICHARDSON, aged 63 yrs.

December 5, 1882

Mrs. J. W. NORTON of Mullins died Sunday.

Infant child of Mr. George BROWN died Sunday.

December 12, 1882

Died at Marion, December 10, Mrs. Rhoda GODBOLD, aged 82.

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