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Transcribed by Donali Howell, 10 May 2001

The State of South Carolina George Town district. Kingston Coun- ty. In the Name of God Amen I William Britton of the State af- foresaid Calling to mind the Mortality of Human Nature that man was born to die and I at.present, is Sick but in perfect Mind and Memory haveing the full Exersaie of my Reason and facculties do hearby make this my Last Will and Testement, First. I Rec- omend my Soul to Allmighty God that gave it. and my body to /be de- sently Buried by my Executors, hoping at Nothing doughting to be Raised at.the, and with what. worldly Estate is has Pleased God to blefs me with First. I desier that my funeral Chargest and Just debts be paid by/my Executors hearafter mentioned Secondelly I order my Estate in manner and form following, that is say I-----Lend my Neise Nancy Edwards one Negro Girl Named Claresey & her Increes, to my Neise Nancy during her Life and at her death to the Lawfull Ishues of her Bodey and in Case my Neise Nancy Should die a minor or Leaveing no Lawfull Isues of her body then in that. in Case its my will and desier that the Negro Girl above Named. Should in Like manner Revert to her Sis- ter, Mary Edwards, Item I Lend my Neise Mary Edwards One Negro Girl and her Incres Named Cobow. during my Neises Natural Life and at her Death to the Lawfull Isues of her.Bodey and In Case my Neise mary Should die without Isue or a Minor then its my will and desier that this Negro Girl Cobow & her Incres Should Revert to my Neise Nancey, & in Like manner to the Lawfull Is- ues of her body-----I,Tem I Lend my Mother Elizabeth. Lesesne or Elias Graves during her natural Life four Negros Samson a Man and Belinder his wife and A man Primus and A Woman Sarey and at my Mothers Death, its my will and desier that the Negro man Primus and the woman Sarey Should Revert. to my Sister Elizabeth, Britton or Elias Edwards during her Natural/Lifewith the Benefit of there Labour and at,her death its my will and desier that Primus and Sarey Should the LawfulIsues of her Bodey to be Equaly devided at her Death, and. its my will and desier at. my Mothers Death my fellow Samson and his wife Be- linder be free for Ever for there honest Good behaviour to me and WILLIAM BRITTON'S WILL PAGE 2 my father and Mother in there Life Time, and further its my will and desier that. In Case my Sister Elizabeth & her hus- band Simon Edwards Should die before my Mother, that neverthe- lefs there Childeren Shall be the full & sole heir of the Above Two Negros Primus and Sarey that I Lent. my Mother(And its my will and desier that my four workeing Negros be hiered to pay my Lawfull debts by my Executors.. before A devision of my Es- tate, Take place) and further that I desier that one of my Ex- ecutors hier my four workeing Negros Togeather, Lastly I Nome- nate and I appoint. my Trustly frinds as follows my Executors-- my Brotherinlaw Simon Edwards & my freind -- Wm Bulune & my freind Richd Woodbury Senr-- my Executors to this my Last will and Testomen Giveen under my hand and Seal this Twentyeth Nineth of Sep. One Thousand Eight. hundred and in the Twenty fifth year of Americas Independance Wllm Britton (SEAL) Witnefs )So Carolina ) William Snow )Merion District her ) EizabethX Ruse )Personally came Capt William marks ) her )Snow & proved the above will Mergrat. X Ruse ) marks )according to Law ) Sworn before me 19** day of November 1800 Wm Snow Hugh Giles Ordy. for Marion District Recorded in Book 1, Page 8 Roll No. 70

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