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The Marion Star, Issue of April 28, 1926


Sarah Anne (McIntyre) Miles (1848-1926)

Monday the news spread and was whispered here and there that Mrs. Sallie McIntyre Miles, wife of Dr. D. Frank Miles, was dead, the hearts of old and young mingled together in that great sympathetic cord that touches humanity in the passing of a great life. Sallie McIntyre, the daughter of that Scotch patriot, Archibald McIntyre, who helped found the great ideals that made Marion what she is today, was born and reared in the neighborhood of the place where she breathed her last, and during that span of life was as a girl, beautiful, gentle, and sweet, and while the hoary frost of many winters had touched her golden locks in the evening of her life, she still retained those qualities which made her a lovely woman in every respect.

She had the loftiest ideals and was impatient of all that fell short of the highest standards, and the spell of her magnetism was irresistible and made for her a host of friends wherever she went, and her most attractive personality was further enhanced by a brilliant mind and great beauty of person. Wonderfully tactful and sympathetic,

"Age could not wither,

Nor custom stale her infinite variety."

Much of her young life before marriage and after marriage was spent amidst the stress and strain of the early war time, and her experiences then were most varied and interesting, but her faith in the justice of the Confederate cause never once faltered, and her efforts to preserve the true history of that tragic time to perpetuate the glory of the South’s heroic struggle never waned.

The old and helpless veterans always had her special care and sympathy, and she never turned a deaf ear to an appeal from one of them, and today as her spirit meets in the unknown world, the spirit of her brothers, who were

gallant soldiers in the confederacy, we know that she says, "Brother, I never faltered in upholding the standards adopted by you and the Southern soldiers."

When quite a young lady she married Dr. D. F. Miles, and together this devoted couple has faced the trials of life, true to themselves, their State, and their community, and now as the separation comes in the evening of life, this husband and his children can take great consolation in knowing that her life is a heritage left to them greater than all the material wealth of this world.

She leaves surviving her, her husband, D. F. Miles, her children, Mrs. Chas. E. Evans, Mrs. Lanneau Stackhouse, Mrs. Lamar Owens, and W. Lanneau Miles; one brother, Captain Douglas McIntyre, and one sister-in-law, Mrs. Mary McIntyre, together with a large number of grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, to all of whom the people of this community extend their heart-felt sympathy and love in this hour of their affliction.

Yes, Sallie McIntyre Miles is dead, but the memory of her life lives on in the hearts of her people because she lived well, laughed often, and loved much; she gained the respect of intelligent men, and the love of little children; she filled her niche and accomplished her task; she has left the world better than she found it through her steadfast friendship and devotion to ideals; she never lacked appreciation of earth’s beauty or failed to express it; she looked for the best in others and gave them the best she had; her memory a benediction. Such a one has not lived in vain.


Sarah Anne McIntyre was born January 30, 1848 in Marion SC and died April 26, 1926 in Marion SC. She was the daughter of Capt. Archibald McIntyre (1791-1850) and Sophia E. Howard (1807-1880) of Marion SC.

On May 16, 1869 she married in Marion SC David Franklin Miles, MD (1846-1926). He was the son of Francis Allen Miles (1821-1875) and Anne E. Godbold (1829-1879)

Submitted by William Coxe, 16 May 2004.

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