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Transcribed by Cynthia Fore Miller, 22 May 2001

                       WILL OF 

                  JAMES C. JOHNSON

State of South Carolina) In the name of GoD Amen I James
WmsBurgh District - - -) C Johnfon being Weak of Body but 
of a Sound Mind and Memory make this As my Last Will and 
Testament.  I do Bequeath to my Beloved Wife Sarah one Tract
of Land containing Two Hundred and Eighty Six Acres Situate
and Lying in Marion District on the waters of Great and 
Little Pee Dee Rivers and in Britton Neck Also three Negroes 
Namely Neroe Phillis and Heriott. and Ale my Stock Together
with all my Household and Kitchen furniture and Plantation
Tools dDuring her natureal Life......

I do further Bequath the Remaining Part of my Estate of what-
soever Kind to My Two Children Caroline my Daughter and Wil-
liam my son to be Equelly divided Betwen them when my Daugh-
ter Caroline Shale arive to the age Twenty one years or 
Furtherwise Shale marry With the Exception of one Smale negroes
Such as She Shale make Choice of over and above her Equal por-
tion neverthelefs Should my Wife Sarah who is now in a Preg-
nant State be delivered of A Living Child it is then My Will
that it Becomes an Equal and Joint Heir with my other Two 
Children Share and Share a Like if a Male to Received an e-
qual dividend and Share with my Son William if a female to 
be a joint Heir With Caroline My Daughter, in the beforemen-
tioned female youn Negroe Child-and that my Executors and 
Executrix hereafter named give to my Son or Sons as the case
may be a Liberal Education. after Which Put them under the 
diriction of Some Reputable Merchant or Phisition as their 
capatily May Suit or best be quallified for To be Instructed
in one or Either of the Profissions  I further Bequeath To 
my children at the Death of my Wife Sarah that portion of Land 
and negroes allready named and Bequeathed to Her To be Equally
divide among them Share and Share a Like And I do appoint 
and nominate Nicholas Punch and Sarah my wife as the Executor
and Executrix of My Estate.  This I make as my Last Will and


Testament- - - - - - - -

Signed in prisence      January the nine teenth. day in year
of - - - -  -  -  -  -   of our Lord 1817 - - - 

Jefse DuBose               James C. Johnson (SEAL)
William Goude
Wm Johnfon

Recorded in Will Book 1, page 123
Sworn to March 25, 1817
Thos. Harllee, Ordy. of M. D. 
Roll No. 407

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