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Transcribed by Linda DeRamus, 13 Jan 1998

This will is typed as it was written.  I did not correct any of the spelling or punctuation.  I 
also left blank any words I was not able to make out.
Linda D


In the name of God Amen
I Enos Tart Senr being indisposed in body but of sound memory well seeing and hearing 
and calling to mind the mortality of this body that it is appointed for all men to die I do 
therefore make ordain and constitute this my last will and Testament but first of all. I 
commit my spirit unto the hands of God who gave it Nothing doubting but I shall receive 
the same again at the Great day of the Resurrection and be again reunited by the power of 
Almighty God and as for such worldly Goods as hath pleased Almighty God to endow me 
with I do hereby dispose of in manner and form following (that is to say) after my Just 
debts and funeral charges are all well satisfyd and paid  St Item 1 lend to my well beloved 
wife Sarah Tart Two negro Slaves named Hannah and Mingo four Cows and Calves being 
the Choice of my Stock three Sows and pigs one feather bed and furniture one white faced 
mare named Julip one Saddle and Bridle One Pewter dish four pewter plates one Iron Pot 
four.Tables with all the West part of my plantation begining at the So End of my house 
Mill dam and Running a Strait course agreeable to a Row of Apple trees nearly direct.from 
the end of my mill dam to my son John Tarts upper line Except one half acre of Land 
nearest to the Mill dam to my son Nathan Tart for the use of the Mill dam with my dweling 
Houses Smoke hous. barns. and Stables also the privileges of timber for Repairing the 
Houses or fences or fierwood for her the said Sarah Tarts use on any part of my land two 
plow hoes one or two weeding hoes also provision for her the said Sarah, Use and her 
Creatures the Form. of twelve. months after my decease with all my Geese and poultry and 
at the death of my wife Sarah Tart the above memtioned houses and land so lent to return 
to my son John Tart to be his Rite and property forever agreeable to my last Will and 
Testament and the rest of her property so lent to return to my two daughters Mary 
Crawford and Martha Maloys to be equally divided. and I do give and beqneath unto well 
beloved John Tart all the land on which I now live on the South side of my Mill pond and 
Creek from the High water mark Strait a West course to Jas Crawford Senr line Except 
one half acre Nearest to the mill dam and adjoining to the above mentioned half acre of 
land before mentioned to my son Nathan Tart  3rdly. To my well beloved son Jonathan 
Tart I do give and bequeath all the lands that I now pofssfs on the North side of the 
Wattery branch Bay. which I bought of Soloman Bolton and John Saunders also one negro 
man Slave named Ben  4th  I do give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Enos Tart 
Junr the plantation and Tract of land which I bought from John Smith Senr containing 
three hundred and fifty acres and Mil-
also One white faced Stout horse called Stockings One feather bed and furniture (5th) I do 
give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Mary Crawford four hundred acres of 
Land lieing and being on Buck Swanp which I bought from John Saunders 6th I do give 
and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Martha Malay Three hundred and fifty acres 
of land lieing and being on Bee Branch adjoining lands Granted to Issac Hovel which was 
Granted to myself   7th I do give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Nathan Tart all 
the lands from my son John Tarts upper line (that I now will to him) and Mill and pond 
that I am now pofssefs also Two negro Slaves Heter and Will also one. feather bed and 
furniture four Cows and Calves.  one horse Colt named Naught his negroes to be hired out 
and lands Rented once every year being up to the highest bidder and his cattle to be Kept 
on Stock and himself put to Schooll on the money gained untill he is capable to go into a 
store then bound to some man in the Mercantile businsfs untill he becomes to be Twenty 
one years of age also fifty acres of land which I purchased of Samuel Pouncy one Black 
horse called Jack with all the rest of my property whatsoever it may be that I am pofsefsed 
with at my decease to be sau up to the highest bider and the money to be equally divided 
after my lawful debts to be paid out of the same and my book. accounts between my two 
daughters Mary Crawford and Martha Maloy  Also I leave the legacy or sum of Money 
now prescribed to be paid unto Nancy Tart my Granddaughter first John Tart Fifty dollars 
secondly Jonathan Tart Fifty dollars Thirdly Enos Tart Junr Fifty dollars fourthly Mary 
Crawford Twenty five dollars Fifthly Martha Maloy Twenty five dollars Sixthly Nathan 
Tart Fifty dollars the above money to be paid to the said Nancy Tart Fifty dollars at the 
time that she becomes to the age of Twenty one years Also I do hereby nominate constitute 
and appoint my three Eldest sons John. Jonathan and Enos Tart to be my true and lawful 
Executors to this my last Will and Testament Ratifying and confirming this and no other to 
be  My last will and Testament denying Revoking and disannuling all other Wills or 
Testaments by me heretofore made done or executed either by word or writing In Witnefs 
whereof  I have brount to set my hand and Enterechangeably affixed my Seal this 
Eighteenth day of January and in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and 
one and in the Twenty fifth year of American Independancy.

Enos Tart (Seal)
Archibald Kerby 
James. X.Grantham
Andrew. A. Berry Senr

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 14
Sworn to on May 1, 1801 - Hugh Giles
			        Ordy. M. D.
Role No. 767

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