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The Marion Star, Issue of November 17, 1926, Front Page


Beloved Citizen and Office-Holder Died At Two O’Clock Sunday Afternoon After An Illness of Several Months.

Immense Gathering of People From All Over the Section Attended Funeral Here Monday Afternoon. Held Office Longer Than Any Man in Modern times in This County.

Riding into Office in the "Tillman Movement" in the Nineties Dr. Miles Soon Won Both Sides To Him and Held Them Firmly for Thirty Years.

Dr. D.Frank Miles, Marion’s venerable Clerk of Court, and one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of the county, died suddenly at his home on West Godbold Street Sunday afternoon .

Several months ago Dr. Miles, who was 79 years of age on September 3, 1926, suffered a physical collapse, from which he partially recovered, altho since that time he has been under the constant care of his physician. Such was the nature of his trouble that his death, while sudden, was not unexpected and it is known that the deceased himself realized that the end was constantly near.

Late last week Dr. Miles, not feeling as well as usual, remained at home, where he was tenderly ministered to by his physician and his daughters and grand-daughters. At two o’clock Sunday afternoon he took his medicine, and within a few minutes had, Crossed the Bar. The news quickly spread and by nightfall men of all walks of life had gone to the Miles home and expressed their sorrow at his passing. All mankind was his friend; at the back door were negroes-servants of the Master who loved them and protected them; lawyers, bankers, farmers, business alike came to sorrowfully note his death.

Dr. Miles’ early life was spent in the practice of medicine, in Wahee Township, and of that this writer knows little, except that he was regarded as a splendid physician. It was in the early nineties that Dr. D. Frank Miles came to Marion and began his career, which has probably never been equaled in political annals in Marion County. Riding into office in the "Tillman movement" which literally swept the state at that time, Dr. Miles has remained a court-house fixture until he met his first defeat on Sunday, November 14, 1926, at the hands of Death, the Grim Reaper. Altho the troublous "nineties" engendered hate in the hearts of men, Dr. Miles was so constituted that he moulded friends and enemies into a common friendship, so far as he was concerned,

and altho others who rode to success on the same political wave which first brought him success, none survived him. Within recent years no man has had the hardihood to oppose him for re-election; many have tried to defeat him in years gone by, but none of them ever approached him in popularity and his victories were always won by large majorities.

A tall, straight, handsome man; gentlemanly in bearing, charitable to a degree, and always bright and cheerful, Dr. Miles ever carried the touch of friendliness in his hand. At seventy-eight years of age he was an active sportsman, hunting and fishing in his beloved Pee Dee country. He was a devotee of the art of Isaac Walton and he knew the coves of the Pee Dee rivers as a boy know the hiding places in his own yard; he was a good marksman and many deer have fallen under his gun, even in recent years. Young men were fond of him and always invited him on their outings. He was an epicure and originated the manner of preparing fish so prevalent in the Pee Dee country. A "Miles fish-stew" was well worth traveling a long distance to enjoy, and altho it is served by many people in this and other counties, none ever approached in flavor those prepared by the kindly doctor himself, or by one of the many negro "river" cooks trained by him. Dr. Miles lived like a prince and until the recent death of Mrs. Miles they delighted in the entertainment of their many friends, and such royal feasts they served!

Monday afternoon, at 3:30 o’clock the body of this beloved man was laid to rest in the beautiful old Methodist Cemetery, where beneath stately oaks and cedars it was placed by the side of his beloved wife, who died just a few months ago. A large gathering of people, from this and other counties, stood with bowed heads, as Dr. J. M. Holladay, pastor of Marion Presbyterian Church, of which Dr. Miles became a member late in life, assisted by Rev. Bedenbaugh, of the First Methodist Church, conducted simple, but beautiful services, at the grave. The floral offerings were both numerous and beautiful.

Dr. D. Frank Miles is survived by one son, Mr. W. Lanneau Miles, and the following daughters, Mesdames C. E. Evans, T. L. Stackhouse and D. Lamar Owens, and one brother, Mr. S. G. Miles.

Dr. David Franklin Miles was born in Marion SC on September 3, 1846 and died in Marion SC November 14,1926. He was the son of Francis Allen Miles (1821-1875) and Anne E. Godbold (1829-1879) of Marion SC.

He married Sarah Anne McIntyre (1848-1926) on May 16, 1869. Sarah Anne was the daughter of Capt. Archibald McIntyre (1791-1850) and Sophia E. Howard (1807-1880) of Marion, SC.

Submitted by William Coxe, 16 May 2004.

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