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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 6 Jun 2001

South Carolina  )  In the Name of God, amen I. Archibald, Kerby of the state
Marion District )  and. district aforsd. being indisposed in body but in per-
fect mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing
that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last
will and testament and as toutching sutch worldley Estate wherewith it hath 
pleased. God to blefs me with in this life I give devise and dispose of in the
following manner and form first of all that my debts be paid out of my prop-
erty by my executors hereafter named secondly I give unto my beloved wife
Mary. Kerby two hundred and fifty acres of Land Containing the plantations and
houses on sd. Land. beging on ligtwood stake on the south west. side of the
great road leading from Marlborough. Courthous to Marion Court-house and Run-
ing out from road towards the great .P.D. river to branch to corner on pine
then up sd. branch to corner on pine then acrofs. sd. branch to corner on pine
then a strait line to cool sping branch and acrofs sd. branch to corner on
pine p/r. stake thence a strait cours back to the sd. to corner on large
pine on the s. w. side of sd. road made for Jarret mooneyham and. my self then
down sd. road to first. mentioned corner also all my household and Kitchen
furniture also one mare her choice of the two I now have alfo two cows and
their calves her choice during her natural life and after her decease the land
given to my wife to be then by this will the property of Charles Kerby Junr
son of Charles Kerby senr. thirdly I give unto my beloved son charles Kerby
ten dollars to be paid by my Executors fouthly I give unto Archibald Kerby Sen,
son of charle Kerby two hundred acres of Land. the same being more or lefs
begining on pine corner p/r. stake on the S. W. side of cool spring branch
it the same corner for my wife and runing down sd. branch on the west. side
to corner on black gum p/r. in sd. branch then up towards the gret [pedbson]
to ditch made by Christoper dew desed. to Corner on stake p/r. bay tree in the
sdside of sd. ditch then up and alon the side of sd. dich to Corner on pine then
out towards catfig swamp or bay to corner on pine p/r. stake on my mill branch
on N. W. side then up sd. branch to corner on large pine made for Jarrit mooney/ham
then out to Road to corner on lage pine made for jarrit Mooneyham and my wife
then to first.mentioned. corner the above mentioned Land.  I give my wife if
she should depart this life before the above named Charls Kerby be of the age 
of twenty one years my Executors. to Rent the s/d. Land/and house and; to divide the
profits arising from the Rents after pay/ing. himsef or selves for services
Equally Between Charls Kerby senr. and his lawful heirs untill the s/d. Charles.
be twenty one years of age and if the sd. charles Kerby Jr. should-decease
before he becomes to be twenty one years of age the Land wiled to him to be.
Rented by my executrs or their afsigns or Executors the term of twenty five
years after his decease and divided as above directed also. if Archibald
Kerby jur. should depart this life before he becomes to the age of twenty one
years the above named land,/given him to be rented the term of twenty five years also.
the above named two hundred acres of Land which I give in this my last will
          ent to Archd. Kerby jr
and testam/  - to be Rented untill he becomes to be twenty one years of age
and all profits arising by any Rents. from the same to be Eqully divided be-
tween charles Kerby senr- and. his lawful heirs by my Executors hereafter named
Whereas. I constitute make and ordain Isham Watson and. Elias Addams Junr. the
sole Executors of this my last. will and testament and I do hereby utterly
disallow Revoke and dsannull all and everry other former testament or Wills
heretofore by me made acknowledgeing this to be my last will and testament In-
witnefs whereof I set my hand and seal this twelfth day of May in the year of
our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and thirty Eight. and in the sixty second
year of Americas Independancy--
Levi Odom                                               rchd. Kerby (SEAL)
William Barton
Bryant Junr
Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 76
Recorded Jany. 22, 1844
E. B. Wheeler, Ordinary
Roll No. 441

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