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Transcribed by Roberta Hayes King, 6 Mar 2000

Recorded Book C, pages 12 and 13. 

Petition of  Slaughter Berry and Charles Miles for 
discharge of security for Mrs. Sarah Clark and Kenion Clark 24 Dec. 1841. 

Appraisement: 8 negroes. Sale 17 Dec. 1841. Purchasers: E. E. Garner, Sarah 
Elisha Bethea, Capt. Newton Hays, Slaughter Berry, Willas Waiters, William 
Taylor, Kenion Clark, James Easterling, Whitington Hamilton, Henry Hays, 
Duncan C. McRea, William Norton and Robert Grice. Return 1842. Distribution: 
#1048.02 - widows share. Each childs portion being 9 in number $560.08. Plat 
dated 7 March 1842, surveyor: Hugh Godbold. Land on Little Reedy  Creek, 
bounded by lands of David Miles, Elias Adams, Tilly Driggers, James Waters 
and Mussellebary ?. Receipts: in full of Newton Hays and Sarah Hays share of 
estate. 9 March 184~. Rec'd our part of estate: Medy Tart and George Clark 13 
April 1842. Witness: Charles B. Rogers and Emanual Jackson. Receipts in part 
of estate of George Clark 4 Nov. 1842. Mary Clark, James Miles and Elizabeth 
J. Clark. Receipt of George Clark of Covington Co. Ala. from estate of my 
father George Clark Dec'd 18 Jan 1844. Witness: Robert C. Hamer. Receipt my 
part in estate of George Clark 23 May 1843. Burgess Clark. My part against 
Clark estate 22 Feb 1844 Meedy Canada. Test. William H. Canida.Barfield  
Moody, guardian ad litem of minor children of John Kennedy, distributees of 
Est of George Clark relinquish appointment in favor of their grandmother Mrs. 
Sarah Clark 10 April 1844. Petition of Newton Hays sheweth that George Clark, 
Senr. died intestate leaving as his heirs at law his widow Sarah Clark, 
George Clark, Meedy Rogers, Nancy Sanders, wife of Peter Sanders, Burgess 
Clark, Delilah Clark, Kenion Clark, Mary Clark, Nancy Kennedy, wife of 
Rodereck Tart, Sarah Kennedy, wife of Robert McInzie, Rachel Kennedy, George 
Kennedy, Meedy Kennedy,  Mary Kennedy and Burgess Kennedy who are entitled to 
a share together with your petitioner who married Sarah Clark. Newton Hays 2 
Dec. 1841.In the Court of Ordinary Summons in Partition.Newton Hays and  wife 
applicants vs Sarah Clark, Kinion Clark and others. Summons to Newton Hays 
and wife against George Clarke, Sr, Sarah Clark, Kenion Clark, Meedy Rogers, 
Nancy Sanders, wife of Peter, Burgess Clark, Delilah Cark, Mary Clark, 
Rodereck Tart and wife, Robert Mclnzie and wife, Rachael Kennedy, George 
Kennedy, Medy Kennedy, Mary Kennedy and Burgess Kennedy, legal heirs of 
George Clark. Show cause for sale of division of 1600 acres of land granted 
to ?? allotting to Sarah Clark, widow one third and remaining two thirds in 
equal portions to rest of legal heirs. Land bounded by Little Reedy Creek, 
lands of Wm. George, Tilly Driggers, Esther Waters, Nathaniel Taylor, 
William Norton, David Miles, Timothy Rogers, Isham Watson, John T. Jackson, 
and Dennis Berry. 2 Dec. 1841. George Clark, Burgess Clark, Medy Rogers, 
Rodereck Tart and Nancy his wife reside without this state 2 Dec. 1841. 
Commissioners appointed by the Ordinary: Isham Watson, Jas. Easterling, Elias 
Adams, Jr., Charles Mills and Slaughter Berry to value the land. Filed. 2 
Dec. 1841. Commissioners appointed 2 Feby 1842 were: B. Moody, Jas, 
Easterling, Jas. R. Bethea, Elias Adams, Jr., and Saml J. Bethea to divide 
land among: 1/3 to widow Sarah Clark; 2/3 between Newton Hays and-Wife, 
Kenion Clark, Meedy Rogers, Peter Sanders and wife, Burgess Clark,Delila 
Clark, Mary Clark, Rodereck Tart and wife, George Clark, Robert Mclnzte and 
wife, Rahcael Kennedy, George Kennedy, Meedy Kennedy, Mary Kennedy and 
Burgess Kennedy (children of a deceased child of George Clark) 2 Feby 1842. 
Recommended Sale. Sold to following persons: 450 acres sold to George C. 
Clark $425.00; 360 acres to George C. Clark $413.00 and widow, Sarah Clark 
purchased 5 negroes and gave a mortgage. Commissioners Elias Adams, Jr,, 
Samuel J. Bethea, James R. Bethea and B. Moody, agst. valued land at $1.75 
per acre. Divided same among heirs allotting to Sarah Clark, widow 1 tract 
--390 acres. No. 2 tract 450 acres and No. 3 360 acres 14 March 1842. E. B. 
Wheeler, Ordinary on 15 March 1842 ordered lands to be sold. 

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