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Obituaries marked as "SCA, Wofford" can be obtained from the Sandor Teszler Library Archives of Wofford College. If you order a copy, please consider transcribing the obituary and sharing a copy with us here.

HAMER, Robert C April 30, 1878Carolyn Klear, 4 Aug 2002
HAMILTON, Mrs S C May 23 1902Carolyn Klear, 10 Oct 2003
HAMILTON, Dr Thomas W April 13 1960Carolyn Klear, 21 Nov 2002
HAMILTON, Dr. W. W. June 6, 1912Helen Moody, 13 Oct 2002
HARE, Helen Sweat Nov 6, 1958Danny Caulder, 20 Sept 2003
HARE, Janie Sweat May 16, 1977Danny Caulder, 20 Sept 2003
HARE, Will Oct 5 1978Danny Caulder, 20 Sept 2003
Harllee, Peter 5/24/1860SCA, Wofford
HARRELSON, Alfred 25 May 1911Buddy Harrelson, 9 Apr 2003
HARRELSON, Allen D. 4 Sept 1918Buddy Harrelson, 9 Apr 2003
HARRELSON, Mrs. Bessie A. Wiggins Sept 1940Buddy Harrelson, 13 Apr 2003
HARRELSON, Charlie McNeil Sept 1956Buddy Harrelson, 9 Apr 2003
HARROLSON, Jerome J. Sept 1962Buddy Harrelson, 10 Apr 2003
HARRELSON, John Elmore December 5, 1957Carolyn Klear, 21 Nov 2002
HARRELSON, Timothy D. 15 June 1887Buddy Harrelson, 9 Apr 2003
HARRELSON, Walter M. Sept 1940Buddy Harrelson, 9 Apr 2003
HAYES, Mrs Anna Caroline December 17, 1903Carolyn Klear, 3 Aug 2002
HAYES, Elizabeth M. April 7, 1904Carolyn Klear, 4 Aug 2002
HAYES, Mary Jane October 22, 1914Carolyn Klear, 4 Aug 2002
HERRING - The Carolyn Klear Collection
HERRING, John L. "Jack" 30 July 2002Peggy Price, 31 Jul 2002
Herring, Wade Hampton 8/6/1931SCA, Wofford
Hewitt, Lola James 6/16/1932SCA, Wofford
HOOKS, Braddy L Jan 1945Carolyn Klear, 24 Oct 2003
HOOKS, Lonnie Vander October 9, 1972Carolyn Klear, 22 Aug 2002
HOOKS, Patsy January 8, 1963Carolyn Klear, 22 Aug 2002
Huggins, Enos Tart 11/24/1843SCA, Wofford
HUGHES, Mrs. Carolyn Coleman 1997Karen Portzer, 2003
HUGHES, Gillie H. 1975Karen Portzer, 2003

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