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The State of South Carolina  )
Marion District              )

In the name of God Amen, Know all men by these presents that I James G. Crawford of the District and State aforesaid being of sound dis- posing mind, memory and understanding do hereby make, costitute publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament, Imprimis, I wish my body to buried by my Executor hereinafter named, in a decent and christian like manner,

Item, it is also my will and desire that my Executor hereinafter named, do Keep all of my negroes and other property on my plantation (except such of my stock and plantation tools & utensils, household and Kitchen furnitue as he may deem it advantageous to sell) until my crop be gathered, and then that my Executor do sell all of my crop, and also all my stock of horses, mules cattle sheep & hogs and also all of my plantation tools, household and Kitchen furniture and other articles of personal property except my negroes. and that with the proceeds of said sales, all that may or can be collected of my debts due me, be applied by my said Executor to the payment of my just debts, the sales above mentioned to be made by my Executor on such terms as he may deem most advantageous to the payment of my debts.

Item, In case there should not be sufficient arising from the said sales above directed and colection of my demands due me, to pay off and discharge my said debts, then my Executor is hereby directed authorised and requested to sell and dispose of a sufficient quantity of my Lands (in such quantity and on such terms as may in his opinion be best calculated to effect the purpose,) as will be sufficient to pay off and satisfy all of my said just debts and funeral expenses.--

Item I give and devise and bequeath unto the children of my deceased Sister Mary Finklea, Ten dollars to be paid them by my Executors, after the payment of my debts as aforesaid,

Item I give devise and bequeath unto my brother Stephen Crawford Five Dollars to be paid him by my Executor in the same manner,

Item, I give devise and bequeath unto my brother Willie G. Crawford, the fol- lowing negro slaves to Wit, Dorcas and her children Celia, Mary, charley, Daniel and Tom, also old Lyd, Ned Tom, Ervin, Marlborough (otherwise caleed Dick) Sarah Ann & child Jane, and also all my Lands which may be left un- sold by my Executor for the payment of my debts, be the same more or lefs. and the proceeds of the sales of any Lands (if any) that remain after the Sale of my said Lands. In trust neverthelefs and under the special confidence, and it is the intent of these presents that the said Willie G. Crawford his heirs, Executors and afsigns, do hold, and stand seized and pofsefsed, of such negroes and Lands & proceeds of sales of Land, for the sole benefit use and behoof of the children of the said Willie G. Crawford which he now has, or may hereafter lawfully beget, for the term of fifteen years. and during the said term of time to appropriate the work and labour, rents pro- fits of said slaves and Land & proceeds of Land, and of the ifsue of said slaves to the use, maintenance Education support and benefit of his said children, and at the Expiration of the said term of fifteen years from my death, then that the said Willie G Crawford do convey and deliver the said Lands and slaves and ifsue, of said slaves. and the rents, hire, profits and acoulions of said Lands and negroes, to his said children who may be living to be then equally divided among the said children of the said Willie G Crawford before mentioned who may be living and the child or children of those or any who may be dead, share and share alike, the child or children of any child or children aforesaid of said Willie G. Crawford to represent the parent or parents and to draw such parent or parent's share alone,--

Item, I give devise and bequeath unto Saml F. Gibson the following negro slaves vis. Ralph. Patrick and Young Lyd In the special Trust and confidence neverthelefs, and it is the true intent and meaning of these presents, that the said Sam,l F. Gibson his heirs Executors and afsigns do hold and stand seized and pofsefsed of said slaves. to & for the sole & separate, use, benefit and behoof my sister Rhoda Godbold for and during the term of her natural life, and in the meantime to appropriate the labour, services, hire & profits of the said slaves & their increase to the exclusive use & benefit of my said sister freed, and discharged from the debts, contracts, liabilits & control of her said husband, and to pay over to her the hire & profits of said slaves and take her separate receipt for the same or pay the same to her written order, signed in the presence of one or more witnefses during the term of her natural life, and at her death to convey and deliver the said slaves and their increase, to such person or persons as my said sister shall by will or deed or by writing under seal attested by three or more Witnef- ses may appoint, and dispose of to, and in failure of such appointment or disposition by my said sister as aforesaid, then my wile is that the said slaves and their increase at the death of my said sister by conveyed by the said Saml F. Gibson to the children of my brother Willie G. Crawford, to be held and used by my said brother Willie G. in the same manner and for the same purposes, and to be divided in the same manner as the lands and slaves herein before given to my said brother Willie G Crawford in Trust for his said children as aforesaid,

Item, it is my will and desire that all the rest, and residue of my Estate not herein/met specifically mentioned and bequeathed, be appropriated by my Executor as the payment of my debts before or with the sales of my lands as herein before directed, and in case there should be anything realized from my debts or otherwise after the payment of my debts by my Executor, I give and bequeath the same to my brother Willie G. Crawford to be held in Trust by him & appropriated in the same manner as the negroes and Lands given him in Trust for his children and to be divided in the same manner as directed in said clause giving said property in Trust for his children as therein mentioned,

Lastly I hereby nominate constitute and appoint my friend James Hafeldon Executor to this my last will and Testament, hereby revoking and annulling all/other or former wiles or codicils that may have been by me heretofore made and exe- cuted by me, and declaring and establishing this as my Last Will and Testament-- In Witnefs Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and forty Six, and in the seventieth year of the Independence of the United States of America

Signed Sealed, published and declared by the )            J. G.  X Crawford (SEAL)
Testator as his Last will and testament, Who )                  mark
Syned his name in our presence who syned the)
same as witnefses in the presence of the     )
testator & presence of each other
the word "not" in the twenty third line from )
the tops of third page interlined before     )
signed,                                      )
B. K. Henagan
Matthew M___ (Moss?)
Wesley White
Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 98
Recorded March 7, 1848 (?)
E. B. Wheeler, Ordinary
Roll No. 176

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