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Transcribed by Francine Jones, 1 March 2000


(copied as written on original)

South Carolina
Marion District
In the name of God, Amen.  I, Thomas M. Munnerlyn of the District and State aforesaid 
being sick in body but of sound mind, memory and understanding do make this my last 
will and Testament.  First, I desire that all my just debts be paid by my Executor, 
which I may leave unpaid at the time of my death.  

Secondly, I dispose of and set apart The Estate as follows of which I may die 
possessed, to my beloved wife, Mary A. Munnerlyn, I loan during her natural life or 
widowhood the plantation and houses where I now live and of the land as much as she 
can cultivate, and also the following personal property, To wit" The following 
negroes.  Harry, Polly, Sylvia, and Peter, all my household and kitchen furniture, 
five cows and calves, one pair of mules and one wagon, three sows and pigs, one 
horse and buggy and such implements of husbandry as is necessary to carry on 
the plantation business.  

3rd. To my son Thomas W. Munnerlyn I loan one negro boy by the name of London, 
during his natural life and one horse, and give to his child and or children if 
he should leave any.  

4th, to my son William Munnerlyn I loan one negro boy by the name of McSwain, 
During his natural life, and give to his child or children if he should leave any.
5th.  To my son George F. Munnerlyn I loan one negro boy by the name of Ben during 
his natural life, and give to his children if he should leave any.  

6th.  To my daughter Susan Munnerlyn I loan during her natural life 
one negro girl by the name of Sue and give to her child or children if she should 
leave any.  

7th.  To my Daughter Catherine Munnerlyn I loan during her natural life, 
a negro girl by the name of Charity, and give to her child or children if she leaves any.  

8th.  To my Daughter Martha G. Munnerlyn one negro girl by the name of Anna, I loan 
to her during her natural life and give to her child or children if she leaves any.

9th.  In the loans above specified, it is intended, that none of the same shall be 
subjected to the contracts or debts of the husbands of my said Daughters, and if 
either of them, or any of my sons should die without lawful issue the legacies to 
them is to return to my estate.  

10th, The Personal property loaned to my wife as above stated, upon the Termation 
of her life or widowhood, is to belong to my children above named including my 
son B. H. Munnerlyn and Julia Grier my daughter with the same restrictions as 
to the above bequests to them.  

11th.  My land is to be divided amoung my three sons Thomas W. Munnerlyn, 
William Harrison Munnerlyn, and George Ford Munnerlyn in equal portions as 
they severally arrive to the age of Twenty one years except as to George F. Munnerlyn 
who receives his portion of the land upon the death or widowhood of my said wife.

12th, To my three above named sons I give twenty one dollars each for the purpose 
of paying their initiation fee into the Masonic order of Ancient Free Masons, the 
Institution of which I have the highest veneration and respect upon their arriving 
at the age of Twenty one years.  

13th.  I authorize and empower my Executor hereafter named to sell the two 
following negroes John and Ceasar for the payment of my debts.  

Lastly, I nominate, constitute, and appoint my friend Major Robert H. Reaves Executor 
of this my last Will and Testament.  Witness my hand and seal this the fourth day 
of January A.D. 1854.
                                                          Thomas M. Munnerlyn  (Seal)
John Wilcox
E. B. Woodward
(The following codicil was attached to the above will)
Since ore looking this my will, I wish to say to my Exetor that there some 
seven negroes that is not named in this my will all of which I wish to be eqilly 
divided among my children and that all that then my issue gain of my estate is 
only loned to them and not subject to any of their debts or contracts and any of 
them ding leaving no lawful chil that all with the increase will return as my 
estate all so I wish my wife to have so much of my household and kitchen furniture 
as will make her comfortable and the ballance to be divided amongst my children.
                                                           Thomas M. Munnerlyn

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