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Transcribed by Lisa Lasky, 8 March 2001

To:  James McRae Esquire

                                        Ordinary of Marion District

The Humble petition of Sarah Lewis, a Minor

Humbley herewith,

That your Petitioner, a Minor as aforesaid Daughter of William Lewis, late of 
Catfish Creek in Marion District of the State of South Carolina, being entitled 
to certain property by the death of her said father and not being able by 
virtue of her age to get it out of the hands of Philip Philips, Administrator 
on the Estate of the said William Lewis, her father, not approving of his 
conduct in the management of said Estate.

Both therefore petition that your worship would nominate and appoint her friend 
Collins Woodberry as her Guardian, to the intent that the portion or portions 
coming to her out of said Estate may be taken out of the hands of the said 
Philip Philo[s and placed in the hands of the said Collins Woodberry in trust 
for her use and advantage so being a persion in whom your Petitioner places the 
utmost trist and confidences.

And your Petitioner as in dury Bounds,
Sarah Lewis

Frebruary 22nd, 1809
Test: A. Johnson

South Carolina
Marion District

by Hugh Giles, Esquire, Ordinary

These are to authorize and empower you, or any three or four of you, whose 
names are hereunder written, to repair to all such parts and places within this 
state, as you shall be directed unto by Ruth Lewis, William Lewis, and 
Phillip Phillips, Adminiatrix and Administrators of all the Goods and Chattles, 
rights and   of William Lewis, late of the said district, deceased 
are, or may remain within the said parts and places, and which shall be shown 
unto you by the said Ruth Lewis, William Lewis, and Phillip Phillips and there 
biew and appraise all and every the Goods and Chattles, being first sworn on 
the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, to make a true and perfect Inventory and 
Appraisement thereof, and to cause the fame to be returned under your hands or 
any to the said Ruth Lewis, William Lewis, and Phillip Phillips, on or before 
the fifteenth day of November, now next ensuing.

Dated the fifteenth date of August
Anno Domini 1801, and in the twenty sixth
year of American Independence.

William Baker
Gospero Sweet
David Palmer

Ordinary's Office
Book  Page


This sixteenth day of October, Personally appeared before me, Hugh Giles, 
Ordinary for Marion District, William Baker, Gospero Sweet, and David Palmer

Being three of the Appraisers appoointed to appraise the Goods and Chattles of 
William Lewis - Deceased - who being duly sworn and made oath that they would 
make a just and true appraisement of all and sungular the Goods and Chattels 
(Ready Money Only Excepted) of William Lewis, Deceased, as shall be produced 
by Ruth Lewis, William Lewis, and Phillip Phillips, Administratrix and 
Administrators of the estate of William Lewis, Deceased.

South Carolina
Marion District

Know all men by these presents, that we, Ruth Lewis, William Lewis, 
Phillip Phillips, Henry Davis, and Gospero Sweet and holden and firmly bound 
unto HUGH GILES, Esquire Ordinary for the aforesaid district in the full and 
just sum of  thousand pounds, Steling Money, to be paid to the said 
HUGH GILES, or to his Successors, Ordinaries iof this District, or their 
Attorney or Assigns.  To which payment well and truly to be made, we bind 
ourselves, and every of us, ours every of our heirs, Executors, Administratos 
for the whole and in the whole, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.  
Sealed withour Seals and dated the fifteen day of August, in the year of our 
Lord one thousand eight hundred and one and in the twenty sixth year of 
American Independence.

The Condition of the bove Obligation is such that is the above bound Ruth Lewis, 
William Lewis, and Phillip Phillips, Administratrix and Administrators of the 
goods, chattels, and credits of William Lewis, deceased, do make a true and 
perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels and credit of the 
saod deceased, which have or shall come into the hands, possession or knowledge 
of the said Ruth Lewis, William Lewis, and Phillip Phillips, or into  the hands 
or possession of any other person or persons for them, and the same so made do 
exhiiiiiiiivit into the said court of Ordinary, when he shall be thereunder 
required, and such goods, chattels, and credits do well and truly administer 
according to the law,and do make a just and true account of their actings and 
doings therein when required by the said court and all the rest of the said 
goods, chattels, and credits which shall be found remaining upon the account 
of the said administration, the same being first allowed by the said court, 
shall delivery and pay unto such persons respectively as entitled to the same 
by law, and if it shall hereacter appear that any last will and testament was 
left by the said deceased and the same be provided in court, and the executors 
ibtain a certificate orf the probate thereof, and the said Ruth Lewis, 
William Lewis, and Phillip Phillips do in such case, if required, render and 
delivery up the said letters of adminitrationm then this obligation to be void, 
or else remain in full force.

Right Lewis
William Lewis
Phillip Phillips
Henry Davis
Gospero Sweet

Sam Cooper

To the Honorable Samuel Cooper, Esquire, Ordinary of Marion District.  
The petition of Ruth Lewis, admix and William Lewis and Phillip Phillips 
admins of the estate of William Lewis deceased.  Finding that much of the 
property of said Estate of Perishable pray than an order may be granted for 
a Sale of said personal property of  said Estate for a division among the 
heirs thereof.

August 19th 1802
Ruth Lewis
William Lewis
Phillip Phillips

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