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Transcribed by Victoria Proctor, 19 March 2001
from "South Carolina Will Transcripts, 1782-1868, (WPA 1934-1936)"
South Carolina Archives Microfilm No. M/9-17:
Wills of Marion County, Vol. 1 (1796-1855).

                             WILL OF
                       BENJAMIN HAYS

State of South Carolina ) Know all men by these Prefents or Whom it may
Marion District         ) Concern Tthat I Benjamin Hays of the aforefaid

District Being in good & Sound mind yet weak in Body & health Knowing it
is appointed of God for all mankind once to Die and after Death to Judg-
ment First of all I Recommend my Body to be Decently Buryed & my Soul to
God after Death Thence I- Come to the Distribution of my Worldly Goods. af
Followes that is to Say

Item first: My Eldest Daughter Dealy Allin I Give and bequeth two Negro Girls
her life time only and after her Death to her two youngest Daughters Say
the Negro Girl Prudince to Elizabeth & the Negro Girl Sarah to Nancyan

Item 2 - To my Son James I  Give & Bequeath three hundred &. 25 Dollars in
Cash and my horse Cald Bunch

Item 3 - To my Son Jofeph I alfo Give and Bequath a Plantation on mill Branch
Purchasd of Thompfon Barfield in this Distct a Ngro boy by the Name of Evan

Item 4 To my Son William I alfo give & Bequeath a Negro man Calld Tom Sd
William is to pay Jefse yilventon one hundred Dollars out of the value of Tom

Item 5 To my son Levy I give & Bequeth a Negro boy Calld Jacop He is to Re-
turn to my Executors two hundred Dollars the Same Levy is to have all my
stock of hogs Cattle & one filly one White yerling Excepted for Stephen Martin

Item 6. To John Martin one Dollar in Cash his wife Calld Elizabeth Martin
Wife of John Martin one Negro Girl Calld Marear to Labour & to do for hur
                                                  & alfo
only hur life time & then to the heirs of hur Body a track of Land Whereon
John Martin occupies at prefent I Purchasd of Dew Rogers in this District.
to hur to Sons Alexander John & Stephen Wilfon I alfo appoint Levy Hays my
son Guardean of the Last mentioned Gift & alfo appoint my Jofeph B Hays

Item 7 - I alfo. Give & Bequeth my Wife Elizabeth a Negro Girl Calld Charlott
& one Mare two of hur Chois Cowes of the Stock and as much of the household
furniture as She may Defire to keepe hur life time & at hur Death this Last
mentioned property of my wife to belog to my son Jefse Hays & as I feel &
Belive I have Given my Daughter Sally who Intermared to Samuel Smith a full
Share preveous to this I, Give hirm * hirm any more of my Estate & I
                                     to Collect
further Request & Require my Son Levy/all the Surplus Property Not other-


wise Not Mentioned & pay the Debts I may be Due alfo Collect the Debts
may be Due me the mony I have Given away is to be paid in twelve months
After my Death & Should it Not be paid in that time the Negro boys is to
be hired out to pay the Same  I alfo appoint my Sons Jofeph B Hays & Levy
Hays my Executors this January the 1st  A. D. 1835

Witnefs Jefse Ford                       Benjamin B.  H  Hays (SEAL)
        Daniel Carmichael

        Ebenezer Hays

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 258

Sworn to Jany. 26, 1835

Edwd B. Wheeler, Ordy. M. D.

Roll No. 374

* word undecipherable

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