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Transcribed by Cynthia Fore Miller, 5 Jun 2001

                     WILL OF 
                 JAMES SHIELDS 

State of South Carolina)
Marion District         )  I James Shields, of State and District aforesaid
being sound in mind but knowing that it is the lot of all men to die by the 
certain appointment of their Creator and wishing to arrange my affairs in 
time do constitute declare & make this my last will and Testament

First I bequeath my Soul to my Creator hoping through his many and Great
mercies to obtain his peace and everlasting rest after death  Second I desire
my Executors to have my body buried after my death in a plain & decent manner, 
and to pay all of my Just debts due at the time of my death or any that I may 
be owing, not due first out of the monies now due me & should there not be 
enough for that purpose then out of my property

Item Second - It is my wish and will and I do so constitute bequeath and 
will to my beloved wife Martha T Shields the pofsefsion and use during her
natural life or so long as she remains a widow also to her in trust for my 
children for their support and Education untill they marry or leave her or
as long as they are dutiful and obedient to her.  All of the property that 
I now have in pofsefsion or that I may have at the time of my death after
paying my debts That is to say the Lands that I now reside on situated in 
State and District aforesaid on the Enters of Willow Creek together with 
the following negroes.  Ladeen Spencer Jim commonly called Crow Phillis and 
her child Elias Elise & Her two children Leonara & Lucy Hannah & her child
Zilpah.  All my horses & other appurtenances belonging to my plantation
carriages Wagons Carts Household & Kitchen furniture Plantation tools/provisions & all
other things raised on my plantation all of my Horses Cattle Hogs Sheep &
poultry  It is also further my will and desire That should any of my children
marry during the natural life or Widowhood of my wife & if it is her will
to give them any part of my property for my Executors to have it valued at the 
time that any such child should receive it and at the death of my wife for 
them my Executors when they divide my property among my children to allot
whatever they have so received as a part of their portion at the final divi-
sion among them

Item third  should my wife ever marry In that case It is my will that my 
Executors do allot and apportion to her during her natural life a portion


of my property equal to one child part which main portion she is to have
the use of during her natural life and at her death it must again return
to my children or their Heirs and be equally divided among them

Item  It is my wish & Will at the death of my wife that my Executors do di-
vide all my property then remaining among my five children or their heirs
viz Martha Ann (the wife of Daniel A. Britt Mary Caroline Allan Shields
Alexander Leonidas Shields Nancy Britton Shields and John Gibson Shields. 
giving them each an equal portion or Should my wife intermarry with any other
person then and in that case I do require my Executors after allotting to her 
a part of my property equal to one of the aforesaid named children to Have 
the balance of my property equally divided among the aforesaid named five

Item Fifth as my Eldest son James Latham Shields has already received his 
portion of my Estate from me I here only give him One dollar to be paid by 
my Executors to him in the Current coin of the United States when demanded 
by him 

Item Sixth  It is my wish & will that my Executors do use their discretion
either to rent my plantation and hire my negroes annually or to keep the
Plantation in repair and the negroes on it in this instance I wish my wife
consulted & her wishes followed.  

Item Seventh  Should my Executors find it necefsary to Sell any of my property
to pay my debts I desire them to sell Hannah & her child or children as the 
case may be.  And if they my Executors think it best to sell them Hannah & Child
they can do so - And either keep the money at interest until a final division
of my Estate among my children the interest to be paid annually or they can 
buy other negroes in their places as they may think best

Item Eighth  Should my wife die before the Youngest son John Gibson/arrivesat an age
sufficient to take care of himself or before he is raised and educated It is 
my will & desire that my Executors do not divide my property but to Keep it
together until he is raised & educated & that they charge my whole Estate with 
the expenses of raising & educating him. 

I do appoint my wife Martha T. Shields Executrix and A L Gregg Samuel A. Campbell
and Dr. Robt Harllee Executors to this my last Will & testament  Given under 


my hand & Seal this the Thirteenth day of March in the year of our Lord
One thousand eight hundred & forty nine and in the Seventy second year of 
American Independence

Signed Sealed published and            )        James Shields (SEAL)
declared by the Testator to be his last)
will & Testament in the presence of us )
who subscribed our names as Witnefses  )
thereto in the presence of the testator)
& in the presence of each other day &  )
date above mentioned                   )

James L. Davis
I C C Campbell
H W Farrall

Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 127
Sworn to July 20, 18__
Edward B. Wheeler, Ordinary
Roll No. 743


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