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                                WILL OF

                            SAMUEL HODGES

The State of South Carolina )  In the name of God Amen I Samuel Hodges of
       Marion District      )  the District aforesaid being of sound mind

memory & understanding calling to mind that it is appointed for all men
once to die do make publish & order this my last Will and Testament hereby
Revoking and Annulling all former Wills by me made.

                                                    Inprimis It is my Will
that at my Death my Executor herein after named Shall direct the Burial of
my body in a decent Christian-like manner and as touching Such worldly Goods
as it has pleased God to Blefs me with I Will and dispose of them in the fol-
lowing manner to wit

                     first I Will and Direct that the property of what Kind
soever of which I may die Pofsessed not disposed of by this Will & Testament
be sold by my Executor that all Just dues which I owe be promptly paid by
him out of the proceeds of said sales with what may be due and in my pofsef-
sion in Cash at the time of my death & that the Remainder thereof be disposed
of as is herein after directed

                               Item to my beloved wife Rebecca Hodges I loan
the use of the Houses & fields attached on the West side of Rufeel Branch
together with as much Land on the West side of said Branch adjoining as she
may Clear and Cultivate also Twenty Acres of my Swamp land commencing on the
hill side and extending to the fence dividing the field and up to the Cart
path so as to make said Twenty Acres  Enjoining it on my son William to give
his bound to secure her these Lands as a Condition Annexed to his holding
the Legacy hereinafter bequeathed to him. my said Wife to use and occupy the
same during her Widowhood & no longer  I also loan my Wife during her natural
life and no longer the following Negroes to use them & the profits of the
same to Wit, Jinny Abram Mazarine little Aron Pinckney Matilda Eliza Louisa
Bethel Sylvia Hester Cate Jane Candis Ann Margaret Jockey (Dick whom my wife
gave to her Brother S G Singleton by my consent) the said Negroes. and. their
                      my sd
Increase at the Death of/ wife I give to my then Children as mentioned in the
Clause hereafter to be named and on the Condition that each shall pay her
my said wife the sum Respectively Appointed for them to pay which said sums
are estimated according to a Division made of the Estate of Thomas Farewell
made the fifteenth day of March A. D. one Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty
four & Recommended by Sylvius Sweet John Durant and Benjamin Gause, the said
sums of money to be at the Certain Control and Disposition of my wife as she

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may direct by will or Otherwise I also / to my said Wife to her and her Heirs
for ever the following Negroes Viz. Bob Mary Hellen Hannah Lydia Frank Solo-
mon and Milly also three Feather Beds and furniture her first years provision
after my Death the wole of the Real Estate of Thomas Farewell which I Ac-
quired by my intermarriage with her to be disposed of as she as she thinks
proper aslo my Horse and Gigg.

Item to my son William Henry Hodges I loan the following Negroes during his
natural life and at his death give said Negroes to the lawful Issue of his
body living and him surviving at his death Viz. old Tom Big Aaron Betsy
Henry Sam Jim and after the death of my wife the following in the same manner
                                                    Marsareen Emeline Eliza
Viz Silla Hester Cate Jane Candis Ann Margaret Pinckney / my said son William
& Bethel
paying to my said wife as heretofore directed his share of the valuation accord-
ing to the said division of Farewells. Estate amounting to thirteen Hundred &
fifty Dollars and in the event of his failing to pay my wife the said sum to
be disposed of by her as aforesaid he is not to have any of the Negroes last
mentioned which are given to my wife for her life & to him after her death
on the said Condition but the same to be disposed of by her as she may see fit
by Will or otherwise at her death & not before and also on Condition that
he give his Bond to my said wife to secure her on the Swamp Land houses &
other Lands herein before mentioned.

                                     Item to my Daughter Elizabeth McDaniel
wife of Randal McDaniel I loan for & during the Term of her natural life &
at her death I Give to the Lawful Issue or Children of her Body living &
her surviving the following Negroes viz. Grace Esau Santee Mariah & her Chil-
dren Jack Simon Jacob Coleman & Jefse Sally Retta  Minda & Sealey and after
the death of my Wife the following on the same Condition contained in said
Division of Thomas Farewells Estate Estimated at Three Hundred Dollars and in
the event of her not paying that sum as before stated she shall forfeit all
right to the said Negroes last mentioned Contained in said Division & given to
my wife for life & to her in the clause on this Condition & the said Negroes
shall belong to my said Wife to be disposed of at her death but not before as
she pleases  I also Give to my said Daughter Elizabeth McDaniel all that plan-
tation & Tract of Land Bought by me at Sheriffs Sale as the property of J.
M. Reasonover,

               Item I Loan to my Daughter Sarah Hodges the following Negroes
for and during the tirm of her natural life and at her death give the same

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to her the Lawful Ifsue of her body living at her death & her surviving
Viz. Nancy Yancky Rachel Champion Hosea Harrington Harriett Molly Pufs Su-
sannah Ligman Martha Luthy Mitchell Beck Nancy Barney Frank and Jenny M
Rachel and at the death of my Wife the following viz. Aaron Louisa old Jenny
Abram & Matilda my said Daughter Sarah paying her proportionate share of said
Division Viz. Seventeen Hundred & Seventy five Dollars She taking the Negroes
last mentioned in said Division & given to my said wife for life on this Con-
dition alone & in case she fail to pay said Sum the said Negroes to be liable
to be disposed of by my said Wife at her death but not before.  I Give also
to my daughter Sarah the sum of One Thousand Dollars to be kept in the hands
of my Executor for the Education of said Sarah & if so much Remains of the
proceeds of sales and funds in hand after paying my Just debts all the rest
of my Estate not herein disposed of I wish to be sold as herein before di-
rected and the proceeds after payment of the debts and Legacies to be equally
divided between my Children me Surviving

                                         It is further my Will & bequeath
and the above Legacies are given to my children under these Restrictions
viz if one or more of my children should die without leaving Lawful Issue of
his her or their Body or Bodies him her or them surviving the portion or por-
tions to which he she or they are entitled Under this Will to go to my Grand
Children Share and share alike & on failure of said Grand Children to go to
the Survivor or survivors of my child or Children so dying without Issue sur-
viving as aforesaid share and share alike

                                          It is furhter my Will & desire that
the property given to my Daughter Sarah be kept together not hired out and
her Lands cultivated for her support untill she arrives to the age of Twenty
one years or Marries

                     Lastly I Nominate Constitute & appoint my Nephew Robert
H. Reaves my Executor to this my last Will and Testament & Gurdean to my
Daughter Sarah Hodges

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this Second day of July
Anno Domini One Thousand Eight Hundred & forty one & in the sixty fifth year
of American Independance

                                                  Samuel Hodges (SEAL)

Signed Sealed & published & delivered
in presence of us who subscribe the same
in the presence of the Testator & in the
presence of each other

Dougal Carmichael                          Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 1
Geo W Reaves                               Roll No. 385
R, H, Reaves

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