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Transcribed by Jo Church Dickerson, 25 Dec 1997

    (abstract by jcd) 

         Will Book 1, page 138  (typed by CPA)

         7 Oct 1825

         eldest dau Beedy Ford - Negro girl Ollive
         dau Sallie Barfield $1.00 on account of the said Sallys
                intermarriage with Thompson Barfield
         son John Thompson - Negro boy Geor(g)
         son Ebenezer Thompson - Negro boy Amos
         dau Fanny - Negro girl Jude
         dau Milly - Negro girl Adee
         dau Nancy - Negro girl Cherry

         also 2 sons above a tract of land in Robertsson (sic) County I
                purchased of Moses Hill Junr.

         John & Ebenezer Thompson executors

         $50 cash to each of heirs above, Barfield excepted, & $12 each
         in stock...wife Mary balance of estate..during her lifetime
         then equally divided among my heirs except for Sally...

         signed: Lewis  X  Thompson (his mark)

         Jesse Ford
         Ithamer Gaddy
         Stephen Ammons
         Bennett Allen J.P.

         Recorded 27 May 1829

         Probate Roll #771


         Of the daughters of Lewis & Mary Thompson:

         *Beady married old Captn. William Ford, son of Preserved Ford.

         Sallie very obviously married Thompson Barfield, son of Barrett

         Fanny may have married a Stephens, but no record.

         Milly (Amelia) married William H. Hays, son of Benjamin Hays. She is
         buried beside William H. at their cemetery just off Highway #41
         west of Lake View, near what is called Barfield's crossing.
         (Wm. H. Hayes married 3 times. His 2nd wife was a Ford, his 3rd wife
         an Elvington, with whom he had 5 daughters. One of these
         daughters married Jasper Barfield, and resided near the
         cemetery.) Milly/Emelia/Amelia's tombstone states she is the
         daughter of the Rev. Lewis Thompson and his wife Mary.
         *Nancy married Henry Rogers, brother of Dew Rogers. They resided
         very near Dew, in the Gaddy's Mill area.

         John and Ebenezer Thompson descendants etc. not known to me.

Sources:  Interviews with descendants of William H. Hayes and Stephens family
researcher; tombstones; census records; deeds; *Sellers "History of Marion

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