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Elizabeth M. HAYES

Obituary notice from The Southern Christian Advocate Vol 67 #44 page 15 col 2 issue dated April 7, 1904 from the Sandor Teszler Library of Wofford College:

HAYES---Mrs Elizabeth M Hayes was born in Marion county, SC., March 1, 1839, and died October 30, 1903. With the exception of occasional outside the state, her entire life was lived in her native county; and her home at the time of her death was within a few miles of where she was born and died.

She came of worthy parentage. Her father, Col John Roberts, was a leading citizen of his county, and a man of commanding influence. Her mother, who in maidenhood was Miss Frances Mace, came of excellent family, and possessed many strong traits of character. From both parents the daughter inherited noble qualities.

On April 29, 1856, she became the happy young wife of my uncle, Alexander G Hayes. To them were born nine children, and six of these, together with the father, still live to bless her memory.

She joined the Methodist Church when young, and lived a consistent member till her death. She was always interested in the Church, and willingly did her part towards support. As a neighbor, too, she was exceedingly kind and thoughtful. She was ever ready, when physically able, to visit the sick and to minister to their wants. In dispensing charity, she was lavish, and many were the poor who received substantial help at her hands.

During most of her life she was little more than an invalid, and at times she experienced periods of sickness attended with great suffering. She never complained of her lot, but passed on through life with marvelous patience and wonderful cheerfulness. She was a great reader, and had a mind well-stored with knowledge. Possessed of a wonderful memory, she was entertaining and instructive in conversation. This constituted one of her social charms. She was a woman of strong will, and her influence upon her children and among her friends was clear and decided. She was a splendid type of influential womanhood, and a strong personality.

And here the writer wishes to acknowledge a debt of gratitude to her for constant kindness to him ten years ago, through nearly three years of trying invalisism and enforced inactivity. By her visits, her conversation, her sympathy, her encouragements, and other means, she did much during those weary months to brighten his life and to make his affliction more easily borne. She was to him, then and always, a good and helpful aunt, and, with love, he pays this humble tribute to her memory.

"A woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised".
J Marion Rogers

Transcribed and contributed to by Carolyn Klear, 3 Aug 2002

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