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Transcribed by Roberta Hayes King, 2 May 2000


In the name of God Amen I Edward Brown of Marion District and State of South 
Carolina being weak in body but Sound disposing mind and memory calling to 
mind the uncertainty of life and Knowing that it is appointed unto all men 
once to die do make and ordain this instrument of writing to be and contain 
my last Will and testament hereby revoking all other wills by me heretofore 
made. First It is my wish that all my property of which I am pofsefsed when I 
die Shall remain as it is not to be divided until all my Just debts be paid 

Item 2nd I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Nancy Brown the plantation 
on which I live with all its improvements plantation tools & implements of 
agriculture Together with all the provisions now housed also one negro winch 
Phoebe & her child named Sam during  her natural life and after her death the 
plantaation or land to be sold and an equal division made among my surviving 
children and the negro woman Phoebe after the death of my wife I wwish to go 
to my daughter Rachael with her future ifsue but the children born of said 
negro woman Phoebe that may be alive at the time of my wifes death to be 
equally divided among my surviving children and it is further my wish that 
should my daughter Rachael die without lawful ifsue then the said Negro woman 
Phoebe also Equally divided among my Surviving children.

Item 3rd It is my wish that the following negroes to wit Simon a negro man & 
Seip a boy and Sukey a Girl after my Just debts are paid be sol and an equal 
division of the monies to be made among my Surviving children -------

Item 4th I give and bequeath my aforesaid mare Sally to my daughter Hannah 
wih this condition if the said mare lives she raise two colts from her the 
first colt to be given to Martha the colts to be given after they have been 
raised to six months old my Sorrell Horse Charles I give to my beloved wife 
all the rest of my stock of cattle Sheep & hogs & Goats together with all my 
household and Kitchen furniture I give and bequeath to my beloved wife and 
what may be left at her death to be sold and equal division made among my 
Surviving children.

Item 5th All thee remaining part of my Estate real and personal with the 
exception of a debt due by Stephen Shelly now in suit I wish sold and equally 
divided among my children,

Item 6th Should the debt due me by said Shelly be resolved I give the whole 
amont thereof to my brother Stephen Godbold to be disposed of by him to the 
best advantage for my children.

Item 7th I give to my two Grand children Nancy Thomas & Edy Gasque each fifty 
dollars to be paid by my Executors out of any monies which may be in his 
hands and whereas I have already given unto my son Stephen Brown & to my 
daughter Mary formerly Mary Gregg each one three hundred dollars worth of 
property when the rest of my property is divided It is my wish that that 
amount be included so as to make the division of my Estate among my children 
equal Share & Share alike Lastly I make ordain & appoint my trusty friends 
stephen Godbold and Francis A Wayne my sole Executors of this my last will 
and testament Signed Sealed published pronounced and declared to be his last 
Will and testament in the presence of Stephen Godbold Francis A Wayne and 
Alexander Godbold who in his presence and at huis request Subscribed their 
names as witnefses

Stephen Godbold
Francis A Wayne                                                               
Edward Brown (SEAL) 
Alexander Godbold

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 295
Original Will Missing 
Recorded July 14, 1837
Ed. B. Wheeler, Ordinary M. Dist.
Roll No. 71 

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