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Southern Christian Advocate, December 17, 1903 issue, Vol 67 #26 pg 15 col 1: From the Sandor Teszler Library Archives of Wofford College:

Hayes--Mrs Anna Caroline Hayes, nee Martin, was born January 26, 1839, and died October 21, 1903. She was married twice. First to Mr Richard Edwards, in 1851, with whom she lived until he was called to the war, when he died in 1862. In 1866, she was married to my father, Enos W Hayes and lived happily with him until his death in 1881. She was permitted to be with her first husband during his last sickness in the army and when he died she brought him home and laid him to rest at Old Miller's Campground. He was a good man, as everything proved to those who knew him best. By the first marriage, there were three children, all boys---the youngest of them dying in infancy. The other two lived with marked credit to their father and family. By the second marriage there were four children, two boys and two girls. The oldest of the girls died about three years ago, but the other three still live, two of them were at the old home living with their mother when she died. Mrs Hayes joined the church early in life, and constantly impressed those about her with her earnest, Christian character. She was sometimes seen at the altar trying to point some loved ones to Jesus. She was a kind mother, and a beautiful step-mother, industrious and uncomplaining. She was fond of her Church, and pastor and was always ready to deny herself that her pastor might be paid. Trouble and suffering came upon her very often, but she bore it all with patience and long-suffering. On the 4th of last July the children and grandchildren were invited to family reunion at her home and most of them were present. It was a great day for her, as she lingered with the loved ones here, just before going on to her eternal home. Since then, a daughter-in-law has preceded her to that land of joy and love. She always seemed to love me as if I were her own child, and often insisted that I come to see her every day. Her mother-love was always manifest to us and we miss her now that she is gone. A good woman has gone to her reward and we who have known and loved her press on to the home above.

She was laid to rest by my father's side in our family burial ground at High Hill in Marion County, to await the resurrection morning. Her Savior comforts and keeps us while we wait for His coming.
O C Hayes

Transcribed and contributed by Carolyn Klear, 3 Aug 2002

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