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Southern Christian Advocate, October 9, 1856 issue, Vol 20 #19 pg 76 col 5: From the Sandor Teszler Library Archives of Wofford College:

The Rev Edmond Herrin, Sr., was born in Marion District, 4th Jan, 1783, and died of inflammatory dysentery, after a short and painful illness, 18th Sept 1856, in his 74th year.

Father Herring was one among the first converts of Methodism in this section of the country. The first sermon he ever listened to, fell from the lips of a Methodist Missionary. That "Word of Life" soon softened his heart, and he early consecrated himself to the service of God. Shortly after is conversion, he was commissioned to preach the gospel, and for more than forty years, he went forth in the fear of God, giving to "each his portion in due season," being "instant in season and out of season." Though illiterate, there was a holy unction about him, and men of learning often marvelled at his graphic expositions of the Word of God. As a preacher, he was very successful and loved by all. As a neighbor and friend he was courteous and affable, and as a husband and a father, he endeared himself to his family. Such was his popularity, that it was said of him in a quarterly Conference, "there is nothing against him except the wo (sp?) pronounced against him of whom all men speak well," a praise he merited to the day of his death. The writer during his affliction, conversed freely with him in reference to his future prospects. He said he felt confident that if it was the will of God to "call him hence he should go safe," and on the day prior to his death, he said to the writer, "Let us pray together once more in this life." He did as was requested, and afterwards commenced singing, "the fair fields of Eden," during which time Bro H could be heard distinctly saying, "Glory to God." On the morning of the day that he died, though speaking with great difficulty, he said, "Oh, Lord; Glory to God," and to his wife he said, "Oh, my dear! my dear!!, glory." Here his voice ceased to praise God in this life and began his praise in heaven.

Transcribed and contributed by Carolyn Klear, 4 Aug 2002

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