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Contributed by Francine Jones, 27 May 2001

                                                       Page 141

                                WILL OF

                          THOMAS GODBOLD

South Carolina    ) In the name of God amen I Thomas Godbold
  Marion District ) of the State and District aforesaid being

very              body but of perfect mind and memory unto

God. calling to mind the mortality             dy and Know-

ing it is appointed for all men      to die do make this my

last will and testament           that is to say principally

& first of all I Gi          recommend my soul into the hand

of Almighty God what gave it and my body I recommend

Earth to be buried in decent christian burial

discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the General

resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Mighty power

of God and as touching such worldly Estate Wherewith it has

pleased Almighty God to blefs me in this life  I give demise

and dispose of the same in the following manner and form First

I loan to Sarah Godbold my dearly beloved wife during her nat-

ural life all that part of land situated on the West Side of 

the Grove Marsh including the house and lot where I now live

the dividing line to begin at Rosons house then a direct line

to the S. W. Corner of the Sall Dee. field thence a direct line

to the dividing line between my land and Jno Gibson Also one

seventh part of all my negroes to be selected in the following

the whole of them to be appraised by three respectable dis-

terested free holder then for the said Sarah Godbold my be-

loved wife to make her selection agreeable to her    choice

also one horse bridle and Saddle for     take her choice

also five Cows and calves fifty fifty dollars worth of hogs

Ten head of sheep One yoke oxen & Cart one hand mill Also all

of my     hold Kitchen furniture & Suitable plantation tools

and I authorise my Executors herein   to be named to purhase

one riding                 or harnefs to be paid for out of

my             the division of my Estate for her to be 

with one years provisions Also I loan unto         beloved Three

daughters Elizabeth Sarah      Mary Godbold One thousand dol-

lars each            negroes to be valued as above mentioned


and         horse to be worth not lefs than Seventy   dollars

Also to my youngest Daughter            Three hundred dollars

to compleat her Educcation if so much be necefsary  Also I

loan unto my son John M Godbold Five hundred dollars in a

negro or negroes to be valued as stated Then it is my Will

and dsire that the ballance of my Estate be disposed of in

the following manner  Viz.  That my Executors hereinafter to be

named to sell my plantation below the Court House.  that I

bought of the Estate of John Godbold Also Three tracts or parts

adjoining each other situate on Smiths Swamp near Marion Ct 

House Also One tract on the sister Bay Also one tract on an

Island near Gallivants Ferry One tract on the S. W. side of

Great Pee Dee on Woods branch  Also one Also one tract in Horry Dis-

trict near Gallivants Ferry  Also it is my will and desire that

the ballance and remaining part of all my lands should be divi-

ded into six Equal parts as near as can be done by not lefs than

Three respectable free holders chosen by my Executors   after

to be named after to be named after being so divided the

or division to be number and to be put in    box or hat and

to be drawn out by a child     exceeding twn years old begin-

ning with the Number first drawn for the Eldest heir my son

Hugh Godbold No 2nd for my son Charles F. Godbold No Third for

my son John M Godbold No fourth for my daughter Elizabeth Godbold

No fifth for my daughter Sarey Ann Godbold No 6th for my daugh-

ter Mary Godbold the negroes Stock & all the property that I

may be pofsefsed of at the time of my decease to be divided as

the land by numbers It is also my will and desire that my Es-

tate should be Kept together untill the first day of Jany 1830

And my beloved wife Sarah Godbold & my three daughters be sup-

ported out of it provided that they remain on the plantation

And it is my will and desire for it to be left to the discre-

tion of my Executors hereinafter to be named Whether they shall

ever deliver the property allotted to be loaned to my two sons

Hugh and John Godbold should my Executors be of the opinion

that they are not well calculated to improve the property at

the time of the division it is my will and desire that they


Should rent out the portion of land allotted to them & hire

out the negroes for not exceeding one year at a time and pay

over the neat proceeds or a Sufficiency for their support

Also it is my will and desire that all the property I have

loaned to my wife for her natural life after her decease for 

it to be equally divided among my Surviving heirs Share & 

Share alike Also all the property I have loaned to my sons

& daughters before mentioned after he she or they depart this

life the portion allotted to he she or they shall go to the

lawfull ifsue of their bodies and if either of my children

shall depart this life leaving no lawfull ifsue of their

body then the whole of that part of my Estate Allotted to he

she or them should be equally divided among my Surviving heirs

I do hereby constitute make and ordain my beloved Son Charles

F Godbold and David S. Harllee the sole Executors of this my

last Will and testament & I do hereby utterly disavow revoke

and disanul all and every former Testaments Wills legacies

bequests & Executors by me in anywise before named willed and

bequeathed ratifying & confirming this and no other to be my

last Will and testament In Witnefs Whereof I have hereunto set

my hand and Seal this Seventeenth day of May in the year of our

Lord One thousand eight hundred and Twenty five and in the

forty ninth year of the Independence of the United States of

America  Signed Sealed published pronounced and declared by the

said Thomas Godbold as his last Will and testament in the pre-

sence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each

other have hereuto subscribed our names

Test  B Moody                       Thomas Godbold (SEAL)
      Isham Watson
      Levi Odom

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 129   (Original Will Missing)
Recorded May 26, 1829
Thomas Harllee, Ordinary
Roll No. 292

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