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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 19 Jul 2001

South Carolina   )  In the name of God Amen I Arthur Dee  of the State &
Marion District  )  District aforesaid feeling my bodily health declining
but of sound mind and memory and Knowing that it is appointed for all men
once to die do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament in
manner and form following first after my decease I request my body to be
decently buried at the discretion of my Executors and all my just debts
to be.pd.Item I give and bequeath unto my wife Susanna Dees two cows and
calves One bed and furniture to her and  er heirs and afsigns forever 3/rd
Item I give unto my sons Malachi Dees Abraham Dees and Levi Dees & and
to my three daughters S[?]alety Turner Mary Lowry and Sarah Garrett also to 
my Grandso  Archib/d Dees Twenty five dollars each one to be given to them
by my Executors one year after my decease To them their heirs and afsigns 
forever 4/th I is my will and desire at my decease that my negro fellow
Joe be sold by my Executors on a years credit to satisfy the legacies
which I do make.  Item I give and bequeath unto my three young children
Susanna Charity and Curtis Dees the whole remaining part of my Estate real
and personal to be equally divided amongst them after they and _ Schooled
and raised on the said bequest To them their heirs and afsigns  I also give 
to my wife one hundred dollars arising fro  the sale of my said negro fellow
Joe to her & her hei s and afsigns forever  nd lastly I nominate and appoint
my wife Susanah Dees Extrix and my two friends Doct/r M Lewis and John W Thomp-
son executors of this my l st will and Testament And I do hereby disanul and
revoke al  other wills by me heretofore made and acknowledged this and no
other to  e by last will & testament
In Witnefs whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and  eal this 21/st March 1817
Witnefs    John Gregg                                        his
                                                       Arthur V Dees (SEAL)
           Jenett Gregg                                     mark
           William Gregg
Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 162
Original Will Missing
Recorded June 3/d 1829
Thos Harllee Ordinary of M. D.
Roll No. 225

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