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Transcribed by Donali Howell, 30 March 2001

                          WILL OF

                        WILSON COWARD

In the name of God Amen

              I Wilson Coward of the State of South Carolina, Marion Dis-

trict, being admoneshed form the infirmity of my body, that my temperal ex-

istance must soon close, and being disposed to make a distribution of my

earthly estate among my heirs, do , on this the twenty eight day March, make

Anno Domini, one thousand eight hundred and fifty three, make, constitute,

and ordain this my last will and Testament, in manner and form following, vis, 

            First my will is, that all my just debts and funeral expences,

be paid out of such personal estate as I may die pofsefsed of,

       Next, I give and bequeath to my wife Sarah, of my real estate a trust

of land where I now live of one hundred fifty acres bought of Wm, Manners.,

another adjoining Containing two hundred acres bought of Wm Hamilton, and also

another of Sixty acres, bought of John Maning, and one other of about eighty

acres, bought of Malcom Stafford, lying on and in Maple Swamp, all the above

named tracts of land, I give to my wife Sarah, except one hundred acres here

in after given to my daughter Martha Jones, during the natural life of said

wife.Sarah. and/at her death I give the said lands to my son Hansel Coward and to his

lawful heirs born of/his body but if he shall die without any such heirs then the

land herein given to him shall return to my heirs   I also bequeath to my wife

Sarah All my personal estate of every sort, and Kind, negroes, Stock, plan-

tation tools, household furniture, monies and credits, and provisions during

her natural life, and at her death to be subject to the disposion herein

after made, but all the other property negroes and lands excepted, to her at

her absolute disposal,  I give To my son Joel Coward all the ballance of my

lands except one hundred acres herein after given to Martha Jones, and fifty

acres herein after given to Ervin Coward, I also give to my son Joel my negro

man Damon, my negroe boy Ned, and negroe boy Daniel, at the death of my wife

Sarah, but he Shall pay to Kiddy Baily or her hiers, one hundred a fifty which

I give to my daughter Kiddy Baily, I also give and bequeath to son Joel

half the interests profits and emoluments of my mill, the other half I give to

my son Hansel, I give and bequeath also, to my son Hansel the lands land

given to his mother at her death I also give him at the death of my wife/my negroe


woman Alse and negroe boy Sam to him and to the lawful born of his body

but if he should die without and such heirs then the land and negroes here-

in given, to return to my heirs,  To my daughter Sarah Lane I give and be-

queath my negroe girl Mary and also that tract of land of one hundred and

thirty five acres on the side of Little Peedee bought of Isaac Hyott for

her to have the use and benifit of the said negroe and land yet that she nor

her husband during her natural life yet that she nor her husband can not

sell nor here the said negroe nor sell nor rent the said land nor shall uther

the said land or negroe be subject to execution or to be taken for any debt

which she or her husband may contract and at her/death I give the land and negroe

herein named for the use and benefet of my said daughter to her heirs, her 

children, lawfully born of her body the negroe herein to remain with my wife

till death as before stated  To my daughter Penny I give and bequeath at  the 

death of my wife my negroe girl alary and negroe woman Jenny  To my daughter

Martha Jones I give and bequeath the use and benefit of one hundred acres of

land where she live from Malcom Clarks land on the north of the plantation to

a certain crofs fense to Which Mrs. Manning's field extended and on Westwardly

to include one hundred acres with all priviledge of timber outlet and range

during her hernatural life and. at her death to go to my son Hansel Coward  To

my Grand sons John Lee and Richard Lee I give at the death of my wife my ne-

groe boy Henry to be equally divided between them

      I give and bequeath to Ervin Coward son of my daughter Frances fifty

acres of/land along Whitten Hamilton's and Isaac Stackhouses land including the 

place where Robt Taylor live

      And lastly I constitute and ordain my son Joel Coward my executor to

this my last will and Testament

In testamony where of I have here unto set my hand on the day and in the year

first above written to this for my last will revoking all others
Signed in presence of                                Wilson X Coward
Malcom Stafford
Thomas Bridges
James H. Stafford

Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 147
Recorded Septr. 5, 1853
Roll No. 983

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