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Transcribed by Ron Rowell, Aug 2000

Will of Jeremiah Harrelson

   In the name of God, Amen.

      I, Jeremiah Harrelson,(of South Carolina, Marion District), being very 
sick and weak of body, but of sound mind and memory, thanks be to God for the 
same, calling to mind the Mortality of my Body, and knowing that it is 
appointed for all men to die.  Do make and ordain this to be my last Will and 
Testament.  First of all, I recommend my body to the earth to be buried at 
the discretion of my friends, and my soul, I recommend to God, who gave it 
nothing doubting but what they will be reunited at the last day and touching 
such worldly goods as it has pleased God leave me with, I give and dispose of 
in the following manner and form. 
   First, I give to my beloved wife, Abigail, one sorrel mare, three sows, 
and one bull calf, two sows with pigs, and four shoats, one feather bed and 
furniture, and all my household furniture, except one feather bed, one saddle 
and bridle, one wheel and cards, one loom, one plow and gin, one ax and hoe.
   Secondly, I give all the rest of my Property to my lawful Heirs to be 
equally divided share and share alike.

   Signed acknowledged                          Jeremiah Harrelson  X( His 

    In the Presence of Daniel Platt, John Lee, Jr., and R. B. Platt

Sworn to October 6th, 1834
Edward B. Wheeler, Ordy. M.D.
Roll # 402

Roll #402  Jeremiah Harrelson ---Will dated:  No date,  Wife: Abigail, To my 
lawful heirs to be equally divided share and share alike. Signed:  Jeremiah 
Witnesses:  Daniel Platt, John Lee, Jr., and R. B. Platt. Proved Oct. 6, 1834 
by John Lee, Jr., before Edward B. Wheeler, Ordy.  Proved Oct. 2, 1834. by 
John Lee, Jr., witness: R. B. Platt. ( not dated  or has an executor).  
Inventory (no date) Dated by appraisers: Oct. 8, 1834.  Appraisers:  Daniel 
Platt,  John Manning, and John Price.  Writ of Partition.  Authorized to make 
division of estate of Jeremiah Harrelson:  Daniel Platt, John Manning, and 
John Price- allowing to the widow Mrs. Abigail Harrelson, the entire crop of 
the present year and one third of all the rest of the property and the 
remainder equally between the following heirs:    John Lee, Jesse Harrelson, 
Burrell Coward, James Bailey, and William Rowell.  " We full agree to the 
above division and also that she keep the ready money and poultry."  
Signed:  John Lee, Jesse Harrelson,  Burrel Coward, James Bailey, and William 

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