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Transcribed by Cynthia Fore Miller, 17 Jun 2001

                               WILL OF 

                           ARCHIBALD McINTYRE

State of South Carolina)
     Marion District   )

       In the name of God, Amen!  I Archibald Mc Intyre of the District and 

State aforesaid, being mindful of my mortality, do this twenty eigth day of 

April in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and fifty make and publish

this my last wils and testament in manner following.  First, I desire to be 

decently buried in the place my Executrix, hereinafter named may elect and 

my funeral expenses defrayed.  
                                After the payment of my just debts
Item - I give, devise and bequeath/too my wele beloved wife, Sophia McIntyre, 

for the term of her natural life, ale my property, real and personal, to 

wit, three several plantations, lying and situate in the District and State

aforesaid; one, on the East side of Catfish, adjoining land of John Davis 

and Hugh Giles, and commonly known as the "Howard Plantation" another on the

west side of Catfish, adjoining lands of W Singletary land to Grice,
known as the old McCue place;and 
and/ a third situate on the west side of Catfish, and known as the Lambert

place - Also the following negroes, Toney, Charlotte, Isabella, Virgil, Man-

ual, Monday, Chaney, L--nard, Rob, Sukey, Harry, Riley, Little Harry, Robeson, 

Adam, Boston, Andrew, Silvey, Israel, Lafayette, Joe, Tim, Ben, Sarah, E-

vander, Mack, Ervin, Morant, Charles, Sukey, Wesley, Caroline, Evander, Ches-

ley, Louisa, Big Sam, Friday, Mark, Fortune, Haney, Little Fortune, Mary, 

Moses, Hannah, Magarine, Jim, Fibby, Daniel, Limos, Boyd, Ben, Cely, Wilson, 

Eliza, Jane, Frank, Jim, Celia, Harriet. Friday, Lavinia, Mourning, Effy, El-

vander, Daniel, Silla, George, Susannah, Tom, Katey, Liddey, Ada, Lucy, Little

Sam, Lucy Ceaser, Liddey, Elizabeth, Chrissy, Yellow Jim, and Alfred together

with the acculisms thereof - Also all my plantation utensils, stock, hogs and 
                                                    and the increase thereof
is further to have and to hold ale the said property, real and personal/ for

the term of her natural life; and from and immediately after her decease, 
             now living
to my children/, Matilda, Richard, Robert, G-----, George, Rebecca, Archibald, 

Joseph, Sarah and one, in procefs of being, but not yet born, should the same 

live after its birth, likewise for the term of their natural lives, and to be
devided among/share and share alike, the children of deceased parent or par-

ents representing each deceased parent or parents and asking his or their share

only - and finally upon the decease of my said children new living and that


                   or any of them
now in procefs of being,/to the ifsus of them and their heirs forever.

Item, And I do hereby appoint my wele beloved wife, the said Sophia McIn-

tyre the Executrix of this my last wile and testament -

Item - I do hereby authorize, empower and direct my said Executrix to keep 

my said Estate real and personal together - and to manage and improve the 

same during her life, that it may pafs, at her death, into the hands of my 

said children, the life-tenants after her, and descend to their heirs in an 

improved and accumulated condition.  

And finally, ale the rest, residue and remainder of all my Estate and effects, 

real and personal, whatsoever, and wheresover, not hereinbefore otherwise

disposed of (after payment of my debts, legacies, and funeral expenses and 

other charges) I do give, devise and bequeath, in manner and form, upon the 

same limitations, and to the same parties aforesaid.  

In witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year


Signed, Sealed, published and declared,  )      A McIntyre (SEAL)
by the said Testator, as and for his last)
wile and testament, in presence of us, who, )
at his request, in presence of him and of each)   
other, have subscribed our names as witnefses      )
thereto.                                           )

A. G. Requar (SEAL)

Maryann Black (SEAL)

Jos M. Hunter (SEAL)

Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 145

Sworn to Oct. 11, 1850

Edward B. Wheeler, Ordinary

Roll No. 565

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