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Transcribed by Jack Kennedy, 26 Feb 2001

In the Name of GOD Amen, I Joseph Jolly~ of Liberty County, George Town 
District State of South Carolina, being in perfect mind and memory thanks be 
to God the giver of every mercy;~ Calling to mind, the Mortallity of My Body 
and Well knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Die.  Do now make, 
and ordain, this my Last Will and Testament In way form and manner following 
Imprimis My Soul I give to God who gave it; and my Body to A Christian 
Burial; And as to Such worldly property as it has pleased God, to bless me 
with, I leave and bequeath In form and manner following: ~ ~ ~ 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~~ 
Item.  I leave and bequeath unto my dear and Loving Wife Sophia Jolly her 
Choice of one bed, And furniture, One horse and Saddle her wearing apparel 
and the peaceable possession of my Plantation On Pee Dee River While she 
continues my Widow ~~~~~~~ 
Item.  I give and bequeath A Negro Woman named Abby With all her Issue to be 
Divided Equally between my Dear Wife And Mary Rebeckah Ann Sophia Jenny 
Elizabeth and Joseph, Her Children to them and their Heirs 
Item.  I give and bequeath unto the Lawful Issue of My Daughter Sarah Rowlong 
forty Pounds Sterling to be paid out of my Estate By my Executors hereafter 
named As Necessities of Sd Heirs may require (If she should fall into, 
Misfortune I Desire that A Certain part of the Said sum should be 
Approporiated to the Said Sarah Rowlong or her heirs may request as shall be 
adjudged by Sd Executors and by them to be administred.)~~ 
Item.  I give and bequeath unto My Daughter Sarah Rowlong the sum of five 
Shillings Sterling. to be paid her and this bequeathment to be her full share 
of my Estate.~~~~~~~~ 
Item.  It is my will & Desire, that my plantation and tract of Land on 
Lynches Lake, be sold at the Discretion of My Executors and the Money arising 
therefrom to be Equally Divided Amongst my Daughters Exclusive my Daughter 
Sarah Rowlong Which part of money arising from the Sales of Sd Land to be 
given to her lawful Heirs of her Body ~~~ 
Item.  I give and bequeath to unto my Loving Son Joseph Jolly (His Heirs 
forever.) All my Lands Lying and being On Pee Dee 
Item.  It is my will and desire that after all my Just Debts are Cancelled 
that my Estate be kept together on my plantation, Exclusive of My Daughter 
Catherine Collins part which is to be given her as soon as may be Convenient 
after Settlement of Said Estate, and my Executors shall have an Equal 
Division made there of by appraisement of five Judicious freeholders to be 
Chosen for that purpose by Sd Executors which parts or Dividends is to be 
given to my Dear Wife and my Eight Children {viz} Catherine Collins Mary 
Rebeckah Ann Sophia Jenny Elizabeth & Joseph when they shall arrive at Lawful 
age or Marry ~~~ 
Item.  It is also my Will and Desire that thirty pounds Sterling be taken out 
of my Estate previous to Sd Appraisement and Reserved for the Education of My 
three youngest Children {viz} Jennet Elizabeth and Joseph Likewise that all 
Cattle Hogs or Stock of any kind to be found with A Mark I have prescribed 
for My Son Joseph be Reserved out of my Estate And Supported out of the 
Estate as his Separate Property~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
And Lastly I do nominate Constitute and appoint my trusty friends Capt. Gavin 
Weatherspoon~ & John Orr Esq.~ & my beloved Wife Sophia Jolly Executors, & 
Executrix of this My Last Will and Testament And by this Do Revoke and 
Disannull Disavow and make void all other wills and Testaments by Me 
heretofore Made And publish and pronounce this my Last Will and 
Signed sealed Published & Declared                                             
            Joseph Jolly 
This twenty fifth day of July In the 
year of our Lord one thousand seven 
Hundred and Niney eight and in the twenty third    Daniel Kingsberry 
year of the Independence of the United States      Stephen Thompson 
of America: In Presence of us                      John Thompson 

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