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Contributed by Francine Jones, 28 May 2001

                                                         Page 296

                                WILL OF
                          THOMAS GODBOLD

   In the name of God amen I Thomas Godbold of Marion District in the

State of South Carolina being Feeble in body but of Sound mind and memory.

calling to mind the mortality of my body do make and constitute this my

Last Will and Testament

   First I Give and bequath unto my beloved Wife Ann Godbold all that

Tract or parcil of Land known as part of Heddle Land commencing on a corner

North Easte and also a corner of James Lamberts Land runing thence to my

Will Including all my lands on the north Easte Side of Said Mill Swamp to

high water marks on the South west Side Said Mill Swamp

   Item I Give unto my beloved Wife Ann Godbold One negro man named Peter

also one negro woman named Tabe and her three children To it Trucy George

and Harry also I Give unto here One man called cato also five cows & calves

also Tow Feather beades & furnitue also all Household & Kitchen furntue that

may be necessary for here also Such plantation Tooles as are necesary.  All

the above named property to here during her natural Life after her death

to my Son William H. Godbold

   Item I Give and bequath unto my tow Sons Robert Godbold and charles God-

bold all the remander of my Lands on the South West Side of my mill to be

Equally devided betwen them

   Item I Give and bequath unto my belovd daughter Martha McCall one negro

Girl named Lucy

   Item I Give unto my beloved son William H. Godbold all the rent or use of

my Houses and Lotts in the Village of Gilesborough untill he Shall arive to

the age of Twenty one then to be Sold and the money to be devided as here in

after directed.

   Item it is my Will that all the rest of my personally Estae not other

wise disposed of Should be Sold and after paying all my Just debts be devid

in the folling maner

   To it I Give to Each of my beloved Sons Alexd. Godbold Jehu Godbold and

Thomas E. Godbold Each five hundred Dollars

   Item I Give unto my Grand Daughter Ann Herrington one hundred Dollars

   Item it is my will after paying off all the abov Legetees that all the

rest or remander money arising from debt, Sales Etc be Equally devided be-


twen my sons Asa Godbold Alxd Godbold Jehu Godbold and Thomas E. Godbold

   In testamony her unto I have made this my Last Will and Testament

   Given under my hand Seal this Twentith Second day of September in

year of our Lord one thousand Eighteen hundred & thirty Six and in the Six-

tieath year of American Independence

Signed Sealed & Published and                    Tos Godbold (SEAL)

delived in the presents of us

   Wm Brewer

   Love Gasque

   Needham Brewer

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 293

Recorded June 26, 1839

Ed. B. Wheeler, Ordy

Roll No. 294

Notes taken from Probate Roll #294 concerning this family.

Thomas Godbold's will was filed for probate on 18 April 1837 and since he 
had not named an executor, his wife, Ann Godbold, was named administratrix.
The will was administered for a time, but than lay dorment for several years.
In the meantime Ann Godbold and several of her sons died.  The case was not
fully settled and in 1873.  Grandchildren of Thomas Godbold are still fighting
over his land.  If you descend from this family, I urge you to get copies of
all these papers and study them thoroughly,for they contain lots of family
connections. Specifics learned:

Thomas Godbold made will 22 Sep 1836 and was dead by 18 April 1837.

Wife: Ann Godbold

Daughter:  Martha Ann McCall later called Martha or Mary Ann Gibson died  
18 June 1870. She had only one child, a daughter, Desdemona S. A. Law, 
wife of Charles C. Law.

Sons: Asa Godbold, died 14 Jan. 1869, leaving wife, Sarah, and following 
      children: James M.
                Mary wife of Mathew Stanley 
                Thomas W. 
                Asa, Jr.
                Francis Marion,
                Sarah wife of Edward B. Ellerbee
                Ann Eliza wife of E. A. Bethea

      William H. Godbold, was youngest son of Thomas Godbold.  He reached
      his 21st birthday in 1852.  He died 12 Dec. 1869.  He was survived by
      his wife, Mary, and four children:
                Thomas N.
                William H.

      Jehu Godbold, died 7 Feb. 1856.  His only survivors were his mother,
      a sister, and his brothers.
      Thomas E. Godbold, died 17 Jan. 1857.  His only survivors were his 
      mother, sister and brothers.

      Alexander Godbold died 5 Sept. 1867 (no mention of survivors)

      Charles F. Godbold, still living in 1873 at the end of Probate.

      Robert Godbold, appears to be still living at end of Probate.

No mention is made of the granddaughter, Ann Herrington in the Probate
papers other than the legacy mentioned in Thomas Godbold's will.

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