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Transcribed by Victoria Proctor, 21 March 2001

                         WILL OF
                       EDWARD OWENS

In the Name of God Amen) I. Edward Owens of Liberty County in
Georgetown dist. and In the State of South Carolina, Blacksmith,
being indisposed in body but thanks to God. in my perfect Senses
and of a Sound mind well seing and hearing and speaking and know-
ing that. their is Nothing more Certain than death and Nothing so
uncertain as the Time thereof. I therefore have made and Consti-
tuted this my last Will and Testament in the manner form and
ways following (That. is to say) I. Recommend my soul to him
that Gave it hoping that through the Merits Death and pafsion of
my Redeemer and Saviour Jesus Christ to have full and free par-
don and forgivenefs of all my sins and to inherit Everlasting
life and my body I Commit to the Earth (in asfurance of an Eter-
nal Resurrection, to be decently buried at the discretion of my
Executers hereafter Named and as Toutching the disposition of all
Sutch Temporal Estate as it pleased the almighty God to bestow
upon me. I Give and dispose thereof as Follows.

                                                  first of all I
will that my debts and funeral Charges shall. be paid and dis-
charged- 1stItem. I. do. Give and bequeath unto my well beloved
daughter Mary-Swemake. one. Negro. man slave. Named Ned. and. all.
my blacksmiths Tools. the same Consisting of what they may be, -

secondly. Item I. do. Give and bequeath unto my well. beloved
daughter Nancy Clak-One. Negro man. slave. Named. tony,

Item. I. do Give and bequeath unto my well. beloved duter Sarah.
Delany. one. Negro. woman. Slave, Named, Lucy. and. ten head of
breeding Cattle of my Stock I now posfefs.

                                           fourthly, Item. I do 
give and bequeath unto my well. beloved daughter Elisabeth delany
One hundred Acres of Land, the same. lying and being on the N.E.
Side of Great P. D. River and betwen the great marsh. and Craw-
fords bay. the same being granted to me.

                                         fifthly, Item I. do.
give and bequeath Unto my well beloved Daughter Macariner, Craw-
ford, one Negro man Slave Named Jacob.

                                       Sixthly. Item. I. do. give
and bequeath Unto my well beloved son William Owens. the plan-
tation where I Now live and all my Land adjoing the same-Except
the house and fifty Acres. which I. do. Reserve for my wife her


lifetime, also one horse that. I bought from Levi Salomon,
also. one mare that I bought from Willis Finkley also. one
Negro. man slave Named stef also. one Negro boy. Slave Named
ben. also. one Copper still. and worm one. grind. stone one.
pair hand mill stones and all my stock of hogs,

                                                Seventhly I.
do. give and bequeath unto my well beloved. so. John Owens one.
Negro woman Slave Named-Hanah. also. one Negro. Man Slave.
Named abram one. Negro. boy. slave. Named Stef.

                                                Eightly I. do.
give and bequeath unto my well. beloved grand Children, four-
the Children of my daughter Elsabeth delany, Namely. Martha-
Macravona-Mary and Philip. delany. one, Negro girl Slave.
Named Dinah which I leave in the pofsefsion of my Son John O-
wens. to keep untill the Youngest of the four Children before
Named Phillip delany. shall be. twenty Years of Age. and then
the Negro girl before Named and her Increse to be. Equally di-
vided by. the before mentioned Gardean, John Owens, Junr, 

ly I. do. give and bequeath unto my well. beloved Wife ann O-
wens fifty acres of Land and the house where. I. Now live during
   life or    then to Return to my son Wm owens
her=widowhood. and after her decease,  also. one Negro. woman
Slave Named peg also. one horse. Called Picadel, also. about
fiften head of Cattle Claimed as her own, and known by the same
also. One third of my stock of sheep geese and house hold fur-
niture to at her own Discretion at her Decease-the other two
parts of my Stock of sheep geese and household. Furniture to be
Equally divided between my- two sons before Named.  Wm. Owens and
John Owens, and if any of my stock of Cattle more than pays
Sarah delay her part to be Eqully. divid betwen my Children be-
fore mentioned.

                And last of all I. do hereby Nominate appoint
and Constitue my Wife ann owens. and my trust friend and Bro-
ther Walter Owens to be my true and Lawful Executors to this
my last will and Testament hoping that they will soe do. or
Cause to be done and Execute every Article part or Clause there-
in Mentioned according to the true Intent and meaning thereof
and. I. do. Revoke Disannill and make Void all other Wills and

Testaments by me-heretofore made in Witnefs Whereof I. the. Ed-
ward Owens to this my last will and Testament being Contained
in one sheet of paper; I. have hereunto set my hand and Seal.
this. seventh day of September and in the year of our Lord. one
thousand seven hundred and Ninety Nine and in the twenty fourth
year of americas Independancy

Signed Sealed and Published                    Edward Owens (SEAL)
and _______ed in the presents
of Arch Kerby
   Levi Cranford
   John Tart

Recorded in Will Book 1, page 1
Recorded September 28, 1841
Edward B. Wheeler, Ordy M. D.
Role No. 616

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