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Transcribed by Donali Howell, 29 May 2001

                              WILL OF

                            DONALD McKAY

State of South Carolina Marian Diftrict Know all by these Presents that I.

Donald McKay of said state & Diftrict being weak in Body but in perfet mind 

knowing that all men have once to Die I Constitute this my Last Will &

Testament & desere it may be Received by all as such I most Humbly Commit

my soul to God who Give it Desering his most Gracious Exceptance of it

throw the all prevailing merets of his son Jesus Christ as he Ever liveth

to make Intersesion for Returning Penitents in this Hope & Confidense I 

  njer up my Soul with Comfort Praying. the most Gracious Trinity one God

to prepare me for the time of my Disolution Haveing these things in mind

I first Dispose & Bequeath my soul to god and as Tutching my worldly Prop-

erty I will & pofsitively order that all my Just Debts be paid Then I Dis-

pose & Bequeath unto my Loveing wife say Flory McKay all my Lands laying

or situated on the west side of the Ditch that Paties or Runs into the Head

of the Spring Branch & then the Various Courses of said Branch into the 

mill Pond also in a Direction from the North end of said Ditch with the

derection of said Ditch to my out side line or Back Line of my Land with

all its apertainances with the House in which I now live with its Contents

or furniture of Every Description Likewise Kitchen furniture & Plantation

utensals & and Two of my Horses she Pleases & as many of my Cattle as she

Pleases with the whole of my Sheep and Hogs Likewise my Negroes Sandy Jem

& Henry Jude Sarah & Senah & my Negro girl Rose & should the said Rose have

any Increas my wife is    at Liberty to Dispose of them as she Pleased a-

mong my Grand Children

I also Dispose & Bequeath unto my son JehuaMcKay my Negroes Ben Simon & ame

& the use of my Mills to saw his own lumber & grind his own grits & I give to

my Daughter Jean my Negroes July sam Jean & Anne & I give unto my son Arib-
ebard all my Land on the East Side of that/mentioned Ditch & Branch & Di-

rect line Both in North & South Carolina with the Exception that my Son John

McKay shall have the use of my mills as above mentioned and at the Death of

my wife I give unto Archd all the Lands which I have willd unto her with

its apertainances als Phill Bill & Dinah & I give unto my Grand Daughter

Flogean McKay my son Hectors Daughter my Negroes Cesar & Peter & that the

sd  Negroes Cesar & Peter be left under the Care & Direction of my sons John


& archibald McKay untill the sd Florean McKay is of age I Likewise give

unto my grand-son Hector McKay archd son my Negro Bob & that the said Bob

be under the Care & Direction of his Father Archd McKay untill his son

Hector is of age & I give to Barbary & Margaret McAllester my Negro Girl

Jenne to be Equally Betwen them & at the Death of my wife I order & will

that these Three Boys that I give her be Disposed of as follows Sandy to be

given to my son John McKay Jam to Trustrim Bethea & Henrey to archd McKay

& I do Constitute My Nephew Danl McKay the Executor of this my Last will & 

Testament in wittnefs where of I do here unto set my Hand  Xffed my Seal

this 14th of Febry in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred &

Thirty & in the fifty forth year of the Independance of Americae

Signed & Seald                               Donald McKay (SEAL)

in Presence of us

Daniel McInnis

D, McEacherm

Alexander MCIntagart

Recorded in Will_Book 1, Page 238

Recorded Feby 28 1833

E. B. Wheeler, Ordy M. D.

Roll No. 545

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