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Transcribed by Jo Church Dickerson, 28 August 2000

[Please note that the surname ELVINGTON has many spellings, including variations on YELVINGTON, (e.g., Yelvington, Yilverton, et cetera). If this is your line, please contact Jo for more details.


Marion County SC Probate Roll #847
Will of Levi Elvington

(Transcriber's note: The archaic form for a double "s"
was used frequently throughout this original will. I 
have taken the liberty of transcribing this as "fs" 
wherever it appears in the original.)

State of South Carolina} Be it Remembered that
Marion District        } I Levi Yilverton of Said District
Being in Ill and Bad health at Prefsent yet in Sound 
mind  Knowing it is appointed of God that all men
must Die and after Death to Judgment and as I
Wish to Dispose of my Wordly (sic) Goods in my Day
and time as Followes that is to Say - - - - 

I First of all do Will and Bequeath to my Son
alfred all my Land on the North East Side of the Road
Where the Methodist Church Stands Making the Road the
Line of Division - also my Sorrel mare

2nd - I give the Land over the Branch the South Side of 
Gall bush the Branch the Line to my Son Nathan

3rd - I Give and Bequeath Sufsian Jane two Cows & there Increase

4th - I give & Bequeath my wife Mary the plantation
Whereof I Now occupy being the Ballance of any Land
to her to Continue her Life time then to belong
to the younger Children being the minors and all
my Stock of all Kinds to my wife & younger Children
and all my undisposed Estate of all Kinds for the 
use and benefit of the Same

5th - And Lastly I appoint William Yilverton
and James Hays Junior Son of James my Executors
to this my Last will and Testament in
Witnefs Whereof I hereunto Set my hand & Seal
this 17th Day of March A.D. 1846 - - 

Signd Seald and           Leavi elvington  {Seal}
Delivered in
(Prefsents?) of - 
Jefse Ford -
Jefse Hays
Reavs Hays

Fold Side:

South Carolina  } By Edward B.
Marion District } Wheeler Ordi.
appeared Jefse Hays, and made oath that 
he was present and saw the within
named Testator, Levi Elvington, Sign
Seal Publish Pronounce and declare
The within instrument of writin 
Signed Sealed & delivered for the
purposes therein mentioned as, and 
Containing his last will and Tes-
tament, and that said Testator
was then of Sound disposing
mind and memory to the best of
this deponents Knowledge and
belief, and that Jefse Ford, and 
Reaves Hays were subscribing
witnefses thereto
           (signed)  Jefse Hays
Sworn to Before me
Edward B. Wheeler
14 April 1846

Same day qualified James Hays
Junr. and William Yelverton Exe-
cutors  Ed. B. Wheeler
                    14 Apl.1846

Transcribed by Jo Church Dickerson from the original document. Also see Roll #847A, letter from Gimsy Elvington of Tennessee.

One further note, regarding the Methodist Church mentioned in Levi's will: I don't know the name of the Methodist Church, but at some time after Levi's will was written it became known as Mt. Horeb Baptist Church. It was located beside the old Railroad tracks - which RR bed is now Hwy 41 - between Kemper and May Hilltop, at Barfield's Crossing. On the other side of the church stood Gallbush School, which land was donated by Levi Elvington's son, Alfred Elvington. The church and school faced on what is nowcalled Rabbit Island Road, and referred to by Sellers in his"History of Marion County" as the road from Gaddy's Mill toNichols. Mt. Horeb congregation by about the turn of the century, had moved to Kemper, and established Kemper Baptist Church. Sources include deed from Alfred Elvington to the Marion County School Commissioners, records of Kemper Baptist Church, and stories my grandfather told me. He, and several older cousins I have interviewed, went to Gallbush School.)

See also: Roll #847A, letter from Gimsy Elvington of Tennessee

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