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Marion & Dillon County, SC Marriages
Brides "UVW"

Compiled by Victoria Proctor, ©1996-2011

This listing is a work under construction. I will continue to add to it as I obtain new information, so be sure to stop back again.

It is my hope that those of you who pass this way will send me any information you have on Marion County marriages -- add a listing or provide additional information on an entry to make this a better resource for us all. Please add what information you have to help others looking for their ancestors, and please cite your source!

Email Victoria with any information or comments. If you have any original marriage records or Bible entries which you would be willing to share, please include that information in your email.

WARD, Selah SNIPES, Augustus Beauregard 1 Feb 1882 Snipes Family Bible,
Letha Snipes Holmes
WATSON, Effie Viola CALDER, Brod 25 May 1929 Both of Dillon. JOP B.F. Edwards. Dillon Judge of Probate records. Contributed by Sandra Brumbles, 2000
WAYNE, Caroline A. WILCOX, John 21 DEC 1844 Files of Samuel A. West
WHEELER, Amelia M. HINDS, James R. 03 JAN 1839 Files of Samuel A. West
WHITE, Mrs. J. A. F. AULTMAN, J. H. 19 Aug 1866 Marion Star Newspaper, (August 29, 1866) "On the 19th inst., by the Rev. A. McLELLAN, Mr. J. H. AULTMAN to Mrs. J. A. F. White, all of Marion District."
contributed by Victoria Proctor
WIGGINS, Lavenia BOATWRIGHT, Thomas 31 May 1857
WOODBERRY, Mrs. Desdemona SALMON, David D., Esq. 18 MAY 1837 Files of Samuel A. West

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