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Transcribed by Francine Jones, 10 May 2001


South Carolina
Marion District

In the name of God Amen I Francis Shackelford Planter of Said State and District bearing

in mind that it is appointed for man once to die and after that Judgement & being of 

sound mind and memory I do make this my last will and testament First I commit my

soul to him who gave it to me and than dispose of all the Worldly goods as it hath pleased

God to endow me with as follows that is to say  First I give and bequeath to my well 

beloved son George Shackelford ten Negroes provided he shall comply with the 

condition hereafter written Named as follows Alec, Grace, Joe, Crecy, Isaac, Jack, Tom,

Sarah, Patsy & Crecy child Also all my household and Kitchen furniture Except One

Bed (feather) and furniture which I lot for Owen Shackelford   Also I give to my son

George All my Stock of every Kind that I may be pofsefsed with at the time of my

Death also my other property Except the bed and furniture before excepted and a Negro

boy named Hector Provided he the said George Shall pay or cause to be paid to my well

beloved daughter Mary Bethea the sum of five hundred Dollars to be paid within

Twelve Months after my death in Bank notes which may be current in the County

2nd  I give to my well beloved daughter Mary Bethea five hundred dollars to be paid to 

her by my Son George Shackelford as above Stated  3d  I give to my Grandson Owen

Shackelford one Negro boy named Hector & one feather Bed & furniture on the 

condition hereafter written that is to say it is my will and request that if my son George

Shackelford should die without lawful ifsue of his body then it is my will that the

above named Hector should go with his Mother Brother and sisters to my daughter Mary 

Bethea and that Owen Shackelford should in Hectors place Isaac & Crecys child and then 

and in that case it is my will that my Grand daughter Sarah Coxe should have Joe and

then it is my will for Penny Strange my Grand Daughter tp have Crecy and it is also my

 will that my Grand Daughter Rebecca Shackelford should have Jack and his Mother 

Aley and I do nominate and and appoint my tru Trusty friend Enos Tart my true and 

Lawfull Executor of this my last Will & Testament revoking  and disannulling all other

wills by me heretofore made and acknowledge this to be my last Will and Testament 

Signed Sealed and acknowledged this 7th day of April in the year of our Lord One 

thousand eight hundred and Twenty in the

presence of

H Meggs                                                          Francis Shackelford (SEAL)

Newitt Drew

Telatha Tart

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 132

Original Will Missing

Recorded May 26, 1829

Thomas Harllee, Ordinary

Roll No. 747-A 

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