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Contributed by Mary Adams Bland, 20 Jan 2004


South Carolina ]

Marion District ] By Samuel Cooper, Esq. Ordinary

Whereas, Benjamin Lewis made suit to me to grant him letters of administration of the estate and effects which were of Ezekiel Adams late of Little Pee Dee Deceased.

These are to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of the said Ezekiel Adams deceased; that they be and appear before me, in the Court of Ordinary to be held at Marion Court House, on Friday next, after publication hereof, to shew cause, if any they have, why the said administration should not be granted.

Given under my hand and seal this Ninth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five and in the thirtieth year of American Independence.

Certified by: Edmond Price, P.G.

(On the left hand side written sideways is the signature of Samuel Cooper.)

(On the Fold)

Benj. Lewis

Bond on the

Estate of Ezekiel Adams

South Carolina

Marion District

Recorded in

Bond Book A

Pages 25&26

March 10, 1840

E.B. Wheeler



Page 2-A

South Carolina }

Marion District } Know all men by these Presents that we

Benjamin Lewis, Abijah Porter & Jesse Leggett are holden and firmly bound unto SAMUEL COOPER, Esq, Ordinary for the aforesaid district, in the full and just sum of five hundred Pounds, Sterling Money, to be paid to the said Samuel Cooper, or to his Successors, Ordinaries of this district, or their certain Attorney or Assigns. To which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, and every of us, our and every of our Heirs, Executors and Administrators, for the whole, and in the whole, jointly and severally, firmly by these Presents. Sealed with our Seals, and dated the twentieth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five and in the thirtieth Year of American Independence.

The Condition of the above Obligation is such, that if the above bound Benjamin Lewis Administrator of the goods, chattels and credits of Ezekiel Adams deceased, do make a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased, which have or shall come to the hands, possession or knowledge of the said Benjamin Lewis or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for him and the same so made, do exhibit into the said court of Ordinary, when he shall be thereunto required, and such goods, chattels and credits do well and truly administer according to law, and do make a just and true account of his actings and doings therein, when required by the said court; and all the rest of the said goods, chattels and credits which shall be found remaining upon the account of the said administration, the same being first allowed by the said court, shall deliver and pay unto such persons respectively as are entitled to the same by law; and if it shall hereafter appear, that any last will and testament was made by the said deceased, and the same be proved in court, and the executors obtain a certificate of the probate thereof, and the said Benjamin Lewis do in such case, if required, render and deliver up the said letter of administration, then this obligation to be void, or else to remain in full force.

Signed: Benj. Lewis

A. Porter
Jesse Leggett

Witness: James Crissy (?)

Page 3

South Carolina }

Marion District } By Samuel Cooper, Esquire Ordinary

These are to authorize and empower you, or any three or four of you, whose names are hereunto written, to repair to all such parts and places within this state, as you shall be directed unto by Benjamin Lewis, Administrator of the Estate and Effects which were of Ezekiel Adams late of the said district, deceased, wheresoever any goods and chattels of the said deceased are, or may remain within the said parts and places, and which shall be shewn unto you by the said Benjamin Lewis and there view and appraise all and every the goods and chattels, being first sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, to make a true and perfect inventory and appraisement thereof, and to cause the same to be returned under youir hands, or any three or four of you, to the said Benjamin Lewis on or before the first day of April now next ensuing.

Dated the twentieth day of December Anno Domini 1805, and in the thirtieth year of American Independence.

To: Benjamin Rawls

Searce Burkey Watson

Harison Watson


Book A Page 24 }

(On the left hand side written sideways is the signature of Samuel Cooper.)

Page 3A


This 21st day of December 1805 personally appeared before me Joseph Ford one of the Justices assigned to keep the peace, in Marion District, Benjamin Rawls, Searce Burkey Watson, Harison Watson being three of the appraisers appointed to appraise the Goods and Chattels of Ezekiel Adams deceased; who being duly sworn, make oath, that they would make a just and true appraisement of all and singular the Goods and Chattels, (ready money only excepted) of Ezekiel Adams of Marion District deceased, as shall be produced by Benjamin Lewis, Administrator of the estate of the said Ezekiel Adams deceased; and that they would return the same certified under their hands, and unto the said Benjamin Lewis within the time prescribed by law.

James Ford Benjamin Rawls

Harrison Watson

Sc. B. Watson

Page 4 (On the Fold)


Inventory of the Est.

of Ezekiel Adams


Page 4A

C-1 True and a perfect Inventory and appraisement of the goods and chattel of Ezekiel Adams, Deceased late of Marion District made by us whose names are here unto subscribed the 31st day of December 1805.

3 feather Beads and furniture$ 33.00
3 Bead Steads and Cords5.50
1 horse-$20, 1 cross saw, 1 whip saw, 1 hand saw31.00
1 Drawing 75 cent 1 auger 50- 1 froe 50-1.75
1 pot tools-$1-1 Iron wedge-50 cents grind stone 75 cent2.25
1 spade 30 cent 1 grub hoe 25 cent old hoe 25 cent.80
1 axx $1 and 25 cent coopers adz & croes 75 cent2.00
1 wooling wheel 25 cent 1 flax do $11.25
6 bottel 31 cent old tons 25 cent spoon motor $11.56
1 meal sifter 25 cent old cards 25 cent old iron 25 cent.75
Books $2-50 cent 1 bell 50 cent stidards (steelyards) 75 cent3.75
Shoe tools 50 cent old tools 50 cent, 3 slays & harness $1.50
plow hoe 50 cent weaverís loom $2
1 table 75 cent Cooperís wire 75 cent1.50
2 iron pot and hooks $2-50 cent 1 frying pan $13.50
1 pot and hook $1-75 cent 1 d____ oven $34.75
Pot Puter (Pewter?) $3 knives and forks 25 cent3.25
2 Chests and clothes $8-50 cent8.50
1 pocket Book 25 cent 5 old chears (chairs?) $2-502.75
Manís hat $1 old casks and stands $2-75 cent3.75
15 Sees (?) $7-50 cent - Blacksmith tools $29.50
Iron Pot Rack one dollar$ 1.00


Benjamin Rawls

Sc. B. Watson

Harrison Watson

Page 5

To Samuel Cooper, Esq. Ordinary for Marion District. The petition of Benjamin Lewis Administrator of the Estate of Ezekiel Adams deceased humbly sheweth that the Estate is much in debt wish a sale of said Estate in order to pay the debts and to make a division of the Remainder with the heirs he therefore prays that you will so as shall same make and your petitioner will pray.

January 3rd 1806 Benjamin Lewis

Samuel Cooper, Esquire

Page 5A

Ordered that the petitioner have leave to sell said goods (?)

Page 6

2nd Appraisement of the Est. of Ezekiel Adams Decd.

Page 6A

A true appraisement of a remainder of the Estate of Ezekiel Adams this 21th (21st) day of January 1806

1 paire of cart boxes$ 1.00
1 Black Smith hammer.75
1 lot of Carpenters tools.50
1 Whetstone.25
1 Slay.30
43 Barrells tar @ 50 cent 21.50

By us after being ] Benjamin Rawls

duly sworn ] Sc. B. Watson

Harrison Watson

Note on Asa Adams

mounting to $12

Page 7

Acompt of Sale of the Estate of Ezekiel Adams the 21th day of January 1806.

1 Horse James Adams $16.75

13 _________ geese(?) Andrew Griffin 5.70

1 Wheel Asa Adams .62

1 Whip saw Asa Adams 3.00

1 Cross Cut Saw Benj. Lewis 7.50

1 Grind Stone Abner Adams 2.25

1 Hand Saw James Adams 1.06

1 Drawing Knife Joseph Page 1.00

1 Adds (Adz) Edmund Price .50

1 P spoon moulds(?) Harrison Watson 1.00

1 Auger Zabon Davis 80.00(?)

1 lot old tools Abner Adams .50

1 Cart Boxes John Gowings 1.00

1 Bell Edmund Price .60

1 Froe & 1 wedge Zabon Davis 1.20

1 lot cooperís tools James Adams 1.22

1 Whetstone Willoughby Adams .51

3 Pair old cards Ebenezer Stevens .30

1 Chisel Edmund Price .42

1 Plough hoe James Lewis .43

1 gaug__ & comp____ Gideon Yelverton .30

1 Sod iron James Rawls .40

1 lot shoe tools William Bennet .73

1 loom and gear Ann Adams .06

1 Pot rack James Adams .25

1 Pair stilards Asa Adams .80

1 Wheel Joseph Page 1.00

1 Lot B Smith tools William Herring 11.65

1 lot pewter (?) Elizabeth Davis ???

1 Iron pot Asa Adams 1.26

1 Duch (Dutch?) Oven William Herring 3.60

1 Frying pan Pery(?) Arnet 1.02

1 Pot Ann Adams .50

5 Chairs Ann Adams .10

1 Table James Rawls .36

1 Funnel Benj. Lewis .10

Page 7A Brought Over

1 Feather Bed James Adams 5.16

1 Feather Bed Elizabeth Davis 10.52

1 Bed stead Samuel Lewis 2.01

1 Bed Cover Abner Adams 2.00

1 Chest Polly Adams .06

1 Chest clothing Absalom Adams 5.00

1 Pocket Book Edmund Price .32

1 Chest Susanna Hill .26

1 Feather Bed & Furniture Ann Adams ????

1 Hoe James Lewis .30

1 set coopers ware Ann Adams ????

1 lot old slays & harnass Ann Adams ????

1 spade Benj. Lewis .75

1 Bible Josiah Grantham ????

1 Hym Book Asa Adams .38

1 Song Book Elizabeth Davis ????

1 Hat Asa Adams ????

1 lot old casks Asa Adams ????

1 Stand Abner Adams ????

43 Barrels tar E. P. 25.80

Samuel Lewis, D.M.

Recorded in Sales Book A Page 13 & 14
Ed B. Wheeler, Ordy. 18 Nov. 1840
Sale of the Est. of Ezekiel Adams, Decd.

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