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Transcribed by David Jackson, 6 March 2001

Will of Owen Jackson (1772-1854). Transcribed by David Jackson. 

South Carolina, Marion District 
I, Owen Jackson, of the state and district above mentioned, do make this my 
last will and testament, making void all former wills by me at any time made. 

1st.- It is my desire that my body shall be buried in a Christian like manner 
and that my funeral and all other of my just debts shall be paid. 

2nd.- It is my desire that my wife, Diley, and my daughter, Elizabeth, shall 
jointly have the use of the following property during their natural lives and 
that the survivor of  the other shall have the exclusive rights of said 
property during her natural life, The parcel of land on which I now live with 
two hundred acres to be cut off from my track of land called the Bay Place 
next adjoining the land on which I now live together with all the estate of 
horses, hogs, cattle and sheep that I shall not hereafter give away with all 
the farming tools, household and kitchen furniture. 

3rd.- It is my wish that my son, Ervin, shall have the tract of land called 
the Grassy Bay Track, one horse bridle and saddle and at the death of my 
wife, Diley, and daughter, Elizabeth, he shall have all the lands that I have 
given to them. 

4th.- It is my desire that the balance of the land call the Bay Land shall be 
equally divided between the following married children; Ann, Harriet, Martha, 
Sarah Ann and lawful heirs of the body of my daughter, Lucinda. If she should 
never have lawful issue to live then that would be theirs to be equally 
divided between my four children mentioned under this hand. 

I do nominate and constitute Lisias Stackhouse and my son, Ervin Jackson, as 
executors of this my last will and testament. In witness where I have 
hereunto set my hand and seal this October 20th, eighteen hundred and 

Signed in the presence of us who are witnesses to the same at the request of 
the testator and in the presence of each other and in the presence of the 

Wesley Stackhouse                              his 
Lucritia Stackhouse                     Owen   x  Jackson 
Aaron Proctor                                  mark                               

By E. B. Wheeler, ordinary, the last will of Owen Jackson was committed to 
probate in solemn form by the oaths of the three above signed subscribing 
witnesses this 14th day of November 1854.             
E. B. Wheeler 

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