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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 10 March 2001


In the name of God amen I Jefse Wiggins of Marion District and State of 
South Carolina Being in a Low State of helth but of Sound mind and memory 
thanks be to God or the Same and being Sensible of the uncertainty of life 
and the certainty of Death do make this my Last will and testament and in 
the first place do Recomend my Soul to god and my body to be entred in a 
decent manner at the descretion of my Executior
Item to my wife mary wiggins I give and Bequeth one Bay mare one third, of 
my Cattle and the half of the hogs I am possest of all my house hold and 
kitchen furniture to be Eaqually divided with my Wife and her Six Children 
to my Son Thomas Wiggins I give one bay year old horse also Eight head of 
Cattle marked with two Splits in one                 Mare and a Swallow fork 
and a upper bit in the other and to my two Sons Jefs wiggins and John wiggins 
I give one Sorrel mare to my son Jefse wiggins I give also two Sows and pigs 
and two Year olds marked with a Crop & hole and under bit in one Ear and under 
Square in the other also my stock of Sheep to Be Equally divided Between my 
three Sons Thomas and Jefse and John wiggins also the Remainder part of my 
Stock of Cattle to Be Equally Divided between my five Children Vs Jefse wiggins 
John wiggins Mary wiggins and Jane wiggins and Sarahr wiggins
Item it is my Will and desire that my present Crop Be Kept of the use of my 
fammiley also n the Ballance of my stoct of hogs to Be put 
to the Use of my fammely 
I nominate and appoint my wife mary wiggins and Andrew paul and Thomas Avant Senior 
to be Executrix and Executors to this my Last Will and testament in witnefs 
Where of I have Set my hand and Seal this 10 day of Novembr /th 10 1820 
in the presence of                    (I Wish also to appoint my son 
Thomas wiggins to Be Executor When he Shall arive at the age of Twenty one
in presence of                                         Jefse X Wiggins (SEAL)
William Kuffe
Thomas Avant
John D Jones
Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 181
Recorded June 9, 1829
Roll No. 79_

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