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Transcribed by Donali Howell, 12 May 2001

                       WILL OF 

                     DANIEL MYERS

In the name of God Amen, I Daniel Myers of South Carolina Lib-

erty County, being in perfect health, mind and memory. thanks

be to God, but knowing that is is appointed for all men once

to die, do make this my last will and testament, first of all

I recommend my Soul to God that gave it  and hope that at the

general Resurrection, he will Receive the same again. and my

Executors to have my body buried in a christian manner, and as

to What worldly goods it hath pleased God to blefs me with I

dispose of in the manner & form as follows.  Viz.:  It is my de-

sire that all my lawful debts be paid. it is farther my desire

that the Property that I gave of. to my Children. as legaces, 

shall not be included in my Estate, the property my son

James Myers, I have gave 1279 acres of Land agreeably to his

plats, also two negroes, Pedroe a boy & Mary a girl. asmall

stock of Cattle hogs. & other articles too tedious to mention,

which he  hath in pofsefsion.. to my son George Myers. two ne-

groes. Peter a negroe boy, and Phillis a girl. and a small 

stock of cattle and Hogs, which his mark will point out. and

one Bed & furniture, and other articles too tedious to mention-

to my Doughter Sarah Thompson, a small stock of Cattle & Hogs,

& other articles too tedious to mention.  to my Daughter Frances

Myers. asmall stock of Cattle & other articles too tedious to 

mention:  the property that is above mentioned & gave to my

children. I lay no claim to. Item.. Ilend to my beloved wife.

Frances Myers my dwelling House together with all my out hou-

ses & Plantation with free priviledge of my Lands adjoining my

plantation. Also fore Negroes. Jack & Rose his Wife. Paul &

Rose his sister. with 4 cows & calves Horse bridle & saddle,

4 Sows and Pigs, one Bed & furniture, and what ever she shall

think fit, to delain of my houshold furniture, during her life

or widow hood if she Should marry. at that day the property 

that I have lent her, shall Return to my Estate-if she should

never marry, she is to keep pofsifsion of my houses. & all the

property that I have lent her,untill the. day of her death,

then it shall Return to my Estate.


Item I lend to my daughter Sarah Thompson Two negroes Neler

a girl & pompy a boy to inherit the same for ever, if she 

shall die without Ifsue the negroes to Return to my Estate

if she Shall leave any Ifsue the property to go to them. but

not to be subject to them as to be disposed of, by them..if

they leave no ifsue, it stil to be Returnd to my Estate

Item I lend to my beloved daughter Francefs Myers. two Negroes

Rebeckak a girl and tony a boy. during her life:  if she shall

die without ifsue. it shall Return to my Estate. if leaving

Ifsue, they shall die. it still shall Return to my Estate if

it shall so happen, that my daughters, Sarah Thompson, &

Frances Myers shall by being an Heir of mine draw as a divi-

sion or buy at any sale a negroe or negroes. as their dividend

 it stil shall be intaled to them, as above mentioned,,it is

my desire that my son George Myers shall heir 1090 acres of 

my Land agreeable to my plats, one of 300 acres an other of

150 acres and the other of 640 acres, also my plantation and

all that is thire on but he shall not have pofsefsion of my

plantation. Whil my wife liveth. without she should marry, then

he is to have peaceable pofsefsion of all my plantation, hou-

ses Orchards & .. the Remainder of my Lands which is 1630 Acres

of pine Land shall be equally divided between my sons, James.

& George Myers, divided as they shall think is my

desire, that my Executors shall as soon as it is conveniant

 shall sell the Remainder of my Estate or have it appraisd. for

a division.  I leave that with my Executors, and each of my 

children Jas. Myers George Myers Sarah Thompson & Francefs My-

ers to heir it: My daughters to have twenty five pounds, more

than my. sons, of said division each to have 25 pounds by

Reason of their having no Lands; and it is my desire, that

my Exrs. after my wife. death or widowhood. shall sell, or have 

a division of the property that I have lent to her. and each

of my Children. Jas. Myers George Myers Sarah Thompson & Fran-

cefs Myers to have an equal part: that is of my personal Es-

tate, my Exrspaying thir expence first. Farther it is my di-

sire, that my Exrs.. shall look after & take care of the Property

that I have lent to my wife Frances Myers. .So that no wast


shall be made of it. to prevent trouble, and understood. my

two sons Jas. Myers and George Myers is to heir the whole of

my son George is only to have pofsefsion of his part 

of the wooden Land or the pineland until my wife. Frances Myers

shall die or Marry, then he will take pofsefsion of my Houses

Plantation &-- lastly I constitute. and appoint my two sons 

James Myers and George Myers Executors to this my last will

and testament.-

In confirmation of which I have hereunto interchangeably set

my hand and seal this twenty eighth day of September one

thousand seven hundred and ninety nine. and in the twenty

fourth Year of the Independency of the United States of 


Signed, sealed and Acknowledgd.         Daniel Miers (SEAL)

in the presence of

Zachary Cater

John Turner
Lucy X Turner

Recorded in/Will Book 1, Page 24

Recorded September 29, 1841

Role No. 492

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